How Long Does Subnautica Take to Beat


Assuming you want a blog post titled “How Long Does Subnautica Take to Beat”: Subnautica is an underwater exploration and construction game where the player builds bases and vehicles to explore the ocean. The game’s main story can be completed in around 10 hours, but there is a lot of content that can be missed if the player rushes through it.

There are also many different ways to play the game, so players can easily spend over 100 hours on it without getting bored.


Subnautica is a game that can be completed in a relatively short amount of time. The main story line can be completed in around 10 hours, with side quests and exploration taking up the rest of the playtime. However, 100%ing the game can take upwards of 30 hours, depending on how thorough the player is.

How Long Does Subnautica below Zero Take to Beat

Subnautica: Below Zero is an expansion pack for the open world survival game Subnautica. The expansion was released on January 30th, 2019. It takes place in an arctic region of the planet 4546B, and introduces a new story, new biomes, new creatures, and new gameplay mechanics.

The main story of Subnautica: Below Zero can be completed in around 10 hours, but there is a lot of extra content to explore if you’re interested. The expansion adds several new biomes to the game, including an icy cave system and a vast network of tunnels under the ice. There are also plenty of new creatures to encounter, both hostile and friendly.

In terms of gameplay mechanics, Subnautica: Below Zero introduces a few changes that affect how you interact with the world. For example, your suit now has a thermal protection mode that allows you to withstand colder temperatures. You’ll also need to use heaters to keep yourself warm in certain areas.

These mechanics add a bit more depth to the game without making it too complex. Overall, Subnautica: Below Zero is a worthy addition to the Subnautica franchise. If you’re looking for more survival gameplay with a fresh coat of paint, this expansion is definitely worth checking out.

How Long Did It Take to Make Subnautica

Subnautica is a game that was released in early access on January 23, 2018. The full release date has not been announced yet, but the developers have said it will be sometime in 2018. Subnautica is a survival game set underwater on an alien planet.

The player must collect resources to survive and build a base. The game features a day-night cycle and weather system. There are also hostile creatures that the player must avoid.

How to Beat Subnautica

Are you looking for a way to beat Subnautica? Well, look no further! Here are some tips and tricks on how to beat this game:

1. The first thing you need to do is find the right resources. You’ll need food and water to survive, so make sure you explore the environment and gather as many resources as possible. 2. Once you have the necessary resources, it’s time to start crafting.

You’ll need to build yourself a shelter, weapons, and tools in order to survive. 3. Now that you’re prepared, it’s time to venture out into the world and start exploring. There’s a lot of dangerous creatures out there, so be careful!

4. If you want to beat Subnautica, then you need to be prepared for anything. Be sure to keep your supplies stocked up, and always be on the lookout for danger. With these tips in mind, you should be able to beat this game in no time!

How Long to Beat Subnautica Reddit

Subnautica is an underwater survival game that has players exploring the depths of an alien ocean. The game is notoriously difficult, and players have been struggling to find out how long it takes to beat Subnautica. A recent Reddit thread asked players how long they took to beat the game, and the results were varied.

Some players said they took over 100 hours to complete the game, while others said they only needed around 10 hours. There doesn’t seem to be a clear consensus on how long it actually takes to beat Subnautica. However, one thing is for sure: Subnautica is a challenging game that will take most players a significant amount of time to finish.

If you’re looking for a survival game that will keep you busy for hours on end, then Subnautica is definitely worth checking out.

Subnautica Metacritic

If you’re a fan of exploration and crafting games, then you’ve probably heard of Subnautica. This underwater adventure game has been captivating players since its release in early 2018, and it continues to be one of the most popular games on Steam. One thing that makes Subnautica so special is its beautiful and immersive world.

The game’s art style is unique and gorgeous, and the attention to detail is astounding. The developers have done an amazing job of making the underwater environment feel realistic and believable. Of course, it’s not just the visuals that make Subnautica so great.

The gameplay is also top-notch, with plenty of things to do and explore. Whether you’re mining for resources, building your base, or trying to escape the planet alive, there’s always something to keep you occupied. Subnautica has received overwhelmingly positive reviews from critics and players alike.

On Metacritic, the game holds a “Very Positive” rating, with a score of 87/100 from over 4500 user reviews. Critics have praised the game for its stunning visuals, engrossing gameplay, and replay value. If you’re looking for an unforgettable gaming experience, then look no further than Subnautica!

How Long is a Day in Subnautica: below Zero

A day in Subnautica: Below Zero is 24 hours long, just like a day on Earth. The length of a day doesn’t change as you travel to different parts of the planet; however, the amount of daylight you experience will vary depending on your latitude. In general, days are shorter near the poles and longer near the equator.

The sun rises in the east and sets in the west, just like on Earth. However, because Subnautica: Below Zero is set on an alien world with a different axial tilt, the seasons are reversed. Winter occurs when the north pole is tilted away from the sun, and summer occurs when it’s tilted towards the sun.

Although a day is still 24 hours long regardless of where you are on 4546B, there are two things that can affect how long it feels. First, if you’re deep underwater, time will slow down due to the pressure. Second, if you’re exposed to extreme cold or heat, time will also slow down as your body tries to cope with the temperature change.

How Long is 2 Hours in Subnautica

Subnautica is a game that takes place underwater. In it, you play as a character who has crash-landed on an alien planet and must find a way to survive. The game’s environment is hostile and dangerous, and you will need to use all your cunning and resourcefulness to stay alive.

One of the things you’ll need to do in order to survive is to find food and water. This can be difficult, as the planet’s resources are limited. You’ll also need to build shelter and craft tools in order to survive.

One of the challenges you may face in Subnautica is figuring out how long certain tasks will take. For example, you may wonder how long it will take to gather enough resources to build a shelter or how long it will take to travel from one point on the map to another. Keep reading to learn about some of the game’s time mechanics so you can better plan your survival strategy.

In Subnautica, time works differently than it does in real life. There are two types of time in the game: real-time and game-time. Real-time is measured by seconds, minutes, hours, etc., just like in real life.

Game-time, on the other hand, is measured in “cycles.” A cycle is equivalent to 60 seconds (1 minute) of real-time. So, for example, if you’re gathering resources and it takes 2 cycles (2 minutes), that means it would take 120 seconds (2 minutes) of real-time for you to gather those resources.

Similarly, if something takes 1 hour 20 minutes in game-time, that means it would take 4 hours 48 minutes (4 hours + 3 x 20 minutes) of real-time for that task to be completed Keep this information in mind as you play Subnautica so you can better gauge how long tasks will actually take!

How Long Does It Take to Beat Minecraft

How long does it take to beat Minecraft? This is a difficult question to answer, as it depends on how you play the game. If you focus on gathering resources and building structures, you could potentially beat the game quite quickly.

However, if you explore every nook and cranny and take your time completing quests, it could take dozens or even hundreds of hours to finish Minecraft. Ultimately, it’s up to you how long you want to spend in this blocky world.

How Long Does Subnautica Take to Beat
How Long Does Subnautica Take to Beat 4


Why is Subnautica So Good?

Subnautica is a survival game set underwater. The player is stranded on an alien planet and must gather resources to survive. The game has a unique art style and atmosphere that makes it stand out from other games in the genre.

Subnautica is also one of the few games that allows the player to freely explore an ocean environment. The game was released in Early Access in 2014, and has since been updated with new content and features. Despite being in Early Access, Subnautica has received critical acclaim for its gameplay, graphics, and overall design.

There are many reasons why Subnautica is such a good game. The first reason is its uniqueness. There are not many games like it, which makes it refreshing to play.

It’s also one of the few games that lets you exploration an ocean environment without any restrictions. This gives players a lot of freedom to explore at their own pace and find new things to do. Another reason why Subnautica is so good is its atmosphere.

The game does an excellent job of making you feel like you’re really stranded on an alien planet trying to survive. All of the different biomes have their own unique look and feel, which helps make the world seem alive and believable. The soundtrack also helps create this feeling by adding to the tension and suspense when exploring dark caves or deep waters.

Lastly, Subnautica is simply fun to play. TheSurvival mechanics are well designed and give players enough challenge to keep them engaged without being too frustrating.

Is Subnautica a Horror Game?

No, Subnautica is not a horror game. While it does have some scary elements – such as the deep sea environment and the alien creatures that inhabit it – it is not a traditional horror game. There are no jump scares or gore, and the overall tone is more one of adventure than terror.

That said, some players may find the game tense and suspenseful at times, particularly when exploring dark caves or when being pursued by aggressive predators.

Does Subnautica Get Boring?

No, Subnautica does not get boring. In fact, many players find it to be a very addicting and immersive game that they can’t put down. The vast ocean world is full of exploration and discovery, and there is always something new to find.

Even after 100 hours of gameplay, there are still things left to do and see.

How Long Do You Have in Subnautica?

In Subnautica, you have an infinite amount of time to explore and survive. There is no time limit, so you can take your time and enjoy the game at your own pace.


Subnautica is a game that can be beaten in around 20 hours, depending on how you play it. However, if you want to 100% the game, it will take much longer. There are many things to do in Subnautica such as exploring the world, collecting resources, building bases, and more.

The average player will spend around 50 hours on the game if they want to 100% it.

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