How Does Nasus Stacks Work


Nasus’s Q – Siphoning Strike passively stacks on every kill or assist. The more stacks, the more damage his Q will do. At max stacks, Nasus’s Q will deal an additional 1000 true damage.


Nasus is a character in the game League of Legends. His ultimate ability, Fury of the Sands, allows him to stack health and damage by killing minions. When fully stacked, Nasus can be a fearsome opponent.

Here’s how it works: When Nasus kills a minion, he gains one stack of Fury of the Sands. This stack gives him additional health and damage.

The more stacks Nasus has, the more powerful he becomes. At full stacks, Nasus gains 30% increased health and damage. This makes him extremely difficult to kill and allows him to deal massive amounts of damage.

Nasus is typically played as a tanky character who sits in the front line and soaks up damage for his team. However, when fully stacked, he can deal huge amounts of damage and take down even the tankiest opponents. If you’re up against a fully stacked Nasus, be very careful!

Nasus Stacks at 20

Nasus, the Curator of the Sands, is a fearsome creature that roams the deserts of Runeterra. He is a massive being, towering over most other creatures and beings with ease. His skin is as tough as stone and his eyes glow a bright white.

He carries a large staff with him, which he uses to channel his power. Nasus was once a peaceful being who only sought to live in harmony with the world around him. However, after witnessing the destruction of his home by humans, he now seeks revenge against them.

He wanders the desert, seeking out any human settlement that he can find. When he finds one, he unleashes his fury upon it, crushing anything and everything in his path. One of Nasus’s most feared abilities is his stacking mechanic.

Whenever Nasus kills an enemy unit or structure, he gains stacks of “Sands”. These Sands grant him increased size and power. The more Sands he has, the more dangerous he becomes.

At 20 stacks, Nasus becomes an unstoppable force of nature. His size increases significantly and his damage output skyrockets. He becomes incredibly difficult to take down and can easily destroy entire teams on his own.

If you’re ever unfortunate enough to come across a fully stacked Nasus in the wilds of Runeterra, you better run for your life!

How Does Nasus Stacks Work
How Does Nasus Stacks Work 4


How Many Stacks Does Nasus Get?

Nasus is a melee fighter who excels at single target damage. He builds stacks of Siphoning Strike by hitting minions and champions with it, and gains increased damage as he acquires more stacks. At maximum stacks, Nasus’s Siphoning Strike will deal an additional 300% damage.

Does Nasus Get Bigger With Stacks?

Nasus is a unique champion in that his size increases as he gains stacks. When Nasus gains a stack, he permanently gains 0.5Health and 0.5 Attack Damage. Additionally, at 100 stacks, Nasus’s Q – Siphoning Strike deals an additional 200% damage.

The amount of damage dealt by this ability scales with the number of stacks Nasus has, making it one of the most powerful abilities in the game when used correctly. However, gaining stacks takes time and effort, so it is important to know when and how to do so effectively.

How Do I Stop Nasus from Getting Stacks?

Nasus is a champion in League of Legends that is known for his ability to stack kills and quickly become a force on the battlefield. However, there are ways to stop him from getting those all-important stacks. Here are four tips:

1) Deny Nasus farm by killing him or forcing him to recall. The less time he has in lane, the fewer opportunities he has to stack kills. 2) Keep your distance from Nasus when possible.

His Q (Siphoning Strike) scales with his kill stacks, so the more you can avoid its damage, the better. 3) Time your CC (crowd control) carefully. If Nasus is about to get a kill, interrupting him with a stun or root can deny him the chance to stack up any more kills.

4) Focus fire on Nasus when he reaches high kill stacks. He becomes extremely dangerous at this point, so taking him down as quickly as possible should be a priority.

How Does Nasus Passive Work?

Nasus’ passive is called Soul Eater and it grants him bonus health regeneration. Additionally, whenever Nasus kills an enemy unit, he gains a stack of Soul Eater. Each stack of Soul Eater increases his health regeneration by 3%.


Nasus stacks work by increasing the size of his Spirit Fire damage each time he hits an enemy with it. The more times he hits an enemy, the more damage they take from Nasus’s next attack. This makes him a very strong laner, as he can easily harass and farm with his Spirit Fire.

However, if Nasus is not careful, he can easily get overwhelmed by enemies who have large amounts of health and armor.

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