How to Get Ammonium in Astroneer


Ammonium is one of the key resources in Astroneer, and is used for a variety of purposes such as fueling rockets and crafting certain items. While it can be found on the surface of some planets, the best way to get ammonium is by mining it from asteroids. In this guide, we’ll show you how to mine ammonium from asteroids and where to find them.

3 Easy Ways To Get Ammonium In Astroneer 2019-2022

  • Find or trade for a large amount of hydrogen
  • Use a refinery to combine the hydrogen with nitrogen from the atmosphere
  • The resulting product is ammonium, which can be used in many ways such as crafting explosives or fuel for rockets

How to Get Aluminum in Astroneer

Astroneer is all about collecting resources and using them to survive and thrive on the planets you visit. One of the most important resources you’ll need to collect is aluminum. Here’s how to get aluminum in Astroneer:

1. Look for it on the ground. Aluminum can be found lying around on the surface of most planets in Astroneer. Keep your eyes peeled for small, blue-gray rocks; that’s usually a good indicator that aluminum is nearby.

2. Mine it from deposits. If you see a large, blue-gray rock formation, that’s likely an aluminum deposit. Use your drill to mine it and collect the valuable resource.

3. Smelt it from other metals. You can also smelt aluminum from other metals using a furnace or refinery. This is a good way to get aluminum if you have extra iron or copper lying around that you don’t need.

How to Get Graphite in Astroneer

Astroneer is all about exploration and discovery, and that extends to the game’s resource gathering. Graphite is one of the rarer resources in the game, but it can be found on certain planets and used for a variety of purposes. Here’s a guide on how to find and mine graphite in Astroneer.

Where to Find Graphite Graphite can be found on the following planets: -Desolo

-Atrox -Celes To find graphite deposits, keep an eye out for dark, sooty patches on the ground.

These are usually found near mountains or cliffs. Once you’ve located a deposit, use your terrain tool to excavate it and collect the graphite ore within.

Ammonium Astroneer

Ammonium is a resource in Astroneer. It can be found on the following planets: -Desolo

-Griffex -Atrox Ammonium is used for the following crafting recipes:

-Tethers (x1) -Thrusters (x2)

Astroneer Ammonium Farming

Space is a lonely place. You’re out there all by yourself, with only your wits and your space suit to keep you alive. And while it’s easy to find water and air in space, food is a different story.

That’s why when you’re planning a long space mission, you need to make sure you have enough food to last the trip. One way to do this is to farm ammonium. Ammonium is a molecule that contains nitrogen, which is an essential element for all life.

And while it’s not exactly tasty, it can be used as an emergency food source in a pinch. So how do you farm ammonium? The easiest way is to set up an electrolysis system.

This involves passing an electric current through water vapor, which splits the water molecules into hydrogen and oxygen gas. The oxygen gas can be vented off into space, while the hydrogen gas can be used to power fuel cells or other devices on your spacecraft. But the real key to farming ammonium is using bacteria.

There are certain types of bacteria that thrive in environments with high levels of ammonia, and these bacteria can be used to convert the ammonia into nitrates. These nitrates can then be used as fertilizer for plants, which will produce food that you can eat! So if you’re planning a long space mission, don’t forget to pack some bacteria along with your dehydrated foods and astronaut ice cream.

With a little effort, you can turn ammonia into a valuable food source!

What is Ammonium Used for in Astroneer

Ammonium is a versatile substance that can be used for a variety of purposes in Astroneer. It can be used as fuel, as well as a construction material and resource. Ammonium can be found on the surface of planets and asteroids, and can also be mined from deposits underground.

When mined, ammonium appears as a white, crystalline substance. Ammonium can be used to create explosives, which are necessary for destroying large rocks and boulders blocking the player’s path. It can also be mixed with water to create a powerful cleaning solution, perfect for keeping your space station clean!

Ammonium is an essential ingredient in many Astroneer recipes, so make sure to stock up on this versatile substance before your next space adventure!

Best Place to Find Ammonium Astroneer

Ammonium is an important resource in Astroneer, and it can be found in a few different places. The best place to find ammonium is on the frozen planet of Tundra. There are several mining outposts on Tundra, and each one has a chance of containing ammonium deposits.

Ammonium can also be found on the desert planet of Arid, but the deposits are much rarer there. Finally, ammonium can occasionally be found on crash sites throughout the solar system. These sites are marked by red beams of light, and they usually contain small amounts of ammonium.

Where to Find Ammonium on Sylva Astroneer

Sylva is a beautiful planet with many hidden secrets. One of those secrets is the presence of ammonium. Ammonium can be found in various locations on Sylva, but it is most commonly found near the equator.

There are three main ways to find ammonium on Sylva: 1) By using a scanner, players can locate small clusters of ammonium deposits. These clusters are often located in difficult to reach places, such as inside caves or behind rock formations.

2) Another way to find ammonium is by following the green gas clouds that sometimes appear on Sylva. These gas clouds always lead to areas where ammonium can be found. 3) Finally, players can also find ammonium by destroying certain types of plants on Sylva.

These plants usually have purple flowers and can be found growing near large deposits of ammonium.

Graphite Astroneer

Graphite is a naturally-occurring allotrope of carbon, found in metamorphic and igneous rocks. It forms when carbon-bearing materials are subjected to high temperatures and pressures. Graphite is the most stable form of carbon under normal conditions.

It has a hexagonal lattice structure, and is often used as a lubricant or an electrode material. When used as an electrode, graphite’s conductivity makes it useful in batteries and fuel cells. It can also be used as a moderator in nuclear reactors.

Graphite is mined all over the world, including large deposits in China, Russia, Canada and Brazil. The United States imports most of its graphite, primarily from China.

How to Get Ammonium in Astroneer
How to Get Ammonium in Astroneer 4


Where Can You Find Ammonium Astroneer?

One of the most important minerals in Astroneer is ammonium. Ammonium can be found on almost all planets and moons, but it is most commonly found on the planet Desolo. To find ammonium on Desolo, look for large red crystals sticking out of the ground.

These crystals are usually located near lava flows or near geysers. Ammonium can also be found on the moon Atrox, but it is much rarer there. On Atrox, look for small blue crystals in caves or in craters.

Where Can Ammonium Be Found?

Ammonium is a positively charged ion that can be found in many different compounds. It is most commonly found in ammonium chloride, but can also be found in other salts such as ammonium sulfate and ammonium nitrate. Ammonia, which is a gas at room temperature, also contains ammonium ions.

When dissolved in water, ammonia forms hydrated ammonium ions, NH4+. Ammonium ions are also present in some organic compounds such as amino acids and amines. In living organisms, they are an important part of many biochemical processes.

For example, they are involved in the synthesis of urea (a nitrogen-containing waste product) and in the metabolism of amino acids (the building blocks of proteins). In industry, ammonium compounds are used as fertilizers, cleaning agents, and fire retardants. Ammonia itself is used as a refrigerant gas and as a starting material for the manufacture of many other chemicals including plastics and explosives.

How Do You Farm Ammonium Astroneer?

Ammonium can be farmed in Astroneer by using the trade platform to exchange it for another material. It is found on the following planets: -Desolo

-Athens -Calidor To get ammonium, first mine salt deposits with a drill.

Next, use the smelter to convert the salt into sodium nitrate. Finally, use the trade platform to exchange the sodium nitrate for ammonium.

How Do You Get Ammonium Alloy in Astroneer?

Ammonium alloy is a crafting material in Astroneer that can be used to make various items, including the large storage container and the tether. It can be found on the surface of planets in the form of small, dark-colored rocks. These rocks can then be gathered using the terrain tool and deposited into the player’s inventory.

To craft with ammonium alloy, players will need to first unlock the blueprint for the item they wish to make. This is done by researching it at one of the game’s many modules. Once unlocked, players can craft the item by selecting it from their blueprint menu and placing the required amount of ammonium alloy into their crafting queue.


If you’re looking for a way to get ammonium in Astroneer, there are a few things you can do. One is to look for it on planets that have a lot of plant life, as it’s often found in soil and water. Another option is to mine it from asteroids, which usually contain high concentrations of the element.

Finally, you can also trade with other players who may have some to spare. Whichever method you choose, just make sure you have a good stock of this valuable resource, as it’s essential for many crafting recipes in the game.

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