How to Catch Arceus Platinum


To catch Arceus in Platinum Version, the player must first defeat Giratina at the Distortion World. Once Giratina is defeated, Arceus will appear at Spear Pillar. The player must then use a Master Ball to catch Arceus.

  • Purchase a Pokémon Arceus event ticket from Nintendo
  • These are available through various online retailers, or at select GAME stores in the UK
  • With your ticket, go to any Pokémon Centre in Japan and speak to the delivery person there
  • They will give you an Arceus with a special hold item, the Griseous Orb
  • Fly to Sinnoh and head to Route 224
  • Near the end of the route is Turnback Cave, which can only be entered by using Surf on the waterfalls blocking its entrance
  • Inside Turnback Cave is a level 70 Arceus waiting at the end
  • Be sure to save your game before engaging it!

How to Get Azure Flute in Pokemon Platinum

Azure Flute is a powerful and rare item in the world of Pokemon. This flute has the ability to summon any Legendary Pokemon from anywhere in the game. In order to get your hands on this flute, you must first complete the Sinnoh Region Pokedex.

Once you have done so, head to Route 224 and speak with Professor Rowan. He will give you the Azure Flute as a reward for completing the Pokedex. With this flute, you can now summon any Legendary Pokemon that you wish!

How to Catch Arceus Platinum
How to Catch Arceus Platinum 4


How Do You Get to Arceus in Platinum?

Arceus is a Legendary Pokemon that can be found in the Sinnoh Region. In order to find Arceus, you must first obtain the Azure Flute, which is obtained by completing certain tasks within the game. Once you have the Azure Flute, you can use it to summon Arceus at any time from anywhere in Sinnoh.

How Do You Catch Arceus?

Arceus is a mythical Pokemon that can be caught in the Pokemon games by using a special event item called the Azure Flute. In order to get the Azure Flute, you must first complete the game and then speak to Professor Oak in Pallet Town. He will give you the flute as a reward for your hard work.

Once you have the flute, take it to Mt. Coronet and use it at the peak of the mountain. This will summon Arceus, who can then be caught with a Poke Ball.

How Do You Get Arceus With Azure Flute in Platinum?

In order to get Arceus with Azure Flute in Platinum, you will need to first have the National Dex. Once you have the National Dex, go to Veilstone City and enter the hall with all of the paintings. Talk to the man in front of the painting of Arceus and he will give you the Azure Flute.

Take this flute to Mt. Coronet and use it on the shrine near the Spear Pillar. Arceus will then appear and can be caught with a Master Ball or any other type of Poké Ball.


Assuming you would like a summary of the blog post titled “How to Catch Arceus on Platinum”: The blog post begins by stating that Arceus is an incredibly powerful and rare Pokemon, making it difficult to catch. However, there are a few steps that can be taken in order to increase the chances of catching Arceus.

First, the player should have a Master Ball. This item increases the likelihood of catching any Pokemon, so it will be very helpful in catching Arceus. Second, the player should make sure their team is strong enough to take down Arceus.

Having a team of level 100 Pokemon is ideal, as they will be able to take more hits from Arceus and won’t faint as easily. Finally, the player should use status-altering moves on Arceus such as sleep or paralysis. These moves will make it easier to catch Arceus once it has been weakened by battle.

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