How Do I Call My Horse in Skyrim


“I’m trying to find my horse in Skyrim, but I don’t know how to call her. Can someone help me?” If you’re looking for your horse in Skyrim, there are a few things you can do. First, try Fast Traveling to a nearby stable.

If your horse is there, you can simply pay the stablemaster to have her brought out. If she’s not at the stable, you’ll need to track her down yourself. To do this, open your map and look for the icon of a horseshoe.

This will mark the last known location of your horse.

Skyrim example of how to call your horse plus funny Serana

There are a few ways that you can call your horse in Skyrim. The first way is to simply whistle for your horse. If your horse is nearby, it will come to you.

You can also find your horse by looking at the map. Your horse’s icon will be shown on the map, and you can travel to its location. Finally, if you have the “Animal Friend” perk, you can use it to summon your horse from anywhere in Skyrim.

How Do I Call My Horse in Skyrim
How Do I Call My Horse in Skyrim 4


How Do I Call My Horse in Skyrim

Assuming you are playing on PC, there are a few ways to call your horse in Skyrim. The first is by pressing the ‘~’ key which will open the console. From here, type in ‘prid [horse ID]’ followed by ‘moveto player’.

This will teleport your horse to your current location. If you don’t know the ID of your horse, you can find it by opening the console and clicking on the horse while it is highlighted in green. The ID will be displayed at the top of the screen.

Another way to call your horse is to use a mod called “Horse Whistle”. This mod adds a new item to the game which can be used to summon your horse from anywhere. To use it, simply equip the whistle and use it like any other item.

Your horse will then appear at your location within a few seconds. The final way to call your horse is by using voice commands. If you have installed the official High Resolution Texture Pack for Skyrim, you will have access to over 50 new voice lines for NPCs, including one for calling your horse.

To use this feature, simply open up the speech menu and select “Call Horse”. Your horse should then come trotting towards you from wherever it was previously located.

How Do I Make My Horse Follow Me in Skyrim

If you’re having trouble getting your horse to follow you in Skyrim, there are a few things you can try. First, make sure that you’re mounted on the horse and not just leading it. You can do this by pressing the ‘A’ key while standing next to the horse.

If that doesn’t work, try using the ‘Whistle’ command from the Horse menu. This will cause your horse to come to you, even if it’s across the map. Finally, if none of those options work, you can always try fast-traveling to another location and see if your horse appears there.

How Do I Make My Horse Go to a Specific Location in Skyrim

In The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, there are a variety of ways to make your horse go to a specific location. One way is to simply lead your horse by hand to the desired location. Another way is to whistle for your horse, which will cause it to gallop towards you, and then you can direct it to the desired location.

You can alsofast-travel with your horse, which will automatically take it to the nearest stable; from there, you can then lead it to the specific location that you wish. Finally, if you have the Carriage Driver mod installed, you can use that mod’s “Follow Me” command to make your horse follow you wherever you go without having to worry about leading it by hand.

How Do I Make My Horse Wait for Me in Skyrim

In the game of Skyrim, you may find that your horse will not wait for you at times. If this happens, there are a few things you can do in order to make your horse wait for you. First, try whistling for your horse.

To do this, simply press the left bumper (Xbox 360) or L2 (PS3). If your horse is close enough, it will come to you. Secondly, if whistling does not work, try using a carrot on a stick.

Carrots can be found in many places throughout Skyrim and are especially plentiful in farms. To use a carrot on a stick, equip the carrot and then approach your horse. Press the right bumper (Xbox 360) or R2 (PS3) to offer the carrot to the horse and it should start eating.

While it is eating, hold down the left bumper (Xbox 360) or L2 (PS3) to mount the horse. Once mounted, the horse will automatically follow any roads or paths nearby until told to stop by pressing X/A (Xbox 360), △/▢(PS3), orSpacebar(PC).

How Do I Dismiss My Horse in Skyrim

You can dismiss your horse in Skyrim by pressing the “Dismiss” button on the Horse HUD. This will send your horse away and it will no longer follow you. You can also make your horse go away by getting off of it and then walking away from it.

If you get too far away from your horse, it will automatically be dismissed.


In the game Skyrim, you can call your horse by whistling for it. To do this, go to your inventory and select the “Whistle” option. Your horse will then come to you.

You can also call your horse from a distance by using the “Call Horse” power.

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