How to Get Bow in Skyward Sword


The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword is the long-awaited Wii entry in the popular franchise. One of the most highly anticipated features of the game is the use of motion controls with the Wii Remote Plus. Players can swing their arms to slash enemies or deflect enemy attacks.

The game also makes use of the Wii MotionPlus to allow for more precise aiming and shooting. One of the items players will want to get early on is the Bow. Here’s a guide on how to get it.

Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword – 62 – Getting the Bow – Wii Let's Play

  • To get the Bow in Skyward Sword, you first need to complete the Skyloft Knight’s Academy quest
  • After completing the quest, head to Faron Woods and talk to Batreaux
  • He will give you the Bow
  • With the Bow in hand, shoot at targets around Skyloft to hone your skills
  • Once you’re ready, take on Ghirahim in a duel to earn the right to keep the Bow
How to Get Bow in Skyward Sword
How to Get Bow in Skyward Sword 4


What is the Best Way to Get a Bow in Skyward Sword

There are a few ways to get a bow in Skyward Sword. One way is to buy it from the Bazaar after completing the Skyloft Wing Ceremony. Another way is to find it in chests around Skyloft or by defeating enemies.

The best way to get a bow, however, is to upgrade your Wooden Shield at the Scrap Shop. This will give you the option to choose a Bow as your secondary item.

How Can I Get a Bow Early on in the Game

In the game, bows can be found in various places such as inside barrels or crates, on top of ledges, or from enemies that have been defeated. The player can also purchase a bow from some vendors located throughout the world. To get a bow early on in the game, it is recommended that the player explore their surroundings and search for any possible sources of where one could be obtained.

Additionally, since bows are typically used for ranged combat, it would be beneficial to learn how to use other weapons effectively as well should the player find themselves in close-quarters combat situations.

Is It Possible to Find a Bow Without Completing Any Dungeons

No, it is not possible to find a bow without completing any dungeons. The only way to obtain a bow is by completing dungeons, which can be found in the game world.


In Skyward Sword, Link can obtain the Bow by completing the Fire Temple Dungeon. After defeating the dungeon’s boss, Ghirahim, Link will be rewarded with the Bow. This weapon is essential for defeating some of Skyward Sword’s tougher enemies, so make sure to add it to your inventory as soon as possible!

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