How Much Damage Does Tracer Do


Tracer is a highly mobile and lethal offense hero. She zips around the battlefield, delving in and out of combat with Lighting Step and delivering relentless assaults with her Pulse Pistols. When the battle seems hopeless, she can Rewind time and change the course of combat.

Overwatch’s Tracer is one of the most popular characters in the game, and for good reason. She’s incredibly fast, has a great kit of abilities, and can do a ton of damage. But just how much damage does she actually do?

Well, it depends on a few factors. Her primary weapon, the Pulse Pistols, deal 50 damage per shot. However, they fire very quickly, so if you can land all of your shots on a target, you can do some serious damage.

Her other ability, Blink, allows her to teleport short distances and can be used to dodge enemy attacks or get behind cover. Finally, her Ultimate Ability, Pulse Bomb, deals an incredible amount of damage in a small area. If you can catch multiple enemies with it, you can easily take them out.

Overall, Tracer is a character that can deal a lot of damage if played correctly. So if you’re looking to really dish out some hurt in Overwatch, make sure to pick her!

How Much Damage Does Tracer Do Overwatch 2

There are plenty of reasons to love Tracer in Overwatch 2. She’s fast, agile, and most importantly – she packs a serious punch. But just how much damage does Tracer deal in the game?

To put it simply, a lot. In fact, Tracer is one of the most damaging heroes in all of Overwatch 2. Her primary fire – which fires three bursts in quick succession – can deal up to 12 damage per shot.

That might not seem like much, but when you consider that she can fire up to 15 shots per second, the damage really starts to add up. And that’s not even taking into account her other abilities. Her Blink ability allows her to close the distance on enemies quickly and deal additional melee damage, while her Pulse Bomb can potentially deal massive amounts of area-of-effect damage.

Combined, these abilities make Tracer a force to be reckoned with on the battlefield. So if you’re looking for a hero that deals a ton of damage, look no further than Tracer. She may be small, but she packs one heck of a punch.

How Much Damage Does Tracer Do
How Much Damage Does Tracer Do 4


How Much Damage Does Tracer Guns Do?

In most cases, tracer guns fire .68 caliber rounds that are filled with a pyrotechnic charge. When the round is fired, the charge ignites and burns brightly, allowing the shooter to track the trajectory of the bullet. The burning charge also consumes some of the propellant, which reduces the muzzle velocity and range of the bullet.

The damage caused by a tracer round depends on several factors, including what type of target it hits. A tracer round that strikes a person in exposed flesh will cause a deep and painful wound, but is unlikely to be fatal unless it strikes an artery or vital organ. A tracer round that hits a solid object will usually produce a small spark or fire where it struck.

If flammable materials are present, such as gasoline or dry grass, there is a risk of starting a fire.

How Much Does a Tracer Clip Do?

A Tracer clip is a small device that attaches to the muzzle of a firearm. When the gun is fired, the tracer round leaves a bright orange streak of light behind it, allowing the shooter to see where their bullets are going. The tracer clip makes it easier to shoot in low-light conditions and can be very useful for target practice.

How Much Does Tracers Ultimate Do?

Tracer’s Ultimate Ability is called “Pulse Bomb.” When used, Tracer will throw a small bomb that will attach to any surface. After a short delay, the bomb will explode, dealing damage to any enemies caught in the blast.

The amount of damage dealt by Pulse Bomb depends on how many enemies are hit by the explosion; the more enemies hit, the more damage dealt.

Is Tracer Still Good?

Yes, Tracer is still a good hero in Overwatch. She excels at flanking and harassing the enemy team, and her mobility makes her difficult to take down. Her Blink ability allows her to quickly close the gap on enemies or escape danger, while her Recall ability can get her out of sticky situations.

Her Pulse Bombs can also be used to disrupt enemies and clear objectives.


Tracer is a highly mobile and versatile DPS hero in Overwatch. She can quickly reposition herself around the battlefield, dealing massive damage to her enemies. While she lacks the range of some other heroes, her close-range firepower more than makes up for it.

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