Getting Started

  • Step 1: Setting up Paypal API.

    Setting up Paypal API:
    To get allow us to setup secure payments between your clients and you. We need you to give us API access to your paypal.
    To do this Click Here
    Once there you are going to need to goto "Option 2" and click "Request API Credentials"
    Leave the box at "Request API signature" and click "Agree and Submit".
    Now copy that information into your "Paypal Settings" in your GmodCentral Dashboard.
    Now you are ready to start setting up your Donation page!

  • Step 2: Setting up your web store page

    Next you are going to need to setup your store page. To do this first login to your account and goto your "Dashboard". Once inside your dashboard goto "Settings" In here you can set the name of your store, your pages url, how many charge backs to allow, and can upload a logo

    Here is a breakdown on what each item is:

    Store Name: This is the name of you community, it will appear at the top of your donation page.

    Store URL: This is the URL extension you wish your page to located at, whatever you put here will be your extension. All donor pages follow this format
    So if you chose "MyTestStore" then your URL would be

    Allowed number of charge backs: This is something we offer that no other Garrysmod Donation system has This allows you to filter out potential fraudulent buyers. Some users on Garrysmod, purchase items with a credit card and then weeks later after they are done playing on your server will just "charge it back", take their money and leave. To prevent this we have created a sort of "Credit System", Every time a user charges back against one of our customers it logs it. So if you set this field to 3 that would mean you are allowing anyone with UNDER 3 charge backs to purchase items. Anyone over 3 would be blocked. This acts as a deterrent for users who charge back frequently.

    Store Logo: This is your communities logo, If you have one upload it here and it will be displayed on your page.
  • Step 3: Add Servers, Packages, and Items

    This is where you will add servers people can donate to, add the packages they can buy on those servers and add the items they get, to the packages they buy.
    Adding Servers:
    To add a server goto the "Manage Servers" tab in your dashboard. Now click "Add Server". You should see a form now, Enter the Name of your server, This is the name that will appear on your donation page, for example "DarkRP server". Then enter the numerical IP for this server. It MUST be the numerical IP NO DNS' allowed, Example: Do not include the port. Now Click Save
    Adding Packages:
    Now to add a package first click on which server you would like to add the package to. Now on the top right click "Add Packages". You should leave the Server Name to what it currently is. Now add a package name, This will appear on our store, Example: DarkRP VIP. Next you should create a description, This box will accept HTML code, so you may enter any HTML tags to style it. Now set the price you would like to sell this package for Example: 2.99 Lastly set the time it will be active for, if you wish for the player to have his rank forever enter 0, otherwise enter the days this package will be given to them for. Don't click save yet! Continue to the next section to learn about items!
    Adding Items:
    Almost done! Now bellow the package info you just entered you will see a set of drop downs. Select the category of item you want to give then the next dropdown will be ask for a specific type of item in that category, the last item will be a text field that will ask you for, a name or quantity. Now click "Save" and congrats you have just set up your first server, package and item, in your web store!
  • Step 4: Adding our addon onto your servers

    First: Download our addon here

    Next: Drag the contents of that zip file into garrymod/addons

    Lastly: Open the settings.lua file In here you will see a line that says API_KEY = "" Login to your GmodCentral Dashboard goto "settings" and at the very bottom you will see your API key. Copy and paste the key into the quotes.
    Example API_KEY= "fdfdsgdf56454543fs" Now save the file and your done!
    You will also see a setting called over ride IP, If you use NFO servers they sometimes send their machines IP instead of your servers IP, So you will need to enter your servers IP here.
    Now if you wish to setup the token system or custom job system please continue to the next step.

Setting up the Token System

  • What is the Token System?

    The Token system is a system that allows your servers to sell a new type of item. Tokens. This new item will increase your revenue if setup properly. Tokens are an in-game currency that will be available to players on all your servers. Tokens purchased will transfer between servers. Tokens can be used to purchase in-game items, such as permanent weapons, xp boosts, become jobs, buy in-game cash, buy pointshop points, there is no limit to what you can sell for tokens. The most common items sold are DarkRP cash and pointshop points.
    How do they buy tokens? Once configured tokens will be for sale on your donation page, you can sell them in package such as $5 for 30, $10 for 70 etc...
    If this sound like something you would like to include in your web store, continue to the next step.

  • Step 1: Setting up token packages

    First Login to your dashboard and goto "Manage Token Packages".
    Next Click the "Add Token Packages" button in the top right of the screen. Here you will see a form, This is asking you the Name of package, Amount of tokens included in the package, and the Price of the package.
    Here is an example package. Name: Starter Pack, Amount of tokens: 30, Price: 5.00.
    Add as many packages as you want, On my server I have 7 packages starting at 30 tokens for $5.00 and going to 1500 tokens for $100.00
  • Step 2: Configuring the addon.

    Navigate to : .../addons/GmodCentral/lua/autorun/client/
    Here you will find a file called "cl_token_skin.lua" this is the file that allows you to set the color scheme of the token menu. Edit this to your liking, or if you prefer you can leave it as the default colors.

    Now Navigate to: .../addons/GmodCentral/lua/tokens/
    This is where you setup items for sale in the token menu, you will find to README text files in there to assist you in configuring this. As well as numerous example items. Each file is an item, you may edit them to your liking, and add more if you see fit.

    Please note that if TOKEN.Permanent is set to true then the TOKEN:OnBuy(ply) function you set will run every time the user spawns. Therefore you should not use this for items such as DarkRP Money, Pointshop points because the user will receive that amount every time they spawn. This should only be used for items like Permanent weapons where they should be given the weapon every time they spawn.

    Now make sure to save all the files and restart your server. Your token system, if setup properly will be accessible by using the !token or /token commands or by typing "open_tokenmenu" in console.

Selling custom jobs (DarkRP)

  • What are custom jobs?

    Custom jobs are another way to increase your servers revenue. Players are able to buy custom jobs by filling out a form on your webstore. You pick what they can buy from armor, weapons, kits, and set prices for each. Your clients will be able to create there job and every aspect of it, they then pay for it and the job code it automatically generated and will appear in your dashboard. Where you then simply copy + paste the code into jobs.lua and you're done!
    If this sound like something you would like to include in your web store, continue to the next step.

  • Setting up custom jobs for a server

    First Login to your dashboard and goto "Manage Custom Classes".
    Next Click the "Add Classes" button in the top right of the screen. Here you will see a form, This will ask you to fill in all the items you wish to sell on your webstore for this server. Bellow is a breakdown of the items.
    Allow Custom models? This has two options Yes or No. It is asking if you wish to allow your users to use custom models from the workshop. If you choose yes a second field will ask you how much you wish to charge for this feature.
    Automatically add jobs to the server? This feature is still in development and will be available soon.
    Base Price This is the lowest price for a plain custom job with just a name. All other items will be added to this price.
    Armor Price per Unit: This is how much you will be charging for every 1 unit of armor they wish to buy. If you make this $0.10 then full armor (100) will cost $10, half $5 etc..
    Max Armor: This is the maximum amount of armor that you will allow users to purchase. (Max 255) Recommended is between 50 and 100.
    Salaries: Users will have the option to pick from different salaries for additional costs. We recommend having a "Regualar" Salary for $0 and then adding upgraded salaries after that.
    Model: These are the models users can buy, You can charge extra for better models or simply set them all to cost $0 and let them pick. The model path should be something like this: models/player/citizen.mdl
    Weapons: A user has the ability to buy 1 primary weapons and 1 secondary weapon. You have options to set the Name of the weapon, Price and then the weapon path Example: m9k_acr
    Kits: These are additional item packs users can buy Example a raid kit containing a lockpick, and keypad cracker for $3, or a knife for $2

    All set! now repeat these steps for each server you would like to sell custom jobs for.