How to Surrender in Dota 2


In order to surrender in Dota 2, your team must first vote to do so. To initiate a vote to surrender, type “/surrender” into the chat window. All players on your team will then be prompted to vote whether or not to surrender.

If at least half of your team votes to surrender, the game will end and you will lose.

  • Find an opponent to surrender to
  • This can be done by either typing “gg” in chat, which will auto-select an opponent, or by manually selecting an opponent from the scoreboard
  • Once an opponent has been selected, a surrender vote will automatically pop up
  • All players must vote yes for the surrender to go through
  • If the vote passes, the game will end and all players will be sent back to the main menu screen
How to Surrender in Dota 2
How to Surrender in Dota 2 4


How Do You Concede in Dota 2?

How to Concede in Dota 2 It is possible to concede in Dota 2, but the conditions for doing so are very specific. First, all players on a team must unanimously agree to concede.

Second, the game must be in the Radiant or Dire base – that is, no towers can have been destroyed. If these two conditions are met, any player on the team can type “gg” into chat, at which point a vote will pop up for all players to confirm. Once all players have confirmed, the game will end and the match will be recorded as a loss for the conceding team.

It should be noted that conceded games cannot be won back – even if your team manages to turn things around and destroy all of the enemy’s towers, you will still lose the match. Therefore, it is generally only advisable to concede if you are absolutely certain that there is no hope of winning (for example, if your entire team has been wiped out and there is no one left alive to defend your base). In most other cases, it is better to try and fight back and see if you can make a comeback; after all, anything can happen in Dota 2!

Can You Surrender in Dota 2 Ranked?

In Dota 2, you can surrender in ranked matches if all 10 players on your team agree to do so. If even one player on your team disagrees with the decision, then you cannot surrender. Surrendering in a ranked match will result in all 10 players on your team receiving a loss, as well as 25% less MMR (matchmaking rating).

How Do You Abandon a Game in Dota 2?

In Dota 2, you can abandon a game by pressing the “Abandon” button in the upper-right corner of the screen. This will cause you to leave the game and forfeit any chance of winning.

How Do You Surrender Auto in Dota 2 in Chess?

In Dota 2, you can surrender a match by typing “gg” in the chat window. If all players on a team type “gg,” the match will end and that team will automatically lose. You can also vote to surrender by going to the settings menu and selecting the “Surrender” option.

you can now surrender in dota

Why is There No Surrender in Dota 2

In the world of Dota 2, there is no such thing as surrendering. Why is this? There are a few reasons.

For one, Dota 2 is a very complex game. There are over 100 different heroes to choose from, and each one has unique abilities and play styles. With so much complexity, it would be nearly impossible to balance a surrender mechanic without it being unfair or easily abused.

Another reason is that Dota 2 matches can take a long time to complete. Surrendering would mean giving up all the progress you’ve made in the match, which could be hours of work. This would be incredibly frustrating for players who have put so much time and effort into the game only to have their opponent give up and end the match early.

Finally, surrendering goes against the competitive nature of Dota 2. The whole point of the game is to outplay your opponent and come out victorious. Allowing players to simply give up when things are getting tough would take away from that competitive spirit.

So while there may be some games where surrendering makes sense, in Dota 2 it just doesn’t fit with the design or philosophy of the game.


In Dota 2, “surrendering” refers to a team vote to end the match early. If a majority of players on a team votes to surrender, the match will end and that team will lose. Surrendering is usually done when a team is hopelessly behind and has no chance of winning.

There are two ways to initiate a surrender vote in Dota 2: through the menu or through the console. To do it through the menu, simply click the “Surrender” button at the bottom of your screen. This will bring up a vote window where you can select “Yes” or “No.”

If you vote yes, then all players on your team will be notified and they will have to vote as well. Once enough players have voted yes, the match will end and your team will lose. The second way to surrender is through using console commands.

The command for this is “.gg,” which stands for “good game.” When typed into chat, all players on your team will be notified of a surrender vote and they’ll have 20 seconds to type “.gg” themselves if they want to vote yes. If enough people do so, then again, the match ends and your team loses automatically.

So those are the two ways you can go about voting to surrender in Dota 2! It’s generally not considered very good sportsmanship since it’s effectively quitting before the game is actually over, but sometimes it’s just necessary if one side is completely outmatched.

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