How to Earn Blue Essence Fast 2018


One way to earn Blue Essence is by playing and completing matches in Summoner’s Rift. Playing with friends in a premade group can also net you some bonus Blue Essence. You can also complete certain quests and achievements, which will reward you with Blue Essence.

Finally, participating in events and competitions organized by Riot Games can be a great way to score some extra Blue Essence.

How To Get Blue Essence FAST!! (15K+ BE EACH DAY, INSANE)

  • The first step is to play the game as much as possible and to win as many games as possible
  • This will allow you to earn more Blue Essence per week
  • Another way to earn Blue Essence is by purchasing it with real money
  • You can do this through the in-game store or by buying it from a third-party website
  • You can also earn Blue Essence by completing certain tasks or challenges in the game
  • These can be found in the “Challenges” section of the game menu
  • Finally, you can also get Blue Essence by opening loot boxes that you get from playing the game or from purchasing them with real money

How Much Blue Essence Per Game

As most League of Legends players will know, Blue Essence is the in-game currency used to unlock champions. It can be obtained by playing games, completing missions, or opening capsules. One common question we see is “How much blue essence per game?”

On average, you can expect to earn around 200-300 blue essence per game. This number will vary depending on factors such as game length, whether you win or lose, and your performance in the game. For example, if you play a long game and perform well, you may earn closer to 400 blue essence.

However, if you play a shorter game and don’t do as well, you might only earn 150-200 blue essence. Of course, there are always outliers and it’s possible to earn more or less than the average amount. For example, some players have reported earning over 1000 blue essence in a single game!

While this isn’t the norm, it does show that it’s possible to get a higher than average amount of blue essence per game. In general, though, you can expect to earn around 200-300 blue essence per game of League of Legends. So keep playing those games and grinding out those wins – your favorite champion is waiting for you!

How to Earn Blue Essence Fast 2018
How to Earn Blue Essence Fast 2018 4


How Do You Get 10 Blue Essence?

There are a few ways to get Blue Essence in League of Legends. One way is to purchase it with real money from the Riot Store. Another way is to earn it by playing games and completing certain objectives, such as winning a match or earning an S rank.

Finally, you can also receive Blue Essence as a reward for participating in some events or purchasing certain bundles.

How Do You Get Blue Essence After Level 30?

If you’re wondering how to get blue essence after level 30 in League of Legends, the answer is fairly simple. Once you reach level 30, all you need to do is play games and win. Every game you win will net you a certain amount of blue essence, which can be used to unlock champions, skins, and other goodies.

The amount of blue essence you earn per game varies depending on the game mode and whether or not you were first place in the match. For example, winning a normal game as first place will give you 20 blue essence while winning a ranked game as first place will give you 40 blue essence. So if you’re looking to stock up on some extra blue essence, make sure to queue up for some games and start racking up those wins!

Do You Get Blue Essence from Bot Games?

No, you don’t get blue essence from bot games.


If you’re looking for ways to earn Blue Essence fast in 2018, then this post is for you. Here are five methods that will help you get more Blue Essence: 1. Play the Honor system and receive rewards for your good behavior.

2. Complete daily quests and check out the special event quests that pop up from time to time. 3. Use Hextech Crafting to disenchant champions and skins into Blue Essence. 4. Purchase a Masterwork Chest with RP that guarantees a certain amount of Blue Essence.

5. Last but not least, refer friends to League of Legends and earn bonus Blue Essence when they reach level 5!

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