How to Get Gohan And Videl As Instructors


In order to get Gohan and Videl as instructors, you must first complete a few simple steps. First, speak to Piccolo at the Capsule Corporation. He will tell you that he believes Gohan and Videl would be perfect for the job.

Next, head to Orange Star High School and talk to Chi-Chi. She will also express her approval of the two becoming instructors. Finally, speak to Goku and he will give you his blessing as well.

DRAGONBALL XENOVERSE 2- How To Unlock Gohan & Videl As Your Masters

  • Talk to Gohan and Videl at Capsule Corp after completing the Buu Saga
  • Fly to Master Roshi’s Island and complete the training mission there
  • Return to Capsule Corp and talk to Trunks
  • Fly to Satan City and complete the training mission there
  • Return to Capsule Corp and talk to Gotenks
  • Train with Gotenks until you reach Super Saiyan 3, then fly back to Master Roshi’s island and complete the training mission there again
  • 7 After completing all three training missions, return to Capsule Corp one last time and talk to Piccolo to unlock both instructors
How to Get Gohan And Videl As Instructors
How to Get Gohan And Videl As Instructors 4


How Do I Get Gohan And Videl As Instructors

Assuming you are playing Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot, here are the steps to get Gohan and Videl as instructors: 1. After completing the “A New Friend” quest, go to Capsule Corp and talk to Bulma. 2. She will tell you that she has been working on a new invention and asks you to test it out.

Say yes and follow her outside. 3. Once there, fly towards West City and you’ll see a big green ring. Fly through it and you’ll be taken to The Lookout.

4. Talk to Dende and he’ll tell you that Piccolo is looking for you. Head towards his location marked on the map and talk to him when you find him. 5. After your conversation, 2 more markers will appear on the map – one for Goku and one for Vegeta.

Talk to both of them (you can do Vegeta first if you want) and they’ll agree to train with you once again after some convincing from Piccolo. 6. With all 4 Z Fighters in tow, head back to Capsule Corp so they can begin training with Bulma’s new invention – The Soul Emulator!

What are the Benefits of Having Them As Instructors

There are many benefits of having them as instructors because they can help people learn new things, improve their skills and techniques, and provide guidance on how to progress in their chosen activity. Here are some specific benefits: 1. They can help you learn new things

Instructors can introduce you to new activities and concepts, broadening your horizons and potentially sparking a lifelong passion. For example, if you’ve always wanted to try rock climbing but never had the opportunity, an instructor can teach you the basics so that you can get started safely. 2. They can help you improve your skills and technique

If you’re already familiar with an activity, an instructor can help you take your skills to the next level by providing feedback and offering suggestions for improvement. For instance, if you’re a runner who wants to increase your speed, an experienced coach can give you feedback on your form and offer drills to help you run faster. 3. They can provide guidance on how to progress in your chosen activity

No matter what your goals are, an instructor can develop a plan to help you reach them. If you’re just starting out, they can recommend beginner-friendly activities and resources. And if you’re looking to challenge yourself, they can identify advanced techniques or training programs that will help you push yourself further.

How Can I Make Sure They Stay As Instructors

There are a few key things you can do to make sure your instructors stay on board: 1. Communicate regularly and openly with your instructors. Make sure they feel like valued members of the team, and that their concerns are being heard.

2. Be flexible with scheduling and workloads. Your instructors have lives outside of the studio, so try to be understanding if they need to make last-minute changes. 3. Offer competitive pay and benefits.

Keep in mind that your instructors could be working at multiple studios, so make sure you’re offering them a compensation package that meets or exceeds industry standards. 4. Provide ongoing training and development opportunities. Your instructors should feel like they’re constantly learning and growing in their roles.

This could include anything from regular staff meetings to professional development workshops to shadowing other instructors within the studio. 5 Take care of the little things.


In Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2, you can get Gohan and Videl as instructors by completing the Master Quest line for each of them. To do this, first complete the main story questline up to Chapter 6. Then, go to the Master Roshi’s Training School and speak to Master Roshi.

He will give you a mission to find Gohan and Videl. Once you find them, they will each give you a mission to complete. After completing their missions, they will join your team as instructors.

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