The Ultimate Guide to Play Vayne


In this blog post, we’ll be taking an in-depth look at Vayne – one of the most powerful champions in League of Legends. We’ll discuss her strengths, weaknesses, and abilities, as well as provide some tips and tricks for playing her effectively.

 The Ultimate Guide to Play Vayne

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The Ultimate Guide to Playing Vayne.

Why Vayne is Overpowered

Vayne is currently one of the most overpowered champions in League of Legends. She boasts an incredibly high damage output, amazing mobility, and the ability to “one shot” opponents with her ultimate ability. In addition, she has very few weaknesses and is extremely versatile. Here’s a detailed guide on how to play Vayne to maximize her strengths and take down your opponents.

How to Play Vayne

As mentioned above, Vayne’s main strengths are her high damage output, mobility, and ability to “one shot” opponents. Therefore, you should focus on using these strengths to your advantage. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to play Vayne:

1) Use Tumble wisely: Tumble is Vayne’s bread and butter ability. It allows her to dash a short distance, stealth for a brief period of time, and increases her damage output when used correctly. When attacking enemies, use Tumble to position yourself behind them so you can get off some extra shots with Silver Bolts (more on that below). You can also use Tumble to escape dangerous situations or chase down enemies. Just be careful not to overuse it as it does have a fairly long cooldown time.

2) Time your shots with Silver Bolts: Silver Bolts is Vayne’s main source of damage. Whenever you hit an enemy with 3 basic attacks or abilities, they will be marked with a silver bolt. Hitting an enemy with 3 silver bolts will deal bonus true damage (this scales with level). Therefore, it’s important that you time your shots carefully so that all 3 silver bolts hit the target enemy before they disappear. This will maximize your damage output and help take down enemies quickly.

3) Position yourself carefully with Condemn: Condemn is another one of Vayne’s signature abilities. It allows her to fire a projectile at an enemy which knocks them back and deals damage if they collide into terrain behind them. This ability can be used both offensively and defensively depending on the situation. For example, you can use it to knock enemies into walls so they become stunned or use it to escape from pursuers by knocking them away from you. Just be sure to position yourself carefully so that you don’t end up getting knocked back yourself!

4) Use Final Hour for maximum damage: Final Hour is Vayne’s ultimate ability and it grants her increased attack speed and bonus true damage on all her attacks for a brief period of time. This makes it perfect for taking down enemies quickly or finishing them off when they’re low on health. Be sure to activate this ability when entering combat so you can make the most out of its effects!

Vayne’s Abilities.


Vayne’s Tumble is a powerful tool that allows her to reposition herself in a fight, avoid damage, and line up perfect shots. When used correctly, it can be the difference between life and death. Here are some tips for using Tumble to its fullest potential:

– Use Tumble to dodge enemy abilities. If you see an enemy about to use a skillshot or targeted ability, use Tumble to juke them and avoid taking damage.

– Use Tumble to line up your shots. Tumbling towards an enemy will position you perfectly for a follow-up auto attack or Silver Bolts proc.

– Use Tumble to kite enemies. If you’re being chased by an enemy, use Tumble backwards to create distance between you and them while still dealing damage with your auto attacks.

Silver Bolts.

Silver Bolts is Vayne’s bread and butter ability, and is what makes her so dangerous in extended fights. Every third auto attack from Vayne will deal bonus damage based on the target’s maximum health, making it great for taking down tanky opponents. In addition, if Silver Bolts hits an opponent during their tumble animation (i.e. they’re using Tumble to juke you), the bonus damage will be doubled! Here are some tips for getting the most out of Silver Bolts:

– Try to time your shots so that they hit during an opponent’s tumble animation. This way you’ll deal double damage and really put a dent in their health bar.

– If you’re fighting a tanky opponent, focus on getting as many auto attacks off as possible so that Silver Bolts can do its job properly. The more auto attacks you land, the more bonus damage Silver Bolts will deal!

– Remember that Silver Bolts procs on towers as well! If you’re pushing down a tower with an ally, make sure to take advantage of this by attacking the tower every few seconds with auto attacks mixed in between your abilities.


Condemn is Vayne’s only form of hard crowd control, and is a very powerful ability when used correctly. It allows Vayne to push an opponent back a short distance (depending on how far they are from walls) and stun them for 1 second if they collide with said wall .This can be extremely useful for initiating fights ,escaping ganks ,or even just finishing off low health opponents who are trying to run away .Some tips for using Condemn :

– Use Condemn as an initiator .If you see an opportunity to jump into a teamfight ,use condemn on the furthest back opponent(preferably squishy )so they get pushed into your teammates .This will give your team the element of surprise and allow you guys to pick off easy targets

– As mentioned before ,Condemn can also be used as an escape mechanism .If you find yourself being chased by multiple enemies ,try condemning one into a wall so they get stunned while you make your getaway

– Be careful not too overcommit with condemn .Pushing someone back may seem like a good idea at first but if there isn’t a wall nearby then they’ll just end up right back where they started(and now they know where you are ) .Only use condemn when you’re sure there’s a wall close by

Final Hour

Final Hour is Vayne’s ultimate ability, and is what allows her to go absolutely crazy in the late game. It gives her a massive boost to both her movement speed and damage output, making her a force to be reckoned with. In addition, it also increases the duration of Tumble and Silver Bolts, making them even more powerful than before. Here are some tips for using Final Hour to its fullest potential:

– Use Final Hour to engage on enemies. The increased movement speed will allow you to close the gap quickly and get in their face before they can react.

– Use Final Hour to kite enemies. The increased movement speed and damage output will make it easy for you to take down even the tankiest of opponents while staying out of harm’s way yourself.

– Use Final Hour to escape from sticky situations. If you find yourself surrounded or outnumbered, use Final Hour to power through and make your escape.

Vayne’s Strengths.

Vayne’s High Damage Output.

Vayne is a high damage dealer, capable of outputting large amounts of damage in a short amount of time. Her Tumble (Q) allows her to deal bonus physical damage on her next auto-attack, while her Silver Bolts (W) passively marks enemies for increased damage. Her Condemn (E) allows her to push enemies into walls, dealing additional physical damage and potentially stunning them. And her Ultimate, Final Hour (R), increases her attack damage and grants her the ability to critically strike for a short period of time.

In other words, Vayne has the potential to deal a LOT of damage very quickly. This makes her particularly dangerous in 1v1 situations, as she can easily take down even the tankiest of opponents if left unchecked.

Vayne’s Mobility.

In addition to her high damage output, Vayne also boasts an impressive amount of mobility thanks to her Tumble (Q). This ability allows her to quickly dash a short distance, making it great for repositioning herself in fights or chasing down fleeing opponents. What’s more, Tumble gives Vayne a brief stealth effect upon activation, allowing her to juke enemy abilities or position herself for a surprise attack.

This mobility makes Vayne extremely difficult to pin down in team fights, as she can easily dodge incoming enemy fire and reposition herself as needed. It also makes her excellent at escaping sticky situations or chasing down low-health targets.

Vayne’s Ability to “One Shot” Opponents.

Finally, one of Vayne’s most defining traits is her ability to “one shot” opponents – that is, kill them in one fell swoop with a well-placed combo of abilities. This is thanks largely to Silver Bolts (W), which passively marks enemies for increased damage every third auto-attack; and Condemn (E), which can push enemies into walls for additional physical damage and potentially stun them if they’re below a certain health threshold. When used together, these two abilities can deal massive amounts of burst damage that can easily take down even the beefiest of foes.

However, it should be noted that this combo can be difficult to execute properly without practice; timing is key when using Silver Bolts and Condemn together in order to get the most bang for your buck.

Vayne’s Weaknesses.

Vayne’s Short Range.

One of Vayne’s biggest weaknesses is her short range. Because she relies so heavily on auto-attacks to deal damage, she needs to be up close and personal to her opponents in order to be effective. This can often put her at a disadvantage against ranged champions who can kite her and pick her off from a distance.

Vayne’s Vulnerability to Crowd Control.

Another big weakness for Vayne is her vulnerability to crowd control effects like stuns, roots, and slows. Because she relies so much on her mobility to position herself for optimal shots, if she gets caught by one of these effects it can easily spell disaster.

Tips and Tricks for Playing Vayne.

Use Tumble to Your Advantage.

Tumble is Vayne’s bread and butter, and is what allows her to be so mobile and difficult to catch. Use it to your advantage by constantly repositioning yourself in fights, making it difficult for enemies to focus you down. You can also use it to juke enemy abilities or escape sticky situations.

Time Your Shots with Silver Bolts.

Silver Bolts is a powerful ability that can deal a lot of damage if used correctly. Time your shots carefully so that you hit as many enemies as possible with the bolts, and try to position yourself so that they have to travel through as much of the enemy team as possible.

Position Yourself Carefully with Condemn.

Condemn is a great ability for both offensive and defensive purposes. Use it aggressively to push enemies into walls and dealing damage, or use it defensively to reposition yourself or an ally out of harm’s way. Be careful though, as using it too often can leave you vulnerable if enemies learn to predict your movements.

Use Final Hour for Maximum Damage.

Final Hour is Vayne’s ultimate ability, and can be absolutely devastating if used correctly. Try to wait until late in the fight before using it, when enemies are low on health and you can get maximum value out of the increased damage output and movement speed bonus it provides.

Vayne is one of the most powerful champions in League of Legends, and with good reason. She has high damage output, great mobility, and the ability to “one shot” opponents if used correctly. While she does have some weaknesses, such as her short range and vulnerability to crowd control, Vayne is a force to be reckoned with.

If you’re looking to play Vayne, or even just improve your skills with her, keep the following tips in mind: use Tumble to your advantage; time your shots with Silver Bolts; position yourself carefully with Condemn; and use Final Hour for maximum damage. With practice, you’ll be well on your way to becoming a Vayne pro!

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