How to Get Rotom in Pokemon Sun


To get Rotom in Pokémon Sun, the player must first obtain a Key Item called the “Rotom Pokédex”. This item is given to the player by an NPC in Hau’oli City on Melemele Island. Once the player has the Rotom Pokédex, they can take it to any Pokémon Center and speak to the nurse inside.

The nurse will then offer to trade the player’s Rotom for another Pokémon.

  • Go to the Hau’oli City Mall and enter the Pokemon Center
  • Talk to the delivery person in the back of the center to receive your Rotom
  • Take Rotom to any Pokemon Center and speak with the nurse inside to have it registered in your pokedex

How to Get Rotom in Ultra Sun

If you’re a fan of the Pokémon series, then you know that Rotom is a pretty nifty little creature. It’s an Electric/Ghost type Pokémon that can change its form depending on what appliance it inhabits. In previous games, Rotom could only be obtained by transferring it from another game using the Poké Transfer Lab.

However, in Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon, there is a way to get Rotom without transferring it! Here’s how: First, make sure you have completed the main story.

After becoming Champion, head back to Professor Kukui’s lab and speak to Lillie. She’ll give you a special key item called the Enigmatic Card. This card will allow you to encounter rare Pokémon in Ultra Wormholes.

Next, go to Mount Lanakila and enter an Ultra Wormhole using the Ride Pager given to you by Hau. Inside the wormhole, keep going until you reach a dark area with green mist swirling around. Use the Enigmatic Card here and Rotom will appear!

Catch it and add it to your team!

How to Get Rotom in Pokemon Sun
How to Get Rotom in Pokemon Sun 4


Is Rotom in Pokémon Sun?

Yes, Rotom is in Pokémon sun. It is a ghost/electric type Pokémon that can be found in the game.

How Do I Get Rotom?

If you want to add Rotom to your team in Pokémon Sword and Shield, here’s what you need to do. First, head to the Slumbering Weald north of Wedgehurst. In the northwest corner, there’s a tree with a sparkly spot next to it; interact with this spot to enter an hidden grotto.

Inside, follow the path until you reach a fork; take the right path first. You’ll come across a TR that teaches Volt Switch; grab it, then backtrack and take the left path at the fork. Continue following this path until you reach another fork; again, take the left path first.

You’ll come across another TR; this one contains Thunder Wave. After grabbing it, backtrack and take the right path at the fork. This will lead you to an open area with a lake in the middle; search along the east side of the lake for a small cave entrance.

Enter this cave and follow its winding paths until you reach another open area with some tall grass. Cut through this grass using your Pokémon’s moves and continue north until you find some stairs leading down into darkness. Descend these stairs carefully as they lead into Pokémon Sword and Shield‘s most dangerous dungeon: The Crown Tundra’s Dyna Tree Hill .

At Dyna Tree Hill ‘s bottom level is where Rotom awaits, hiding behind some stalagmites near some water on the east side of the room . Once you find Rotom , approach it cautiously as interacting with it will cause it to attack . Defeating Rotom in battle is no easy feat as its high Special Attack stat can quickly dismantle most teams if they’re not prepared for it .

When fighting Rotom , be sure to bring along Water – , Grass – , Ice – , or Ghost – type Pokémon as they’ll all deal super effective damage against it . Additionally , while Steel -type moves aren’t super effective against Rotom , they’ll still help due diligence thanks their resistance against Electric-type attacks ; just be wary of Earthquake or any other Ground-type move s Rotom may have learned from previous trainers since those will hit Steel-types hard . With all that said , once you finally defeat Rotom in battle , simply speak with it afterwords like normal and select ” Yes ” when asked if you’d like catch it .

Doing so will addRotomto your team !

How Do You Get Different Rotom Forms Sun And Moon?

There are a few ways to get different Rotom forms in Pokémon Sun and Moon. One way is to simply use the Pokédex. Every time you complete certain tasks, such as catching a new Pokémon or taking down a powerful trainer, the Pokédex will evolve.

This will cause it to take on a new form, each with its own unique abilities. Another way to get different Rotom forms is by using the Reveal Glass. This item can be found in various locations throughout Alola, and when used on a Rotom will cause it to change form.

Each of the five possible forms can be obtained this way. Finally, certain items can also trigger a change in form for Rotom. The most notable of these is the Electric Seed, which will cause Rotom to take on its Electric Forme if held while entering battle.

Can You Catch a Wild Rotom?

Yes, you can catch a wild Rotom in the Pokemon games. However, Rotom cannot be found in the wild in every game. For example, Rotom can be found in the Sinnoh Region games (Pokemon Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum) but not in the Unova Region games (Pokemon Black and White).


If you want to get Rotom in Pokémon Sun, there are a few things you need to do. First, you need to have Pokémon Sun and the Nintendo 3DS system. Next, you need to go to the Hau’oli City Cemetery and talk to the man near the back.

He will give you a key that unlocks the door to the Thrifty Megamart. Go inside and take the elevator down to B1F. In the northwest corner of the basement, there is an abandoned checkout counter with a TV on it.

Interact with the TV and Rotom will appear!

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