How to Get Two Dawnbreakers


In The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, the Dawnguard DLC added a new unique weapon called the “Dawnbreaker”. This guide will show you how to get two of these weapons. The first step is to join the Dawnguard and complete the related questline.

During the course of this questline, you will be asked to retrieve a rare artifact called Auriel’s Bow. Once you have retrieved the bow, take it to Lord Harkon and he will reward you with the first Dawnbreaker. The second step is to obtain another Auriel’s Bow.

This can be done by either purchasing it from Sorine Jurard or Serana, or by crafting it yourself using Ebony Ingots and Void Salts. Once you have obtained a second Auriel’s Bow, take it to Lord Harkon and he will once again reward you with a Dawnbreaker.

Skyrim Remastered | How to get two Dawnbreakers (easy glitch)

  • Go to a shop that sells weapons and purchase two identical daggers
  • Find a blacksmith and have the blacksmith forge the daggers into swords
  • Give one of the swords to a companion, and keep the other for yourself

2 Dawnbreakers

2 Dawnbreakers is an upcoming action role-playing game for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Developed by PlatinumGames and published by Square Enix, it is set in a fictional world where two powerful nations are at war. The player controls a group of mercenaries who must choose sides in the conflict and fight to change the course of history.

Dawnbreaker Glitch Patched

The Elder Scrolls Online has patched a glitch that was allowing players to exploit the game’s mechanics and farm for rare items. The so-called “Dawnbreaker Glitch” allowed players to repeatedly kill a boss monster, looting its corpse each time for high-level gear. This exploit was first discovered last week, and quickly spread throughout the ESO community.

Many players saw it as an easy way to get rare items, and began using it to their advantage. However, ZeniMax has now issued a fix for the Dawnbreaker Glitch, which should prevent players from being able to exploit it any further. In addition, the company is taking action against those who have been using the glitch, banning them from the game temporarily.

This is good news for those who were worried about the game being unbalanced by the exploits of a few individuals. Now, everyone will have to work a little harder to get their hands on those rare items!

Dawnbreaker Glitch Not Working

If you’re like most people, you’ve probably been excited to try out the new Dawnbreaker Glitch in Fallout 4. Unfortunately, many players have found that the glitch isn’t working as intended. Here’s a breakdown of what’s going on.

When the glitch is supposed to work, using the Power Attack move with Dawnbreaker equipped will cause a massive explosion. This can be incredibly useful for taking out groups of enemies or destroying enemy vehicles. However, many players are reporting that the explosion doesn’t seem to do anything at all.

There are a few possible explanations for this. It’s possible that Bethesda has already patched the game and fixed the glitch. Alternatively, there could be some sort of issue with how the game calculates damage from explosions.

It’s also possible that the glitch only works under certain circumstances, such as when enemies are close together or when they’re standing near objects that can be damaged by explosions. If you’re still hoping to use the Dawnbreaker Glitch, your best bet is to keep trying different things until you find a method that works for you. In the meantime, we’ll continue to investigate this issue and let everyone know if we find a fix.

How to Upgrade Dawnbreaker to Legendary

In The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, the Dragonborn can obtain a unique one-handedsword called Dawnbreaker. This powerful weapon has the ability to set enemies on fire and sometimes even turn them into ash. While it is possible to find Dawnbreaker during random encounters or by looting chests, the easiest way to get this sword is by completing the quest “The Break of Dawn.”

Once this quest is completed, players will need to upgrade Dawnbreaker to make it more powerful. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to do just that: 1) speak with Meridia at her shrine west of Windhelm.

She will give you the quest “The Break of Dawn” and direct you to go kill Malkoran, a priest of Boethiah who has been desecrating her shrine. 2) Go to Stonefalls and enter Ash Mountain. Kill Malkoran and take his scepter back to Meridia’s shrine.

3) With the scepter in hand, activate the statue of Meridia at her shrine. This will cause an apparition of Meridia herself to appear before you. She will thank you for your help in vanquishing Malkoran and tell you that as a reward she shall infuse her power into your weapon – Dawnbreaker.

4) After receiving this infusion from Meridia, head back to Skyrim and find someone (or something)to fight! When using this now upgraded version of Dawnbreaker, notice how it sets enemies on fire much more easily than before and does increased damage overall.

Is Dawnbreaker a Leveled Weapon

Dawnbreaker is a unique one-handed sword that can be found in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. It is obtained by completing the quest “The Break of Dawn” given by Meridia, and can also be purchased from Auryen Morellus in Windhelm. The blade itself is composed of two different types of metal; the hilt and crossguard are made out of steel, while the blade is forged from ebony.

The weapon emits a bright light when drawn, which does not damage undead enemies like other weapons with this property. Additionally, it has the ability to set undead foes on fire, which does extra damage over time. Despite its powerful effects against undead, Dawnbreaker is still considered a leveled weapon.

This means that its base stats (damage, weight, value) will scale up as the player’s level increases. However, its unique properties will remain unchanged no matter what level the player is.

Recharge Dawnbreaker

Dawnbreaker is a unique sword that can be found in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. It is wielded by the Daedric Prince of Dawn and Dusk, Meridia. The blade is infused with the power of sunlight, and deals extra damage to undead creatures.

When swung, the blade emits a bright light that can blind nearby enemies.

How to Get Two Dawnbreakers
How to Get Two Dawnbreakers 4


Is It Possible to Get Two Dawnbreakers?

It is possible to get two Dawnbreakers in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. However, it is extremely rare and can only be done through a glitch.

What is the Best Level to Get Dawnbreaker?

There is no definitive answer to this question as it depends on personal preference and playing style. However, many players find that Dawnbreaker is most effective at level 30, when its damage output and health regeneration are at their peak. Others prefer to wait until later levels to upgrade Dawnbreaker, as its damage output begins to decrease at higher levels.

Ultimately, the best level for Dawnbreaker is the one that works best for you and your team.

Can You Get the Dawnbreaker Sword?

The Dawnbreaker is a one-handedsword that can be found in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. It is a unique weapon that can only be obtained by completing the quest “Lost to the Ages” given by Arva in Seeker’s Sanctuary. The sword itself is quite powerful, with a base damage of 21 points and the ability to set opponents on fire.

It also has a chance to cause stagger on hit, which can be very useful in combat. Overall, the Dawnbreaker is an excellent choice for those looking for a powerful one-handed weapon.

Is the Dawnbreaker Good?

The answer is yes! The Dawnbreaker is a great sword for anyone looking for a powerful weapon. It has high damage and can easily take down most enemies.

Plus, it looks really cool too. So if you’re looking for a powerful and stylish weapon, the Dawnbreaker is definitely the way to go.


In order to get two Dawnbreakers, you need to follow a specific process that is outlined in this blog post. First, you need to find a quest called “The Lost Relic” and complete it. Once you have done this, you need to kill a specific type of enemy called a “Dremora Lord” and loot its body.

Finally, you need to take the relic that you looted and place it in the appropriate location. If done correctly, you should be able to get two Dawnbreakers.

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