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In League of Legends, the top lane is typically occupied by a durable melee champion that can both deal and take a lot of damage. These champions are often called “top laners.” Top laners need to be able to survive in solo matchups against their lane opponents and also contribute to team fights when they occur.

To do this, they need to be able to farm well and keep up in levels with the rest of their team. They should also try to get as much gold as possible so that they can buy items that will help them survive and deal more damage. Here are some tips for playing top lane:

– Try to get an early lead in levels and gold so that you can stay ahead of your lane opponent throughout the game. – Farm as much as possible while still staying safe from enemy ganks. Last hitting minions is important for getting gold.

– Pay attention to the map so that you know when teamfights are happening and can join them if necessary. Otherwise, focus on pushing your lane and taking down towers.

  • Playing top lane is a little different than playing in other lanes
  • Here are a few tips to help you get started: 1
  • Pick a strong champion: When you’re playing top lane, you want to pick a champion that is strong and can hold their own against the enemy top laner
  • Some champions that are typically strong in top lane include Darius, Garen, and Jax
  • Farm up: In order to succeed in top lane, you need to farm up and get as much gold as possible
  • You can do this by last hitting minions and killing enemies when they come too close to your turret
  • Stay safe: Top lane can be a dangerous place, so it’s important to stay safe and not push too far up the lane
  • If you find yourself in trouble, back off and regroup with your team before continuing the fight

How to Play Top Lane Wild Rift

In the world of Wild Rift, top lane is considered one of the most difficult lanes to play. This is because you are up against some of the strongest champions in the game. However, if you can master the art of playing top lane, you can easily become a dominant force in the game.

Here are some tips on how to play top lane in Wild Rift: 1) Choose your champion wisely: When playing top lane, you need to be very strategic about which champion you choose. There are certain champions that excel in this role, and others that do not.

Do your research and pick a champion that will give you an advantage in this lane. 2) Last hit: One of the most important aspects of playing top lane is last hitting minions. This means getting the final blow on a minion, which gives you gold and experience.

The more gold and experience you have, the stronger you will be. Practice your last hitting and make sure you are getting as many kills as possible. 3) Stay alive: In top lane, it is very easy to die if you are not careful.

There are a lot of ganks that can happen, and if you are not paying attention, you will find yourself dead very quickly. Try to stay alive as much as possible and only fight when you know you can win. 4) Farm: Farming is another important aspect of playing top lane.

You need to make sure you are getting as much gold as possible so that you can buy items and upgrade your character.

How to Play Top Lane
How to Play Top Lane 4


How Do You Play Top Laner?

Assuming you are asking how to play the top lane in the game of League of Legends, here are some tips. First and foremost, you need to select a champion that is strong in the current meta and has good synergy with your team. This will vary depending on what role you are playing (carry, tank, etc.) but some champions are always good choices regardless of role (e.g. Gnar, Maokai).

Once you have selected your champion, take a look at the enemy team’s composition and pick appropriate runes/masteries. Again, this will vary depending on what type of champion you are playing and what type of enemies you are facing but there are generally some standard setups that work well against most teams (e.g. flat armor penetration marks for AD carry top laners). Once in game, your priority should be last hitting minions to get gold and experience as quickly as possible while also denying your opponent farm.

You can do this by zoning them out with auto-attacks or using abilities to push them away from the minion wave. Be careful not to over extend though as enemies can easily gank an overextended top laner. Try to stay behind your minions so they soak up enemy damage while also keeping an eye on the map for potential ganks from other lanes or objectives like Dragon/Baron spawning soon.

Generally speaking, it is safer to play passively early on and scale into the late game when you have more items/levels compared to trying to get an early lead which could put you at risk if things go wrong. That’s just a basic overview but following these tips should help you improve your performance in the top lane!

Who Should Play Top Lane for Beginners?

When it comes to playing top lane, there are a few things that you need to take into account. The first is your own individual skill level. If you’re just starting out, then it’s probably best to avoid playing against players who are significantly more experienced than you are.

You want to be able to learn and improve at your own pace without feeling overwhelmed. Another important factor is the type of champion that you’re comfortable with. Some champions are simply easier to play than others, and if you’re just starting out it’s probably best to stick with one that isn’t too complicated.

There are plenty of viable options for beginner-friendly champions, so do some research and find one that suits your playstyle. Finally, take into consideration the team composition when choosing a top laner. Each champion has their own strengths and weaknesses, and some work better in certain team compositions than others.

Make sure you pick a champion that compliments the rest of your team and gives you the best chance of success. In general, tanky champions are usually a good choice for beginners as they tend to be more forgiving and can help soak up damage for their teammates. Champions like Maokai or Mundo can be good choices in this regard.

Alternatively, if you prefer a more aggressive playstyle then champions like Irelia or Renekton might be better suited for you.

How Do You Get Good at Top Lane in League of Legends?

The top lane in League of Legends can be a difficult position to master. There are a few key things you need to do in order to become a good top laner. First, you need to learn how to last hit minions.

This means that you need to practice your timing and aim so that you can consistently get the last hit on minions, which will grant you extra gold. Second, you need to learn how to trade with your lane opponent. This means that you need to be able to control your own damage output and know when it is safe to engage in a trade with your opponent.

Third, you need map awareness. This means being aware of where the enemy team is at all times and knowing when it is safe to push forward or back off depending on the situation. Lastly, it is important to always be looking for opportunities to gank other lanes or objectives such as Dragon or Baron.

By following these tips, you will start climbing the ranks in no time!

What Legends Play Top Lane?

There are many different types of players that can play in the top lane. These include DPS, Bruisers, and Tanks. Each one has their own unique strengths and weaknesses.

The most popular characters to play in the top lane are: DPS: -Darius: Darius is a very strong melee character that excels at dealing physical damage.

He has a lot of crowd control abilities that can easily disrupt enemies and he can also deal a lot of burst damage with his ultimate ability. -Vayne: Vayne is another melee character that specializes in dealing physical damage. She is very mobile and her stealthy nature allows her to get close to enemies without being seen.

Her ultimate ability can deal massive damage to single targets. Bruisers: -Garen: Garen is a tanky character that excels at taking down enemy tanks and bruisers.

He has a lot of health and his passive ability gives him additional armor penetration. His ultimate ability can deal huge amounts of damage and it can also silence enemies, making them unable to use their abilities for a short period of time. -Renekton: Renekton is another tanky character that focuses on taking down enemy tanks and bruisers.

He has high health regeneration which allows him to stay in fights longer than other characters.


In the game of top lane, there are many ways to play. Each player has their own strengths and weaknesses. Here are some tips on how to play top lane:

1. Know your role in the team – Top lane is usually a solo position, so you need to be aware of your surroundings and know when to help your teammates. 2. Understand the matchup – Before the game starts, take a look at who you’re up against and what they’re good at. This will help you determine how to best play against them.

3. Farm efficiently – One of the most important things in top lane is last hitting minions. Try to get as many last hits as possible while also avoiding taking too much damage from them.

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