Play Jax Jungle like a pro!


Jax is one of the most feared champions in the jungle thanks to his ability to quickly and efficiently take down enemies. In this blog post, we’ll teach you everything you need to know about playing Jax Jungle like a pro! You’ll learn the basics of Jax’s kit, how to build him for maximum effectiveness, and which match-ups favour him.

 Play Jax Jungle like a pro!

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The basics of playing Jax Jungle.

Why Jax is a strong Jungler.

Jax jungle is a very effective playstyle that can be used to great effect in almost any game. The main reason why Jax is such a strong jungler is because of his natural ability to 1v1 and survive in the jungle. He has high base damage, good crowd control with his E, and can easily build tanky with items like Spirit Visage and Randuin’s Omen.

Another big reason why Jax is so good at jungle is because of his ultimate, which gives him a massive damage boost and makes him immune to all forms of cc for a short period of time. This allows Jax to dive into the enemy team and take down squishy targets with ease.

Overall, Jax is a very strong jungler who excels at 1v1 fights and taking down squishy targets. He does have some weaknesses, such as being kited easily by mobile champions, but if played correctly he can be a huge asset to your team.

The benefits of playing Jax Jungle.

There are many benefits to playing Jax Jungle over other roles or playstyles. For one, as mentioned earlier, Jax excels at 1v1 fights thanks to his high base damage, good cc, and ultimate ability. This makes him ideal for taking down key targets in the enemy team, such as their ADC or midlaner.

Another big benefit of playing Jax Jungle is his ganking potential. Thanks to his E (Counter Strike) he can easily stun enemies and set up kills for his teammates. He also has decent mobility with his Q (Leap Strike), which allows him to get around the map quickly and gank other lanes effectively.

overall, Jax Jungle is a very strong playstyle that offers a lot of benefits to your team. If you’re looking for a champion that can take down key targets and offer great ganking potential, then Jax is definitely the jungler for you!

Jax Jungle build guide.

Jax’s core items.

Jax is a very strong melee fighter who benefits greatly from building damage and attack speed. His signature move, Leap Strike, allows him to close the gap quickly and deal huge amounts of damage. Because of this, Jax’s core items should be focused on increasing his damage output and attack speed.

Some of the best items for Jax are the Blade of the Ruined King, Ravenous Hydra, Mercurial Scimitar, and Trinity Force. These items will help Jax deal massive amounts of damage to his opponents and allow him to take them down quickly.

Jax’s situational items.

There are a few situational items that can be good for Jax depending on the situation. If you’re up against a lot of magic damage dealers, then building Maw of Malmortius or Spirit Visage can be a good idea. If you need some extra survivability, then building Randuin’s Omen or Guardian Angel can be helpful.

Jax’s runes and masteries.

For runes, Jax benefits from taking marks of attack speed and flat armor penetration. For glyphs, scaling magic resist glyphs are a good choice. For quintessences, taking flat health quintessences can help Jax survive in the jungle early on.

For masteries, 21 points in Ferocity is generally the way to go for Jax Jungle. This gives him increased damage output and attack speed which helps him immensely in fights and duels .9 points in Cunning can be spent in Savagery to further increase his clear speed or alternatively placed into Runic Affinity if you want those buffs to last longer .

Jax Jungle match-ups.

Jax’s strengths and weaknesses.

Jax is a very strong early game jungler with high clear speed and gank potential. He can easily take down most solo laners in a 1v1 situation due to his high burst damage and gap closing ability. However, Jax is quite weak in the late game against tanky champions and can be easily kited by ranged champions.

Jax’s favourable match-ups.

Some of the best match-ups for Jax are champions like Shaco, Master Yi and Udyr. These champions are all very weak in the early game and can be easily taken down by Jax’s high burst damage. Another thing to note is that these champions all lack any form of hard CC, which means that Jax can easily catch them out with his E + Q combo.

Jax’s unfavourable match-ups.

Champions like Maokai, Nasus and Mundo are all very difficult match-ups for Jax due to their high tankiness and CC abilities. These champions can easily kite Jax in the late game and make it very difficult for him to deal any meaningful damage.

Jax is a strong jungler who offers a lot of benefits to his team. He has a unique playstyle that can be difficult to master, but once you understand how to play him properly, he can be an extremely powerful force on the battlefield. If you’re looking to pick up Jax jungle, make sure you check out our guide for everything you need to know about playing this champ like a pro!

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