How to Play With Nasus


Nasus is a strategic champion that can be played in multiple ways. He can be built as a tank, an off-tank, or even a damage dealer. When playing Nasus, it is important to understand his strengths and weaknesses.

Nasus is very strong against champions that rely on auto-attacks, such as Jax and Master Yi. He is also quite difficult to kill thanks to his ultimate ability, Spirit Fire. However, Nasus is weak against champions with high burst damage or sustained damage over time.

This means that he must be careful when facing champions like Ahri and Vladimir. When playing Nasus, it is important to be aware of his opponents and adapt your build accordingly.

  • Start by picking Nasus in champion select
  • In game, focus on last hitting minions with your Q ability to stack up your passive
  • When you have enough stacks on your passive, use it to farm larger minions and neutral monsters for gold and experience
  • Look for opportunities to gank other lanes with your W ability, as Nasus can be very effective at killing enemies when his teammates are around
  • Try to get objectives like towers and dragons whenever possible, as Nasus’ ultimate gives him a huge damage boost when he takes them down
  • Late game, build tanky items while still making sure to keep stacking up your Q ability whenever possible
  • Use your powerful ultimate and high health pool to initiate teamfights and take down enemies one by one

Nasus Runes

Nasus, the Curator of the Sands, is a fearsome warrior who calls upon the power of the sun to destroy his enemies. A master of desert warfare, Nasus strikes fear into the hearts of even the bravest warriors. His Rune set allows him to call upon the sun’s power to incinerate his foes and crush them beneath the weight of sand.

How to Play With Nasus
How to Play With Nasus 4


How Do You Play Nasus Effectively?

Nasus is a melee fighter who specializes in single target damage. He excels at laning and farming, and can become incredibly difficult to deal with if left unchecked. As a result, playing Nasus effectively requires a great deal of patience and map awareness.

In lane, Nasus should focus on last hitting minions with his Q ability, Siphoning Strike. Every time Siphoning Strike kills a minion, it permanently gains 3 additional damage. As such, it is important for Nasus to get as many last hits as possible in order to increase his damage output.

In addition, Nasus should try to avoid taking too much harassment from his opponents; his Q ability also heals him for a percentage of the damage dealt, so he can use it to sustain himself in lane. When ganking or teamfighting, Nasus should make sure to stay behind his teammates and focus on hitting single targets with Siphoning Strike. Although it does not have a very long cooldown, Siphoning Strike’s high mana cost means that Nasus will quickly run out of resources if he spamming it indiscriminately.

As such, he should only use it when he is certain that he can land the killing blow on an opponent. Additionally, Nasus’ ultimate ability Fury of the Sands can be used to greatly increase his damage output for a short period of time; however, this comes at the cost of reducing his movement speed significantly, so it must be used judiciously. Overall, playing Nasus effectively requires careful management of his abilities and positioning.

When played correctly, he is capable of dealing massive amounts of single target damage and becoming nearly impossible to kill; however, if allowed to farm freely or engage in extended fights without support from his teammates, he will quickly become overwhelmed.

Is Nasus Easy to Play?

Nasus is not an easy champion to play. He requires a lot of game knowledge and understanding in order to be played correctly. Nasus also has a very high skill cap, meaning that he can be extremely difficult to master.

However, if you are willing to put in the time and effort required, Nasus can be an extremely rewarding and fun champion to play.

Where is Nasus Played?

Nasus is a versatile champion that can be played in multiple lanes. The most common lane for Nasus is the top lane, but he can also be played in the jungle or even support. Nasus is a strong laner with a lot of potential to scale into the late game.

He has a fairly easy time farming thanks to his Q ability, and his ultimate can be very powerful in teamfights.

Is Nasus a Support?

Nasus is a support because of his ability to sustain lane pressure and push objectives. He has strong crowd control with his E (Wither) and can easily disrupt enemies with his Q (Siphoning Strike). Hisultimate (Riftwalk) is also a great tool for engaging or disengaging from fights.

Overall, Nasus is a very versatile support that can be played in many different ways.


In this post, the author covers how to play with Nasus, a champion in the game League of Legends. They go over some tips on what items to buy, and how to use his abilities effectively. They also explain how to counter some of the common strategies used against Nasus.

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