How to Play Yasuo in Teamfights


To play Yasuo in teamfights, you will want to position yourself in the back line and wait for your teammates to engage first. Once the fight starts, you will want to focus on dealing damage to the enemy carries while staying out of harm’s way. If an opportunity presents itself, you can use your ultimate ability to quickly take down an isolated target.

Remember to always stay aware of your surroundings and be prepared to react accordingly.

  • Yasuo should always be positioned behind his team during teamfights, in order to avoid being the focus of the enemy team’s damage
  • When the enemy team initiates a fight, Yasuo should wait for them to come to him before engaging
  • This will allow him to get off his Steel Tempest combo more easily
  • Once the enemy is close, Yasuo can engage with his Steel Tempest combo followed up by Sweeping Blade and Last Breath
  • If possible, he should try to position himself so that he can hit as many enemies as possible with Last Breath
  • After using all of his abilities, Yasuo should kite around the battlefield until his skills are back up again
  • He should try to stay near his teammates so that they can protect him if necessary

How to Play Yasuo Top

There are many ways to play Yasuo top, but in this blog post we will focus on how to play him as a solo laner. First and foremost, you must understand that Yasuo is an extremely strong early game champion. He has the ability to easily take down most top lane champions in the early game with his high damage output and mobility.

However, he is also very susceptible to ganks and needs to be played carefully in order to avoid them. The best way to play Yasuo top is by taking advantage of his strengths and trying to snowball your lead in the early game. Try to get as much farm as possible and look for opportunities to trade with your opponent or even kill them if they are overextended.

If you can get ahead in the early game, you will be able to easily carry your team through the late game with your immense damage output.

How to Play Yasuo in Teamfights
How to Play Yasuo in Teamfights 4


What to Do As Yasuo in a Teamfight?

When it comes to teamfights, Yasuo is a high-damage dealer that can quickly take down enemies. However, he is also very vulnerable to being focused and taken out himself. As such, it’s important to know when and how to engage as Yasuo in a teamfight.

The first thing to keep in mind is that Yasuo’s ultimate, Last Breath, resets all of his cooldowns upon activation. This means that you can use your skills more frequently, and deal more damage overall. However, it also means that you need to be careful not to waste this ultimate on small skirmishes or isolated targets.

Instead, wait for a big teamfight where you can make the most impact. Once the fight begins, try to focus on the enemy backline. These are typically the weaker targets that can be taken out with ease.

If possible, go for isolated targets rather than those surrounded by teammates. This will help reduce the likelihood of getting focused yourself. When going in for kills, always use your Steel Tempest ability before your auto-attacks.

This will deal extra damage and stack up your Storm’s Edge passive (which deals even more damage after four stacks). If you find yourself being focused by the enemy team, don’t panic! Just remember to keep moving around and making use of your dashes (Escape Artist) to avoid taking too much damage.

You can also cast Wind Wall (W) to block incoming projectiles and give yourself some breathing room. Ultimately, if you play smart and make good use of your abilities, you’ll come out on top in any teamfight as Yasuo!

How Do You Play Adc in Teamfights?

As the ADC, you are responsible for dealing a large amount of damage to the enemy team. In teamfights, it is important to position yourself well and kite around the enemy’s frontline while staying within your own team’s protective radius. Try to stay behind your tanks and melee allies when possible, as they will be able to absorb some of the incoming damage meant for you.

When engaging in a fight, be sure to focus down the enemy backline first, as they will generally deal less damage than the frontline. If you can take out the enemy support or midlaner quickly, your team will have a much easier time winning the ensuing fight.

How Do You Play Tanks on Teamfights?

In a 5v5 teamfight, the goal is to take down the enemy’s nexus before they can take yours. To do this, each team must choose one player to be their “tank”. This player will soak up damage for their team and help them get to the enemy’s nexus.

The other four players on each team will be responsible for dealing damage to the enemy tank and taking them down. There are a few things to keep in mind when playing as a tank: -You need to be able to survive attacks from all five of the enemy players.

This means having high health and armor. -You need to be able to deal enough damage to take down the enemy tank. This means having high attack damage or being able to apply debuffs that lower the enemy tank’s defenses.

-You need to be able control the battlefield with your positioning.

How Do You Play Zed Teamfights?

When playing as Zed in a teamfight, it is important to remember that your ultimate ability, Death Mark, allows you to deal a huge amount of damage to a single target. As such, you should always try to use this ability on the enemy team’s carry or AP carry. In addition, you should also focus on using your other abilities to deal as much damage as possible to the enemy team.

Try to position yourself in such a way that you can hit multiple enemies with your abilities, and always be aware of what the enemy team is doing so that you can properly counter them.


In teamfights, Yasuo needs to be very careful. He has to stay behind his teammates and only engage when he is sure he can get a kill. If he does not have a clear shot at the enemy, he should back off and wait for another opportunity.

Yasuo also needs to be aware of his teammates’ positioning and make sure not to put them in danger.

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