How Can You Catch Arceus


Arceus is a mythical Pokemon that cannot be caught in the wild. It can only be obtained through special events or by transferring it from another game.

If you’re lucky enough to live in an area with a resident Arceus, catching one is relatively simple. All you need is a Master Ball. If you don’t have one, your best bet is to try and weaken Arceus so that it’s easier to catch.

This can be done by using False Swipe or another move that will leave Arceus with 1 HP. Once Arceus is at 1 HP, throw your Poké Ball and hope for the best!

How to Catch Arceus in Pokemon Go

Arceus is a mythical Pokémon that can be caught in the wild in Pokémon Go. Here’s how to catch Arceus: 1. Use a fast Poké Ball: Arceus is a fast and elusive Pokémon, so you’ll need a Poké Ball that can keep up with it.

Great Balls and Ultra Balls are your best bet. 2. Have plenty of Poké Balls: You’re going to need more than one Poké Ball to catch Arceus, so make sure you have plenty on hand before you start your hunt. 3. Lure it with incense: Incense will attract all kinds of Pokémon to your location, including Arceus.

Light some incense and wait for Arceus to show up! 4. Be prepared for a battle: Catching Arceus won’t be easy, so be prepared for a tough battle when you encounter it. Make sure your Pokémon are strong and have plenty of HP before engaging Arceus in battle.

How Can You Catch Arceus
How Can You Catch Arceus 4


How Do You Get Arceus?

There are a few ways to get Arceus in the Pokémon games. One way is to trade for it with another player who already has one. Another way is to find it in the wild, though this is extremely rare.

The third way is to create one using the Event Distribution method. This involves having a specific game cartridge and going to a Nintendo event where you can receive Arceus.

Do I Need to Catch All Pokémon to Get Arceus?

No, you do not need to catch all Pokémon to get Arceus. In fact, you can get Arceus without catching any Pokémon at all! However, if you want to catch Arceus, you will need to have a Pokémon with the Catch Rank ability.

This ability can be found on certain Pokémon such as Latios and Shaymin.

Can Arceus Be Caught in a Poké Ball?

No, Arceus cannot be caught in a Poké Ball. Arceus is a Mythical Pokémon and as such, can only be obtained through special events or trades.

How Do You Catch Arceus Without Battling?

It is possible to catch Arceus without battling in Pokémon Sword and Shield. This can be done by using the Poké Ball Plus accessory, which allows you to transfer a Pokémon from your game directly into the accessory. Once in the Poké Ball Plus, Arceus can then be transferred into Pokémon Home, where it can be caught without any fuss.


It is possible to catch Arceus in the wild, but it is a very rare encounter. The best way to find one is to use a Master Ball, which will guarantee its capture. If you’re not willing to use a Master Ball, then your best bet is to try and find an Arceus with a high level of HP and put it to sleep with a Sleep Powder or Yawn.

Once it’s asleep, throw Ultra Balls at it until it’s caught.

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