How to Play Blacktop With Friends Online 2K22


It’s official, Blacktop is back in NBA 2K22! And this time, you can take your game online and play with friends. Here’s how:

First, make sure you have an account on the 2K servers. You can create one for free at Once you have an account, log into the game client and select ‘MyTEAM’ from the main menu.

From here, go to the ‘Play With Friends’ tab and select ‘Create Lobby’. Give your lobby a name and set the password (if you want one). Then invite your friends by selecting their gamertags from the list or entering their email addresses.

Once everyone has joined, it’s time to pick teams! You can do this manually or let the game do it for you randomly. When everyone is ready, hit ‘Start Game’ and enjoy some Blacktop action with your friends!

How to play blacktop! NBA2K22 Updated Tutorial

  • Choose your game mode
  • Blacktop offers a few different game modes to choose from: 3-on-3, 4-on-4, and 5-on-5
  • Select your team
  • You can either play with friends or against strangers
  • Pick your players
  • Each player has their own unique strengths and weaknesses, so choose wisely! 4
  • Customize your settings
  • tweak the rules to suit your preferences and make the game more fair or challenging as you see fit
  • Start playing! The first team to score 11 points wins the match!
How to Play Blacktop With Friends Online 2K22
How to Play Blacktop With Friends Online 2K22 4


-How Do I Play Blacktop With Friends Online

In order to play Blacktop with friends online, you will need to connect your console to the internet and then sign into your Xbox Live account. From there, you can invite your friends to join you in a game by selecting their Gamertags from the list of available players. Once they have joined, you can begin playing together!


When the weather is nice, there’s nothing like getting together with friends to play some blacktop basketball. But what if you can’t get together in person? 2K22 has got you covered with their new online multiplayer mode.

Here’s how to get set up and start playing with your friends: First, make sure you have the latest update for 2K22 installed. Then go to the Online menu and select “Create Lobby.”

From there, you’ll be able to invite your friends to join you in a game. You can also join an existing lobby if one of your friends has already created one. Once everyone is in the lobby, you’ll be able to choose from a variety of game settings, including the number of players, game length, and more.

Once everyone is ready, it’s time to hit the court! Blacktop Mode is a great way to enjoy some competitive NBA action with your friends. With easy-to-use matchmaking and a variety of game settings, it’s easy to get into a game and start shooting some hoops.

So round up your buddies and see who’s got what it takes to win on the blacktop!

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