How to Play Rust Console With Keyboard And Mouse


Playing Rust on console can be a great experience, especially if you’re used to playing first-person shooters on PC. The controls are very different from what you’re used to, but with a little practice, you can get the hang of them. Here are some tips on how to play Rust console with keyboard and mouse.

Can you PLAY RUST Console Edition With Mouse & Keyboard (Fast Tutorial)

  • If you are using a console, you will need to connect a keyboard and mouse to it
  • You will also need to have Rust installed on your PC
  • Once everything is set up, launch the game and select “Play Rust”
  • Choose the game mode you want to play, such as “Survival” or “Creative”
  • Start playing the game!
How to Play Rust Console With Keyboard And Mouse
How to Play Rust Console With Keyboard And Mouse 4


Q: How to Play Rust Console With Keyboard And Mouse

If you’re a fan of the Rust programming language, you may be wondering how to play Rust console with keyboard and mouse. While it’s possible to use a controller for some things in Rust, playing with a keyboard and mouse is definitely the way to go. Here’s how to set everything up.

First, make sure that you have the latest version of Rust installed on your computer. Next, launch the game and open the console by pressing F1. In the console, type “bind kp_enter” without the quotation marks.

This will enable you to use your numpad Enter key as your in-game enter key. Now that you’ve got that set up, it’s time to configure your controls. Pressing F1 again will bring up the console, and this time type “exec inputconfig” without the quotation marks.

This will open up a text file called “inputconfig.” You’ll want to scroll down until you find these lines: “bind j WASD_PANEL_MOVE_LEFT”

“bind l WASD_PANEL_MOVE_RIGHT” “bind i WASD_PANEL_MOVE_UP” “bind k WASD_PANEL_MOVE rustconsole://command=forward&target=player&value=true}” // Command forwards player default: false (keypress) or true (release) value: any bool (optional) target: any entity ID (optional)” // Move panel forward/backward

These are the lines that control movement withinRust’s menus using your W, A, S, and D keys. If you want to use your arrow keys instead of WASD for menu navigation, simply change “WASD”to “ARROWS.” Save and close the file when you’re finished making changes.

Now that your controls are all set up, it’s time to start playing! Using keyboard and mouse should feel natural after a few minutes of getting used to it – enjoy!

Press the “F1” Key on Your Keyboard to Open the Console

If you’re a PC gamer, chances are you’ve had to open the console at some point. For those who don’t know, the console is a text-based interface that allows players to enter commands and cheats. It can be used for everything from changing game settings to spawning items.

To open the console on most PCs, all you have to do is press the “F1” key on your keyboard. This will bring up a small window where you can type in commands. To execute a command, simply hit the “Enter” key.

Some commands may require additional input; for example, typing “spawn item [item name]” will spawn the specified item in front of your character. The console can be extremely useful if you know what you’re doing. However, it can also be dangerous; entering certain codes can permanently change or break your game.

If you’re not sure what you’re doing, it’s best to stick to basic commands like changing game settings or spawning items.


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Type in the Following Command And Press Enter: Bind Kp_Home Rustkeyboardmouse

This command will rebind your mouse to the keyboard. There are a few reasons why you might want to bind your mouse to the keyboard. Maybe you’re trying to conserve battery life, or maybe you’re working in an environment where a mouse just isn’t practical.

Whatever the reason, it’s easy to do with just a few simple commands. First, open up the console by pressing the ` key (it’s usually located next to the 1 key on most keyboards). Then, type in the following command and press enter: bind kp_home rustkeyboardmouse.

This command will rebind your mouse to the keyboard. Now, whenever you move your mouse, you’ll notice that the cursor on screen moves as well. To click something, simply press the spacebar.

To right-click, press CTRL+spacebar. And that’s all there is to it!

Cfg 3

What is a cfg file? A cfg file is a configuration file used by various programs and applications. It typically contains settings and preferences that the program uses to run.

For example, a web browser may use a cfg file to store your proxy settings or your preferred language.

This Will Enable You to Use Your Keyboard And Mouse to Play Rust Console

If you’re a PC gamer, there’s a good chance you’ve played Rust at some point. The popular survival game has been available on Steam Early Access for years, and it’s finally made its way to consoles. If you want to play Rust on your Xbox One or PlayStation 4, you’ll need to purchase the game through the Microsoft Store or PlayStation Store.

Once you have the game downloaded and installed, boot it up and head into the Settings menu. Scroll down to the Controls section and select “Enable Keyboard and Mouse.” This will enable you to use your keyboard and mouse to play Rust Console.

With this enabled, you can now use your keyboard and mouse to navigate menus and interact with objects in-game. Keep in mind that not all elements of the game will be compatible with keyboard and mouse controls – for instance, crafting items will still require using a controller. But overall, this should give you a much better experience if you’re used to playing Rust on PC.


Playing Rust on a console with a keyboard and mouse can be difficult, but it is possible. Here are some tips to help you get started: – First, make sure that your console is properly configured for playing Rust.

This includes setting up the correct input devices and ensuring that all of the necessary software is installed. – Next, familiarize yourself with the controls. You’ll need to know how to move around, use items, and fight enemies.

– Finally, practice! The more you play, the better you’ll get at using a keyboard and mouse on your console.

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