How to Teamfight As Yasuo


When engaging in a teamfight as Yasuo, there are several things to keep in mind. First and foremost, Yasuo’s ultimate, Last Breath, can be used to decimate an enemy team if used correctly. Secondly, Yasuo’s Steel Tempest (Q) can be used to quickly close the gap on an enemy or escape from a sticky situation.

Lastly, his Wind Wall (W) can be used to block incoming projectiles and give his team an advantage. When using these abilities together, Yasuo can easily take down an entire enemy team.

  • Start by picking Yasuo in champion select
  • Convince your team that you are the best person for the job
  • Last pick Yasuo if necessary
  • Buy items that will help you in lane and throughout the game such as a Doran’s Blade, longsword, or cloth armor with five health potions
  • Start in bottom lane with your support player and try to get farm while avoiding getting killed or put too far behind
  • Once you have a few items, start roaming around the map and look for opportunities to pick off enemy players or catch people out of position
  • 7) Try to stay alive during teamfights and use your ultimate when there are multiple enemies clustered together

How to Play Yasuo Top

If you’re looking to play Yasuo top, you’re in for a treat. This champion is incredibly strong and can easily take down enemies. Here’s how to play Yasuo top:

First, you’ll want to start off by picking up some items that will help you survive in lane. A Doran’s Blade and a Health Potion are a good choice. Then, head to your lane and try to get last hit on as many minions as possible.

Farm up as much gold as you can so that you can buy some powerful items later on. When it comes to fighting your opponents, always try to get the first blood. Use your Steel Tempest ability to dash through them and then finish them off with your auto-attacks.

If they try to fight back, just use your Wind Wall ability to block their attacks. You should be able to take them down quite easily. Remember, always stay on the offensive when playing Yasuo top.

Be aggressive and don’t let up until your opponent is dead or has backed away from the fight. With practice, you’ll become a master of this champion in no time!

How to Teamfight As Yasuo
How to Teamfight As Yasuo 4


How to Fight With Yasuo?

There are multiple ways to approach fighting Yasuo, but the most important thing is to understand his kit and how it works. His main source of damage is his Steel Tempest ability, which he can use to deal massive amounts of damage in a short period of time. He also has a very strong wind wall that can block all incoming projectiles, making him very difficult to deal with at range.

Additionally, Yasuo has a passive that allows him to critically strike more often, making him extremely dangerous in extended fights. The best way to fight Yasuo is to avoid extended fights where he can take advantage of his critical strike chance. Instead, focus on burst damage and taking him down quickly before he has a chance to get too many hits off.

Try to engage him when he doesn’t have his wind wall up, as this will allow you to more easily deal with his Steel Tempest damage. Finally, be aware of his dash potential and don’t let yourself get isolated or caught out by himself.

How Do You Play Adc in a Teamfight?

As the ADC, you play a vital role in teamfights. You need to be able to deal a lot of damage while staying alive. Here are some tips on how to play ADC in a teamfight:

1) Stay behind your teammates. Your job is to deal damage, not take it. Let your tanks and bruisers go in first and soak up damage while you hang back and deal damage from safety.

2) Focus fire. In a teamfight, it’s important to focus your fire on one target at a time. Don’t try to spread your damage around, as you’ll just end up doing less overall damage.

Pick one target and unload on them until they go down. 3) Use cover wisely. If there is cover available, make use of it!

It can be the difference between life and death in a teamfight. Stay behind cover when possible and only come out to attack when you know it’s safe to do so. 4) Move around constantly.

Standing still makes you an easy target for enemies trying to take you down. Keep moving around the battlefield, making yourself harder to hit while also getting into position to deal more damage.

How Do You Play Zed on a Teamfight?

Zed is a powerful champion in Teamfight Tactics. He excels at taking down multiple enemies at once and can easily take down an entire team if left unchecked. When playing Zed, it is important to focus on taking out the enemy’s backline first.

This will allow you to quickly take out the enemy’s carries and win the game. Zed is also very effective at setting up ambushes and traps for the enemy team. If you can catch the enemy off guard, you can easily take them down.

How Do You Play Katarina in Teamfights?

Katarina is a mobile assassin who excels in teamfights. Her kit allows her to quickly close the gap on enemies and deal massive burst damage. In order to play Katarina effectively in teamfights, you must be able to position yourself well and make use of her abilities wisely.

When engaging in a teamfight, always try to position yourself behind the enemy frontline. This will allow you to avoid being focus fired and take down enemy carries with ease. Use your Shunpo ability to dodge enemy CC and get behind their lines.

Once you’re in position, pop your ultimate ability Death Lotus and start spamming your Q ability Bouncing Blade. This will allow you to deal massive damage to the entire enemy team while they are trying to focus you down. Always keep an eye on your escape route and use your Shunpo wisely as it can be used both offensively and defensively.

If played correctly, Katarina can easily take down an entire enemy team by herself. Just remember to stay safe, position yourself well and use your abilities wisely!


In teamfights, Yasuo wants to be in the middle of the fray, using his ultimate to knock up as many enemies as possible. He then follows up with his Steel Tempest ability, which does increasing damage each time it hits an enemy champion. If he can get off a few auto-attacks in between uses of Steel Tempest, he can quickly take down even the tankiest of foes.

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