How to Get Lycanroc Z Move


To get Lycanroc’s Z-Move, you will need to have a Rockruff with the Ability “Strong Jaw” that knows the Move “Stone Edge”. Once you have fulfilled these requirements, you can use Lycanroc’s Z-Crystal, “Lycanium Z”, to perform the Z-Move “Splintered Stormshards”.

  • Go to the Altar of the Sunne in the Alola Region at night
  • Use Rockruff that knows Stone Edge and has high friendship with you
  • Have 50 Dawn Stones in your bag
  • Select Rockruff and use a Dawn Stone on it while it is standing on the altar

Lycanroc Z Move Name

Lycanroc Z Move Name: The Lycanroc Z move is called “Stone Edge.” This attack is a Rock type move, and it is a physical attack.

The base power of this move is 100. When using this move, the user’s Lycanroc will turn into its Midday Form.

How to Get Lycanroc Z Move
How to Get Lycanroc Z Move 4


What Z-Moves Can Lycanroc Use?

Z-Moves are a special type of move that can only be used once per battle. Each Pokémon has its own unique Z-Move, which can be activated by using a Z-Crystal corresponding to that Pokémon’s type. Lycanroc can use the following Z-Moves:

Stone Edge: This Rock-type Z-Move deals massive damage to the target. Howl: This Normal-type Z-Move raises Lycanroc’s Attack stat sharply. Bulldoze: This Ground-type Z-Move inflicts damage and lowers the target’s Speed stat.

How Do I Activate Z-Moves?

In Pokémon Sun and Moon, Trainers can unleash the power of Z-Moves. Z-Moves are incredibly powerful attacks that can only be used once per battle. To use a Z-Move, a Trainer must have a Pokémon that knows a move compatible with the Z-Crystal they are holding, as well as have that Pokémon hold the corresponding Z-Crystal.

For example, if Ash has Pikachu hold an Electrium Z and Pikachu knows the move Volt Tackle, Ash can use Gigavolt Havoc—Pikachu’s unique Z-Move—in battle. There is one type of Z-Crystal for each element: Normalium Z, Fightinium Z, Firium Z, Waterium Z, Grassium Z, Electricum Z, Psychium Z, Iceium Z, Dragonium Z, GhostiumZ DarkinumZ SteeliumZ FairiumZ PoisonumZ GroundumZ RockumZ BuginumZ GhostIUMz FlyingUMz FairyUMz SoundproofUMz To get started using these awesome moves in your battles, simply follow these steps:

Step 1: Obtain a compatible Pokémon and give it the correct held item. For example: Ash’s Pikachu holds an Electrium z. Step 2: Choose the right moment to unleash the power of your special attack.

Will you save it for when things are looking bleak? Or will you go all out from the start? It’s up to you!

Step 3: When you’re ready to let loose, select “Attack with all [your] might!” from the menu. This will trigger your Pokémon to glow and sparkle with energy as it builds up strength for its unique move… Step 4: …And then sends out an amazing attack against your opponent!

What is the Most Powerful Z-Move?

Z-moves are a special type of move that can be used once per battle. They are incredibly powerful and can turn the tide of a battle. The most powerful Z-move is Gigavolt Havoc, which is a Electric-type move.

It has a base power of 220 and is boosted by the Electrium Z z-crystal. This move is sure to leave your opponent reeling!

What Z-Move Did Ash Create?

When Ash saw the Z-Ring for the first time, he was immediately intrigued and wanted to know more about it. He quickly learned that the Z-Ring could be used to create powerful Z-Moves. Ash was determined to create his own Z-Move, and after some trial and error, he finally succeeded in creating the move “Gigavolt Havoc.”

Gigavolt Havoc is a powerful Electric-type attack that can be used to defeat even the strongest of opponents.


In the most recent Pokémon games, Sun and Moon, players can use a new type of move called Z-Moves. These are incredibly powerful moves that can only be used once per battle. One of the rarest and most powerful Z-Moves is Lycanroc’s Continental Crush, which can only be obtained by completing a certain in-game quest.

This quest is not easy to complete, but if you’re willing to put in the effort, Lycanroc’s Continental Crush is an extremely useful move that can help you win difficult battles.

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