How to Get Arceus in Platinum


In order to get Arceus in Platinum, you must first obtain a Membership Card from the Sinnoh Pokemon League. Once you have the card, take it to the ruins northeast of Veilstone City. Arceus will be waiting there for you.

  • Arceus is a level 80 Mythical Pokémon that cannot be found in the wild
  • In order to get Arceus, you must first obtain its respective event item, the Azure Flute
  • The Azure Flute can be obtained through pre-ordering the Pokémon Diamond and Pearl remakes, Pokémon Sword and Shield, or by participating in various competitions
  • Once you have obtained the Azure Flute, take it to Sinnoh’s Spear Pillar and use it to play a song
  • Doing so will summon Arceus
  • Defeat or capture Arceus to add it to your team!

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How to Get Arceus in Platinum
How to Get Arceus in Platinum 4


How Do You Get Arceus With Azure Flute in Pokemon Platinum?

To get Arceus with Azure Flute in Pokemon Platinum, you first need to have the National Dex. Once you have the National Dex, go to Route 224 and surf to the end of the route. There will be a small island there with a cave on it.

Enter the cave and walk to the back. You will find Arceus there waiting for you.

How Do You Get Arceus Plates in Pokemon Platinum?

To get an Arceus plate in Pokémon Platinum, you must first go to the Fight Area in Veilstone City. In the Fight Area, there is a man who will give you an Arceus plate if you show him a specific type of Pokémon. The type of Pokémon that you need to show him depends on the Arceus plate that you want.

For example, if you want the Flame Plate, you must show him a Fire-type Pokémon.

Is There Any Way to Get Arceus?

Yes, there is a way to get Arceus. Arceus is a Mythical Pokémon that can be obtained through various methods, the most common being event distributions and trading. Event distributions usually occur during special events such as Nintendo World Championships and Pokémon Festa.

These events are rare, so players who want Arceus will have to keep an eye out for announcements from The Pokémon Company or GameFreak. Trading is another option for obtaining Arceus, though it may be difficult to find someone willing to trade such a rare and powerful Pokémon.


Arceus is a dual-type Normal/Ghost Legendary Pok mon introduced in Generation IV. It is known as the “Pok mon of origin”. Arceus is number 493 in the National Pok dex.

Arceus has the ability to change its type by holding one of eighteen different plates, which are also held items. When Arceus changes type, both its typing and appearance changes; for example, if Arceus holds a Zap Plate, it will become an Electric-type Pok mon. In Platinum, Arceus can be obtained by completing a short quest given by Giratina at Turnback Cave.

After defeating Dialga or Palkia at Spear Pillar, return to Turnback Cave and Giratina will take you to the Hall of Origin. There, you will battle Arceus and have a chance to catch it.

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