How to Counter Illaoi: The Ultimate Guide


Illaoi is a champion that can be extremely frustrating to play against. She has the ability to easily take over a lane and snowball out of control. In this blog post, we will be discussing how to counter Illaoi. We will go over understanding her kit and what she excels at, as well as her weaknesses. We will also discuss how to lane against her, how to trade with her, and how to avoid her engage. Lastly, we will discuss how to team fight against her, when to engage in a team fight, and how to kite her.

 How to Counter Illaoi: The Ultimate Guide

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Understanding Illaoi and her kit.

What Illaoi excels at.

Illaoi is a strong melee fighter who excels in extended fights thanks to her passive, which allows her to heal for a percentage of the damage she deals. She also has a strong engage thanks to her Q, which pulls enemies towards her, and her ult, which summons a tentacle that does damage and slows enemies. Her W is a powerful AOE attack that can clear waves quickly, and her E allows her to place a spirit totem on the ground that will reveal stealthed enemies and do damage over time.

In addition to being a strong fighter, Illaoi is also a very good duelist thanks to her kit. Her Q gives her the ability to pull enemies towards her, which allows her to close the distance quickly and start trading. Her W is also a powerful AOE attack that can clear waves quickly, and her E allows her to place a spirit totem on the ground that will reveal stealthed enemies and do damage over time.

Overall, Illaoi is a very strong champion who excels in extended fights and duels thanks to her kit.

How to lane against Illaoi.

How to trade with Illaoi.

Trading with Illaoi can be difficult, as she has a lot of tools to engage and deal damage. However, there are a few things you can do to make trading easier.

First, try to avoid fighting in her tentacles. Her W allows her to heal for a large amount if she hits you with it while you’re in a tentacle, so it’s best to stay out of them.

Second, watch out for her Q. It’s a very fast projectile and can be difficult to dodge, especially if she hits you with her E first to slow you down. If you see her wind up her Q, back off until it goes away.

Third, be careful of her E. It’s a long-range dash that does decent damage and applies a strong slow. If she hits you with this, she’ll most likely follow up with her Q or W, both of which can be deadly if they connect. Try to stay out of range of this ability, or juke to the side if she uses it on you.

Fourth, don’t underestimate the power of her ult. It does massive damage and can easily take you down if you’re not careful. If she uses it on you, try to kite away from her and towards your team so they can help peel her off of you.

How To Avoid Illaois Engage

Illaoi is very good at initiating fights thanks to her long range E and ult. To avoid getting caught by these abilities, try to stay behind your minions so she has difficulty hitting you with them. You can also try juking to the side when she uses her E dash since it’s hard for her to change directions mid-dash. Finally, keep an eye on where she places her ult totem – if you see it coming towards you, run the other way!

How to team fight against Illaoi.

When to engage in a team fight.

Illaoi is a strong duelist and can easily take down squishier targets, so it’s important to be careful when engaging her in a team fight. The best time to engage is when she is either isolated from her team or when your team has a numerical advantage. If you have a tank on your team, they can act as a bait to lure Illaoi into an engagement while the rest of your team stays back.

How to kite Illaoi.

Since Illaoi lacks mobility, kiting her is a good way to avoid her engages and pick her off from a distance. If you have long-range weapons or abilities, use them to keep Illaoi at bay while your teammates deal damage to her. Alternatively, you can use crowd control abilities to stun or slow her down, making it easier to kite her.

Illaoi is a unique and challenging champion that can be difficult to deal with, especially if you don’t know how to counter her. This guide has provided you with all the information you need to take her down, so go out there and put it into practice!

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