How to Get to Kaer Morhen Witcher 3 Early


If you’re looking to get to Kaer Morhen early in Witcher 3, there are a few things you can do. First, if you have the Blood and Wine expansion pack, you can simply take a boat from Toussaint directly to Kaer Morhen. If you don’t have the expansion pack, don’t worry – there are still ways to get there.

From Novigrad, head north-west and follow the road until you come across a fork in the road. Take the left path and keep following it until you reach another fork. This time, take the right path and keep going until you see a sign for Kaer Morhen.

Follow that path and you’ll eventually come to your destination.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt – Where to get Wolf School gear quests (free DLC)

  • Head to the fast travel point in Novigrad and from there, head north until you see a small path on your left leading to some ruins
  • Just before the ruins, there is a rock that you can climb
  • Climb it and follow the cliffs until you reach a cave entrance
  • Go through the cave until you reach a room with a hole in the ceiling
  • Climb up and continue following the tunnels until you reach Kaer Morhen
How to Get to Kaer Morhen Witcher 3 Early
How to Get to Kaer Morhen Witcher 3 Early 4


What is the Fastest Way to Get to Kaer Morhen?

There are a few ways to get to Kaer Morhen, but the fastest way is by using the Waypoint Portal located in Novigrad. To use the portal, simply activate it and select the destination you wish to travel to. Keep in mind that you will need 1,000 crowns to use the portal.

How Early Can You Get Wolf Armor Witcher 3?

Wolf armor is some of the best armor in Witcher 3. It’s incredibly tough and provides great protection against damage. The only downside is that it’s very expensive to buy and upgrade.

So, how early can you get wolf armor in Witcher 3? The answer is, it depends. If you’re just starting out, you’ll probably have to wait until later in the game to afford wolf armor.

However, if you save up your money and do a lot of side quests to earn extra cash, you could potentially get your hands on some wolf armor pretty early on. Of course, finding actual wolf armor for sale can be tricky. You’ll likely have better luck buying the crafting diagrams for wolf armor rather than trying to find completed sets.

Once you have the diagrams, you can craft the armor yourself using leather and steel ingots (both of which are fairly common). So there you have it! With a little patience and effort, you can get your hands on some amazing Wolf Armor relatively early in Witcher 3!

Just make sure you’re prepared to spend a lot of money upfront – it’s definitely not cheap!

Can You Get Triss to Kaer Morhen Without Romancing Her?

If you want to get Triss to Kaer Morhen without romancing her, it’s actually quite simple. All you need to do is complete the main story quest “A Matter of Life and Death” in Chapter III. This will trigger a cutscene where Geralt and Triss meet up at the Kingfisher Inn.

After the scene, simply head to Kaer Morhen with Triss in your party.

How Do I Trigger Lambert Quest?

The Lambert quest is a central part of the game’s story, and can be triggered in several ways. One way is to simply speak to Lambert in the central square of Novigrad. He will tell you about his missing daughter, Ciri, and ask you to help him find her.

You can also trigger the quest by reading one of the many wanted posters for Ciri that are scattered around Novigrad. Finally, you can also receive a letter from Lambert himself asking you to come meet him at a specific location. No matter how you trigger the quest, it will ultimately lead you on a search for Ciri that takes you all across The Continent.


If you’re looking to get to Kaer Morhen early in Witcher 3, there are a few things you can do. First, if you have the Blood and Wine expansion pack, you can simply take a shortcut through one of the vineyards. Secondly, if you’ve completed the main story quest “The Beast of White Orchard”, you can fast travel directly to Kaer Morhen from anywhere on the map.

Finally, if you’ve completed all of the side quests in Velen, you’ll unlock a boat that takes you straight to Kaer Morhen.

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