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Irelia is a melee champion who relies on her abilities to deal large amounts of damage. She is most often played as a top laner, but can also be played in the mid lane or even jungle. Irelia’s main strengths are her high sustain and ability to trade favorably with most other champions.

In order to play Irelia effectively, you must learn how to properly utilize her kit. Irelia’s Q, Bladesurge, is a powerful poking tool that can also be used to escape bad situations. Her W, Defiant Dance, makes her immune to crowd control and increases her damage output.

Irelia’s E, Equilibrium Strike, is a versatile ability that can be used to stun an opponent or heal herself. Finally, Irelia’s ultimate ability, Vanguard’s Edge, deals massive damage and slows all enemies caught in its radius. Learning how to use Irelia’s abilities correctly is essential to playing her well.

Timing your Bladesurge correctly can allow you to poke an opponent without taking too much damage in return. Using Defiant Dance wisely will help you survive bursty moments in fights and ensure that you come out on top. Equilibrium Strike can easily turn the tide of a battle if used at the right time; it can either save your life or win you the kill outright.

How to Play Like an Irelia MAIN! – ULTIMATE IRELIA GUIDE

  • Choose Irelia as your champion in League of Legends
  • Lane with Irelia top, mid, or bottom depending on the team comp
  • Farm minions with Q (Bladesurge) to get gold and level up quickly
  • Last hit minions with auto-attacks whenever possible to get extra gold
  • Use W (Hiten Style) to trade damage with enemy champions and heal yourself at the same time
  • Be aggressive when enemies are low on health, but be careful not to die yourself! 7 Ultimate (Equilibrium Strike) can be used offensively or defensively depending on the situation
  • 8 If you’re behind, use it to stun and deal extra damage to an enemy champion trying to kill you; if you’re ahead, use it as a tool to help finish off an opponent

How to Play Irelia Reddit

For those of you who want to learn how to play Irelia, or at least improve your game with her, here is a comprehensive guide from Reddit. This covers everything from runes and masteries to itemization and in-game decision making. Irelia is a fairly simple champion to understand mechanically.

Her Q, W, and E all scale off of AD or AP, making her a very flexible pick in terms of what she can build. However, Irelia excels primarily as an auto-attack based champion; as such, building her with items that increase her attack damage and/or provide on-hit effects are generally going to be the most effective way to play her. In lane, Irelia’s primary goal is to harass her opponents with auto-attacks and autos backed up by occasional spells; once she has whittled down their health enough, she can look for an all-in with Equilibrium Strike followed up by Hiten Style’s true damage proc.

If played correctly, Irelia can easily take over games and carry teams to victory. However, there are a few things you need to be aware of when playing Irelia. Firstly, because she is reliant on auto-attacks for much of her damage output, she is very vulnerable to champions that can kite well or otherwise avoid extended fights (such as Vayne or Kha’Zix).

Secondly, Irelia’s laning phase can be quite weak if she doesn’t have the opportunity to farm effectively; as such, it’s important not to push too hard early on and give your opponent free farm. Lastly – and this ties into the previous point – Irelia scales extremely well into the late game but falls off considerably in the early game; as such, it’s important not to get too far behind in levels or farm and try to catch up later on. Overall though, if you keep these things in mind while playing Irelia then you should have no trouble carrying your team through even the toughest games!

How to Play Irelia
How to Play Irelia 4


Q: What are the Basic Mechanics of Playing Irelia

Irelia is a melee champion who wields a blade. The basic mechanics of playing Irelia involve using her blade to strike enemies and using her agility to avoid enemy attacks. Irelia’s kit revolves around three main abilities: Bladesurge, Hiten Style, and Equilibrium Strike.

Bladesurge allows Irelia to dash forward and deal damage to enemies in her path. It can also be used to travel over walls. Hiten Style passively increases Irelia’s physical damage, while also giving her a active component that heals her for a percentage of the damage she deals with physical attacks.

Equilibrium Strike is Irelia’s bread and butter ability; it deals damage and slows the target, but if the target has more health than Irelia, then the slowing effect is increased dramatically. This makes it an essential tool for trading with enemies or kiting them in teamfights. Irelia’s ultimate, Vanguard’s Edge, gives her a large burst of AOE damage and slows all targets hit by it.

It can be used both offensively and defensively; for example, you can use it to engage on an enemy team or escape from a sticky situation. Overall, playing Irelia requires good map awareness and positioning. Knowing when to trade with enemies and when to back off is crucial; overextending will often lead to your death as Irelia lacks escape mechanisms outside of her dashes.

In teamfights, focus on dishing out as much damage as possible while avoiding being blown up yourself; you’ll be one of the main carries on your team so you need to stay alive long enough to dish out some serious pain!

She Relies on Her Auto-Attacks to Deal Damage And Can Easily Take down Enemies With Her Bladesurge Ability

She has a lot of burst potential and can easily take down enemies with her Bladesurge ability. Her auto-attacks also deal a lot of damage, making her a very dangerous opponent.

Her Strong Laning Phase Makes Her a Formidable Opponent in the Early Game

Annie is a powerful champion in the early game thanks to her strong laning phase. She has high base damage and can easily take down enemies with her Q, W, and E abilities. Her ultimate, Tibbers, is also very powerful and can deal a lot of damage to enemies.

Annie is a great pick in the early game if you want to dominate your lane and get an early lead.

Q: What are Some Tips for Playing Irelia

Irelia is a champion that can be played in many ways, but she excels as an assassin. In this guide, we will cover some tips on how to play Irelia as an assassin. First and foremost, always keep your Q (Bladesurge) up.

This is Irelia’s main form of damage and it allows her to close the gap quickly and deal a lot of damage. Use it to farm minions and harass enemies. Secondly, use your W (Hiten Style) to heal yourself in lane.

This will allow you to stay in lane longer and sustain yourself through any poke from the enemy laner. It is also useful for trading with melee champions when they try to all-in you. Thirdly, max your E (Equilibrium Strike) first for the extra stun duration.

This will help you land more hits with your Q and W and allow you to easily kite around enemies during teamfights. Lastly, don’t forget about your ultimate R (Transcendent Blades). This ability does massive damage if all four blades hit the same target, so use it wisely in teamfights or when trying to kill an enemy carry 1v1.

Be Aware of Your Positioning in Team Fights, As Irelia Can Quickly Become Isolated And Focused down If She’S Not Careful

When engaging in team fights as Irelia, it is important to be aware of your positioning. Irelia can quickly become isolated and focused down if she’s not careful. In order to avoid this, try to position yourself in the backline, behind your teammates.

This way, you can flank the enemy team and pick off isolated targets. Additionally, be sure to stay close to your team so you can quickly retreat if needed. By following these tips, you can make sure that you’re in a good position to take down the enemy team while avoiding being focused yourself.

Use Your Equilibrium Strike Wisely, As It Can Easily Turn the Tide of a Battle

If you’re a fan of the Elder Scrolls Online, then you know that the Equilibrium Strike is one of the most powerful abilities in the game. And while it’s certainly a force to be reckoned with, it’s important to use it wisely, as it can easily turn the tide of a battle. For those unfamiliar with the ability, the Equilibrium Strike allows you to deal massive damage to an enemy, while also healing yourself for a portion of that damage.

It’s essentially a two-for-one deal that can help you take down even the most powerful foes. However, there are some things to keep in mind when using this ability. First and foremost, it only works on living targets, so if your enemy is already dead, you’re out of luck.

Additionally, the amount of healing you receive is based on how much damage you deal, so if your foe has high health or resists damage well, you may not get as much benefit from this ability as you could otherwise. Still, used correctly, the Equilibrium Strike can be absolutely devastating. If you find yourself in a tight spot and need a quick way out, this ability can help turn things around in your favor quickly.

Just be sure to use it judiciously and always keep an eye on your own health as well – after all, if you’re not careful, this strike can easily backfire on you just as easily as it could save your skin!

Lastly, Don’T Be Afraid to Use Blade Surge to Farm Minions Or Escape from Sticky Situations – It’S a Very Versatile Ability!

Blade Surge is a versatile ability that can be used for minion farming or to escape from sticky situations. It’s important to know when and how to use it in order to get the most out of it. Minion farming: When using Blade Surge to farm minions, you want to make sure that you hit as many minions as possible with each cast.

This means positioning yourself carefully and using the ability just before they spawn. You also want to make sure that you have enough mana to sustain repeated casting, as minion waves can come quickly. Escape: If you find yourself in a sticky situation, Blade Surge can be used to help you escape.

It’s important to know the range of the ability and how much damage it does so that you can judge whether or not it will be enough to get you out of trouble. Sometimes it may be necessary to use other abilities in combination with Blade Surge in order to ensure your escape.


Irelia is a strong champion who is often underestimated. In order to play Irelia properly, you must master her Q and W abilities. Her Q allows her to dash through enemies and deal damage, while her W heals her and gives her a short burst of speed.

Use these abilities to your advantage in order to catch your opponents off guard. Irelia is also a very versatile champion, so don’t be afraid to experiment with different builds and strategies.

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