How to Make a Qq Account Without Phone


1. Go to and click on the ” create account ” link . 2. Enter your information in the required fields . Be sure to use a valid email address , as you will need to verify your account before you can begin using it .

3. Choose a password and security question for your account . Again , be sure to make these secure ! 4. Once you have completed all of the required fields , click on the ” Create Account ” button .

5. You will then be sent an email to the address you provided in Step 2 . Click on the link in this email to verify your account and finish setting it up !

  • Go to the QQ website and click on the “Create Account” button
  • Enter your personal information into the required fields, including your email address
  • Choose a password and enter it into the appropriate field
  • Select your country code from the drop-down menu and enter your mobile phone number in the next field without any leading zeroes or plus signs
  • Click on the “Create Account” button to complete registration

Qq International

QQ International is a cross-platform instant messaging service that allows users to communicate with people all over the world. It provides an easy way for friends and family to stay connected no matter where they are. QQ International has many features that make it a great choice for those looking for an instant messaging app, including:

-Cross-platform compatibility: QQ International can be used on a variety of devices, including PCs, Macs, iOS devices, and Android devices. This makes it easy to stay connected with friends and family no matter what type of device they are using. -A large user base: With millions of active users, QQ International has one of the largest user bases of any instant messaging app.

This means that it’s easy to find friends and family who are already using the app. -A variety of features: In addition to basic instant messaging capabilities, QQ International offers a number of other features that make it more than just a simple chat app. These include group chat rooms, video calls, voice chats, file sharing, and more.

How to Make a Qq Account Without Phone
How to Make a Qq Account Without Phone 4


How Can I Get Qq Without a Phone Number?

There are a few ways that you can get QQ without a phone number. One way is to use a disposable phone number. You can find these online through websites such as Burner or Hushed.

These websites offer temporary, disposable phone numbers that you can use for verification purposes. Another way to get QQ without a phone number is to use a virtual private network (VPN). This will allow you to bypass any verification that may be required when signing up for QQ.

Finally, if you know someone who already has an account on QQ, you may be able to ask them for their login information so that you can use their account.

Can You Make a Qq Account With Email?

Yes, you can make a QQ account with an email address. To do so, simply go to the QQ registration page and fill out the required information. In the “Email” field, enter your email address.

Once you have completed all of the fields, click on the “Create Account” button.

How Do I Register Qq on My Computer?

QQ is a popular instant messaging platform in China with over 800 million active users. You can register for a QQ account using your Chinese ID number or mobile phone number. To do this, go to the QQ registration page and enter your information.

Once you have registered, you will need to activate your account by clicking on the link in the activation email that is sent to you. After your account is activated, you can login and start using QQ!

In Which Country Qq is Available?

QQ is a messaging app that is popular in China. It is available in many different countries, but it is most popular in China.


If you’re looking to make a QQ account without using a phone, there are a few steps you can follow. First, go to the QQ registration page and select the option for “no phone number.” From there, you’ll need to enter in some basic information like your name, birthday, and gender.

Once you’ve done that, you’ll be able to create a username and password for your account. After your account is created, you can start adding friends and using all of the features that QQ has to offer!

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