How to Level Up Honor Lol


There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question, as the amount of Honor required to level up varies depending on the player’s current Honor level. However, some tips to help players increase their Honor level include participating in Honorable Acts (such as completing quests and defeating powerful enemies), wearing Honorable Gear (which can be obtained through looting or crafting), and donating blood to the Blood Bank.

  • Play games and win to increase your Honor level
  • The more games you win, the faster you’ll level up
  • Be a good sport and play fair
  • This includes things like not trash talking, being a team player, and following the Summoner’s Code
  • Help out other players by giving them tips or coaching them
  • You can also report players who are breaking the rules
  • Participate in community events and activities organized by Riot Games or third-party organizations

League of Legends Honor Tracker

In League of Legends, players can earn Honor points by playing well and exhibiting good sportsmanship. These Honor points contribute to a player’s Honor level, which is displayed on their profile. The higher a player’s Honor level, the more rewards they can earn.

The first step to unlocking rewards is to reach Honor level 2 by earning 200 Honor points. At this point, players will receive an exclusive loading screen border. Players can also start earning keys that unlock chests full of goodies like champions, skins, ward skins, and more.

To further encourage positive behavior, players who maintain high Honor levels will have their progress tracked on a special leaderboard. At the end of each season, the top 100 players on this leaderboard will receive an exclusive emote that they can use in-game. So what are you waiting for?

Start playing nice and rack up those Honor points!

How to Level Up Honor Lol
How to Level Up Honor Lol 4


How Do You Get Honor Level 3?

It is possible to achieve Honor level 3 in a number of ways, most notably by completing PvP objectives and earning Honor points.

How Do You Get to Honor Level 5?

In Heroes of the Storm, players can earn rewards by ascending through Honor Levels. As players accumulate more honor, they will level up and unlock new rewards. The highest honor level is 5.

To reach honor level 5, players must accumulate 2,000 Honor Points.

How Do You Increase Honor?

There are many ways to increase honor. Some include being polite, telling the truth, helping others, and doing good deeds.

What is Honor Level in League of Legends?

Honor level in League of Legends is a special ranking that is separate from your actual in-game rank. It is used to track your sportsmanship and positive behavior while playing the game. You can increase your honor level by completing honors, which are special tasks or challenges that promote good gameplay habits.

The higher your honor level, the more rewards you will receive, such as exclusive skins and icons. If you receive several reports for bad behavior, however, your honor level will decrease.


If you’re looking to level up your Honor in League of Legends, here are a few tips. First, play the game with integrity and be respectful to other players. This includes things like not intentionally feeding or griefing, and honoring your teammates and opponents.

Second, report players who are breaking the rules or being toxic in chat. This helps the system identify bad behavior and keep the game clean for everyone. Lastly, try to be positive and helpful when you’re playing, as this will reflect well on your Honor score.

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