How to Tame a Mesopithecus in Ark


Mesopithecus are small, arboreal monkeys found on the island. They are relatively easy to tame and make good starter pets for new players. This guide will show you how to tame a Mesopithecus in Ark.

First, find a suitable spot to set up your taming pen. The pen should be large enough for the Mesopithecus to move around freely, but not so large that it can escape easily. Place some food and water inside the pen, as well as some toys or other objects to keep the Mesopithecus entertained.

Next, approach the Mesopithecus cautiously and slowly extend your hand toward it. If it does not flee or attack, you can begin feeding it treats one at a time until it is comfortable with you. Once the Mesopithecus is tame, you can take it out of its pen and allow it to roam free; however, be sure to provide plenty of food and water if you do so.


  • Find a Mesopithecus in the wild
  • Tame the Mesopithecus by knocking it unconscious with a weapon or your fists, and then feeding it food that it likes until its hunger is satisfied
  • Ride the Mesopithecus and keep it well-fed to keep it happy

How to Tame a Mesopithecus in Ark Ps4

If you want to tame a Mesopithecus in Ark: Survival Evolved on your PS4, there are a few things you need to know. First, you need to make sure that the Mesopithecus is set to passive mode in the settings menu. Next, you will need to find some food that the Mesopithecus likes to eat- fresh fruits and vegetables are always a good choice.

Once you have the food, approach the Mesopithecus cautiously and offer it the food. If all goes well, the Mesopithecus will eat the food and become tamed!

How to Tame a Mesopithecus in Ark Mobile

If you’re lucky enough to have tamed a Mesopithecus in Ark Mobile, congratulations! These little creatures can be quite a handful, but with the right training they can be loyal and helpful companions. Here’s what you need to know about taming and training your new friend:

The first thing you’ll need to do is provide your Mesopithecus with food and water. They are omnivores, so almost any kind of food will do, although they seem to prefer fruits and vegetables. Once they’re full and hydrated, you can begin the taming process.

Mesopithecuses are very intelligent creatures, so the best way to tame them is through positive reinforcement. Whenever your pet does something good, praise them lavishly and give them a treat. Over time they’ll learn what behavior pleases you and will try to repeat it.

It’s also important to socialize your Mesopithecus from an early age. Introduce them to different people and animals so that they learn how to interact appropriately. If they become too aggressive or territorial, firm but gentle discipline will teach them that this behavior is not acceptable.

With patience and love, your Mesopithecus will soon become a well-mannered member of the family!

How to Tame a Mesopithecus in Ark on Xbox

If you’re looking to tame a Mesopithecus on your Xbox, there are a few things you’ll need to do. First, you’ll need to find one. They can be found on the island in the jungles near the redwoods.

Once you’ve found one, you’ll need to knock it out using a bola or tranquilizer arrow. Once it’s knocked out, you’ll need to feed it bananas until its hunger bar is full. After that, simply wait for it to wake up and follow you around!

Mesopithecus Ark Taming Food

Mesopithecus is a small primate that can be found on the Ark. They are relatively easy to tame and make for great pets, but they require specific food in order to survive. Fruit is the primary food source for Mesopithecus, and they will eat just about any type of fruit you offer them.

Apples, bananas, grapes, melons, oranges, peaches, and strawberries are all favorites. In addition to fruit, they also enjoy leafy greens and insects. A diet that consists primarily of fruits and vegetables is necessary to keep your Mesopithecus healthy and happy.

While taming a Mesopithecus is fairly straightforward, feeding them can be a bit more challenging. They have very sensitive stomachs and can easily become sick if their diet isn’t carefully monitored. Be sure to give them plenty of variety in their diet and always offer fresh food items.

If you’re not sure what to feed your new pet, consult with a qualified veterinarian or animal care specialist.

Mesopithecus Ark Uses

Mesopithecus is one of the most popular Ark Creatures, used by players for both its utility and its combat abilities. Here are just a few of the ways in which Mesopithecus can be used to make your life easier on the island: -Taming: Mesopithecus is an excellent tame for beginners, as it can be easily tamed with basic food items such as berries or meat.

It is also relatively low-maintenance, only requiring a small amount of food to stay healthy. -Gathering: Mesopithecus is an excellent creature for gathering resources due to its high speed and jump height. It can easily gather thatch, wood, and other valuable resources from around the map.

-Combat: While not the strongest combatant, Mesopithecus can hold its own in a fight thanks to its powerful claws and teeth. It is also fast and agile, making it difficult for enemies to hit.

Mesopithecus Taming

Mesopithecus is a small, arboreal ape found on the island of Solstheim. It is closely related to the more common monkey, and shares many characteristics with it. Mesopithecus is, however, smaller and has a prehensile tail.

These apes are not aggressive and will flee if attacked. They are curious by nature, however, and will often approach strangers out of curiosity. Mesopithecus can be tamed and made into loyal companions.

They require little care, and can even be trained to perform simple tasks or tricks. While they do not make good guard animals, their tameness makes them ideal pets for children or those who want a non-aggressive animal companion.

Mesopithecus Ark Location

Mesopithecus is a genus of extinct primates that includes the small apes known as monkey-faced monkeys. The last known species of Mesopithecus, M. floresiensis, went extinct around 50,000 years ago. Mesopithecus fossils have been found in Africa, Europe, and Asia.

The first fossilized remains were discovered in 1856 by French paleontologist Pierre Paul Broca. He found a partial skull and some teeth in Algeria. The most complete Mesopithecus skeleton was found in 1909 by German anthropologist Ernst Schwarz.

It was unearthed in Tanzania. Mesopithecus was a small ape with a monkey-like face. It had long arms and legs and lived in trees.

Mesopithecus probably ate fruits, leaves, and insects. Today, the best place to see Mesopithecus fossils is at the Museum of Natural History in New York City.

Ark Mesopithecus Location the Island

Mesopithecus is a small ape that can be found on the island. It is a timid creature that will flee when approached by predators or humans. When tamed, it makes an excellent pet and companion animal.

It can also be used for gathering fruit and nuts from trees.

How to Tame a Mesopithecus in Ark
How to Tame a Mesopithecus in Ark 4


What Food Do You Need to Tame a Mesopithecus?

Mesopithecus are small, arboreal monkeys found on the island of Solstheim. They are relatively peaceful creatures, but will attack if provoked. The best way to tame a Mesopithecus is to offer it food.

These creatures are omnivorous, so they will eat just about anything you offer them. Fruits and vegetables are always a good choice, as well as meat if you have any on hand. Just make sure that whatever you give them is fresh and not rotten.

Once you have their attention with food, simply approach them and start petting them. They will quickly become accustomed to your presence and can even be trained to do simple tricks like sitting or standing on their hind legs. Just be patient and gentle with them, and soon you’ll have a new furry friend!

How Do You Tame a Wild Mesopithecus?

Mesopithecus are small, arboreal, tailless primates native to the island of Madagascar. They are closely related to apes and monkeys, but unlike their cousins, Mesopithecus are not social animals. Each individual lives and forages alone in the trees, coming together only to mate.

Mesopithecus are not naturally aggressive animals and will only attack if they feel threatened. If you want to tame a wild Mesopithecus, it is important to approach them slowly and calmly. Speak softly and make slow movements so as not to startle them.

Once you have gained their trust, you can begin to handle them gently. Mesopithecus are intelligent animals and can be trained to perform simple tricks or tasks. With patience and positive reinforcement, you can turn your wild Mesopithecus into a beloved pet!

What Do You Feed a Monkey to Tame It in Ark?

Assuming you are wanting to tame a monkey in the game Ark: Survival Evolved, there are a few things you need to know. For starters, you can only tame certain types of monkeys. The ones that can be tamed are the Mesopithecus and the Cebus.

To start taming either of these creatures, you will need a slingshot as well as some rocks. Once you have those items, look for a monkey and shoot it with the slingshot until its health is low but not too low or it will die. After that, approach the monkey and feed it bananas until it is fully tamed.

It is important to note that both of these creatures require a lot of care and attention so make sure you are prepared for that before taming one.

How Do You Tame a New Monkey in Ark?

Assuming you are talking about the common chimpanzee, here are a few tips: The first thing you need to do is gain its trust. You can do this by offering it food or water, or by simply spending time with it.

Once the monkey trusts you, it will be much easier to tame. Next, you need to start teaching it basic commands such as sit, stay, come, etc. This will require patience and consistency on your part, but eventually the monkey will learn what you expect of it.

Lastly, remember that taming a monkey is not something that happens overnight – it takes time, effort and patience. But if you stick with it, you’ll eventually have a loyal friend for life.


In order to tame a Mesopithecus in Ark, you will first need to knock it out with a bola. Once it is unconscious, approach it and feed it the appropriate food. For a level 1 Mesopithecus, this will be 50 berries.

Once it has eaten, wait for it to wake up and follow you. Congratulations, you have successfully tamed a Mesopithecus!

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