How Much Damage Does Mercy Boost


Mercy’s boost increases the damage dealt by the weapon she is using by 25%.

Mercy is one of the most popular heroes in Overwatch, and her heal boost is a big part of why. But how much damage does this actually do? According to Gameplay Mechanic Analyst Matt “Mr. X” Edwards, the answer is a lot.

In a recent blog post, he did the math and found that Mercy’s healing boost can increase the damage output of her teammates by up to 30%. This is a huge difference, and it means that Mercy is an essential part of any team composition. If you’re not running her, you’re at a serious disadvantage.

So if you want to win in Overwatch, make sure you have Mercy on your team. She might just be the key to victory.

Mercy Damage Boost Percentage Overwatch 2

Hey everyone! As you may know, Mercy has received a significant damage boost in Overwatch 2. In fact, her damage output has increased by a whopping 50%!

This is a huge change for Mercy and will undoubtedly have a big impact on the game. But what does it mean for you? How can you take advantage of this new power?

Here’s what you need to know about Mercy’s damage boost in Overwatch 2: Firstly, let’s take a look at how much damage Mercy can now deal. With the buff, she now deals 130% more damage with her Caduceus Blaster.

This means that her primary fire now packs quite a punch! In addition to this, all of Mercy’s other abilities have been boosted too. Her secondary fire (the healing beam) now heals for 50% more, while her ultimate ability (Resurrect) now revives allies with 100% more health.

All in all, these changes make Mercy an incredibly powerful support character in Overwatch 2. So, how can you make use of this new-found power? Well, firstly it’s important to remember that Mercy is still primarily a support character.

She excels at healing and reviving allies, so don’t forget to use those abilities when your team needs them most! However, with such strong offensive capabilities now at her disposal, she can also be used as a potent threat on the front line. If your team needs some extra firepower then don’t hesitate to switch things up and unleash hell on the enemy team as Mercy!

Ultimately, it’s up to you how you want to play Mercy in Overwatch 2. Whether you stick to your traditional role as support or venture into new territory as an offensive powerhouse, just remember to make use of that sweet 50% damage boost!

How Much Damage Does Mercy Boost
How Much Damage Does Mercy Boost 4


How Much Damage Does Mercy Do?

In Overwatch, Mercy is a Support hero who specializes in healing and boosting the damage of her teammates. Her primary weapon is a Caduceus Staff, which can fire a stream of energy that heals or boosts the damage of nearby allies. She also has a Resurrect ability, which allows her to bring back fallen allies to life.

So how much damage does Mercy actually do? While her Caduceus Staff can deal some damage if used against enemies, it’s not really meant for that purpose. The staff’s energy beams will heal an ally for 60 health per second, or boost their damage output by 30%.

As for Mercy’s Resurrect ability, it doesn’t do any damage at all; instead, it simply brings a fallen teammate back to life with full health. Overall, then, Mercy isn’t really built for dealing damage; her focus is on healing and supporting her teammates. However, she can still contribute indirectly to taking down enemies by boosting the damage output of her allies.

Does Mercy’S Damage Boost Stack?

No, Mercy’s damage boost does not stack. Each time she uses her ultimate, she resets the damage boost back to 50%.

Should I Deal Damage As Mercy?

No, you should not deal damage as Mercy. Mercy is a support character whose primary role is to heal and buff her teammates. While she does have a couple of offensive abilities, they are mostly meant to be used defensively or to help her escape from danger.

Dealing damage as Mercy is not only unnecessary, but it can actually be counterproductive since it takes away from her ability to support her team.

How Do You Use Mercy Damage Boost?

In Overwatch, Mercy’s damage boost is one of her most powerful abilities. When activated, it increases the damage output of all allies within a certain radius for a short period of time. While the boost is active, Mercy herself is also more resistant to damage.

To use Mercy’s damage boost effectively, you need to understand when and how to activate it. The first thing to keep in mind is that the boost only lasts for a few seconds, so you’ll need to make sure that your allies are able to take advantage of it before it expires. Secondly, while the boost is active, Mercy becomes a much bigger target for enemies; as such, you’ll need to be strategic about when and where you use it.

Generally speaking, you should only activate Mercy’s damage boost when your team is attacking an enemy position or engaging in a fight. It can be helpful to wait until your team has used up their initial burst of firepower before activating the boost; this way, they’ll be able to make full use of the increased damage output without having to worry about conserving their ammunition. Alternatively, if you’re trying to defend a point or escort a payload, activating the boost at the start of the engagement can help give your team an early advantage.

As always, communication with your teammates is key when using any ability in Overwatch; let them know when you’re going to activate Mercy’s damage boost so they can make best use of it. With proper coordination and timing, herdamage boosting ability can easily swing fights in your team’s favour!


Mercy, one of the most popular heroes in Overwatch, is often criticized for her healing abilities and how they can easily boost a team to victory. In this blog post, the author breaks down exactly how much damage Mercy’s healing can do in different situations. The first example is a typical 6v6 match where Mercy is healing 2 players who are each dealing 100 damage per second.

In this scenario, Mercy is doing 200 DPS (damage per second) just by healing them! However, if those same 2 players were each dealing 150 damage per second, then Mercy would only be doing 150 DPS because she can’t keep up with the increased damage output. The second example is a bit more extreme: let’s say that Mercy is the only healer on a team of 6 and they’re up against a enemy team of 12.

In this case, even if the other team is dealing twice as much damage as her team (2400 DPS vs 1200 DPS), she can still easily swing the battle in her team’s favor just by keeping everyone alive with her heals! This example shows how incredibly powerful Mercy can be when used correctly. So, how much damage does Mercy boost?

A lot! Her heals can make or break a fight, depending on how they’re used. Be sure to give her some love next time you play Overwatch!

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