How to Get Shaymin in Pokemon Platinum With Action Replay


If you want to get Shaymin in Pokémon Platinum using an Action Replay, you first need to have the National Pokédex. Once you have the National Pokédex, go to Route 224 and defeat Heatran. After defeating Heatran, fly to Snowpoint City and talk to Professor Rowan.

He will give you the Gracidea Flower. Take the Gracidea Flower back to Spring Path on Route 224 and use it on Shaymin. Doing this will cause Shaymin to change forms from its Sky Forme into its Land Forme.

  • First, open up the Action Replay and select “Add New Code
  • ” Second, enter the following code: 94000130 FCFF0000 B21C4D28 00000000 B0000004 00000000 E0000000 80008000
  • This will give you access to a new Gracidea flower in Route 224
  • Third, go to the location of the Gracidea flower and press L+R to change Shaymin’s form
  • Fourth, fly to Snowpoint City and head towards Mt
  • Coronet
  • Fifth, keep going until you reach Turnback Cave
  • Sixth, go inside and Shaymin should be waiting for you at the end!
How to Get Shaymin in Pokemon Platinum With Action Replay
How to Get Shaymin in Pokemon Platinum With Action Replay 4


How Do You Get Shaymin in Platinum?

To get Shaymin in Platinum, you need to have a specific event Sinnoh Stone. This Sinnoh Stone can be obtained by completing certain Field Research tasks or from spinning a Pokestop that has been activated by an Lure Module. Once you have the Sinnoh Stone, use it on Shaymin and it will evolve into its Sky Forme.

Can You Get Shaymin After Event?

Yes, you can get Shaymin after event.

How Do You Get Shaymin Without Oak’S Letter?

Assuming you are referring to the event Shaymin in Pokémon Sword and Shield, there are a few ways. The first way is to simply have transferred a Shaymin from another game via Pokémon Home. This can be done by going to Mystery Gift > Receive Gifts > Get with Code/Password, then inputting the code obtained from various online retailers.

These codes are one time use only however, so if you missed out on this chance you’re unfortunately out of luck as far as this method goes. Another way is to trade for one with someone who already has it. As mentioned before, codes for obtaining Shaymin were given out at various retailers with pre-orders of Sword and Shield.

So if you know someone who got the game early and was able to obtain Shaymin through this method, they may be willing to trade it to you. The last way, which requires a bit more effort, is by completing the Isle of Armor expansion’s main story line up until you reach Master Mustard’s dojo on Wedgehurst station. After defeating Mustard in a three-on-three battle using only Kubfu, he will upgrade Kubfu into Urshifu Single Strike forme or Rapid Strike forme depending on which style Kubfu used during battle (Force Palm or Close Combat respectively).

From here defeat all of Mustard’s students using only Urshifu until finally challenging him again. After winning this final battle against him he will give you an Enigma Berry which can be used on Giratina in its Altered Forme found at the Max Lair located within the Crown Tundra expansion in order to change it into its Origin Forme temporarily; while in Origin Forme Giratina will drop a Gracidea Flower when KOed in battle which can then be used on Shaymin (in either Sky Forme or Land Forme) outside of combat to cause it to change into its Sky Forme permanently regardless of what time of day it currently is.

How Do I Get Oak’S Letter?

In order to get Oak’s letter, you must first have a Pokémon with the ability to pick up items. Then, go to any patch of grass on Route 1 and search for a hidden item. Once you find it,Oak’s letter will be inside.

Pokemon Platinum: How to Catch Shaymin (Using Action Replay)

Pokemon Platinum How to Get Shaymin Without Event

If you want to get Shaymin in Pokemon Platinum without having to wait for an event, there is a way. However, it requires two things: patience and luck. First, you must have a saved game file from Pokemon Diamond or Pearl on your Nintendo DS.

If you don’t have one, borrow a friend’s or start a new game. Next, go to Canalave City and speak to the old man in the house next to the Pokemon Center. He will tell you a story about seeing a particular constellation in the night sky.

When he’s finished, save your game and reset the system clock on your DS to 11:59 PM that same day. Turn off the power and restart your game. Once you’ve loaded your saved game file, fly to Snowpoint City and enter Mt. Coronet via Route 217 .

Make sure it’s nighttime in the game; if it’s daytime, leave Mt. Coronet and re-enter until it is nighttime again . Shaymin should appear near the entrance on Route 216 . Be warned – Shaymin will run away if you come too close , so be patient and keep your distance until it finally stops running .

Then , approach slowly and press A when prompted to capture it in a Poke Ball . Congratulations – you now have Shaymin!


Shaymin is a legendary Grass-type Pokémon that can be obtained in Pokémon Platinum using an Action Replay device. To get Shaymin, first obtain a Master Ball. Then, go to any Sinnoh region Poké Mart and purchase 99 Ultra Balls.

With the Master Ball and Ultra Balls in your inventory, save your game at any point outside of battle. Next, activate the “Max Rare Candies” cheat code for your Action Replay device and enter a battle with Shaymin. When the battle begins, use your Master Ball to capture Shaymin.

After capturing Shaymin, deactivate the “Max Rare Candies” cheat code before continuing to play your game normally.

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