How Much Time Have I Wasted on League


I have no idea.

It’s no secret that League of Legends is one of the most popular games in the world. But have you ever stopped to think about how much time you’ve actually spent playing it? According to a recent study, the average League of Legends player spends around 28 hours per week playing the game.

That’s over 1,000 hours per year! And if you’re anything like me, you’ve probably been playing for several years now. So just how much time have we all wasted on this addiction?

Well, if you do the math, it comes out to be a staggering 2,880 hours! That’s almost 120 days straight of non-stop gaming. And that’s not even counting all the time we spend thinking about League when we’re not even playing it.

So next time someone asks you how much time you’ve wasted on League of Legends, don’t be shy to tell them the truth. We’ve all put in way too many hours into this game and there’s no shame in admitting it!

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How Much Time Have I Wasted on League
How Much Time Have I Wasted on League 4


How Much Time Have I Wasted on League

It’s a good question and one that is difficult to answer without looking at some data. However, we can make some estimates based on the average player’s behavior. The average League of Legends match lasts around 30 minutes.

If we assume that the average player spends two hours playing League of Legends per day, that means they’re spending around four hours in-game per day. That works out to be around 120 hours per month, or a little over three weeks worth of playtime. Of course, this is just an estimate and your mileage may vary.

Some players may spend more time than others, and some players may not play every day. Nevertheless, it’s safe to say that many people spend a significant amount of time playing League of Legends.

How Do I Find Out

There are a few ways to find out. The first is by using the search engines, such as Google or Yahoo. Just type in what you’re looking for and see what comes up.

Another way is to use social media sites, such as Facebook or Twitter. Finally, you can try using forums or discussion groups. Just post a question and see if anyone has any information for you.


If you’re a League of Legends player, chances are you’ve wondered how much time you’ve wasted on the game. Well, wonder no more! There’s now a website that can tell you exactly how much time you’ve spent playing League.

The website, called “How Much Time Have I Wasted on League”, does exactly what it sounds like – it tells you how much time you’ve wasted on the game. All you need to do is enter your Summoner Name and region, and the site will do the rest. So, if you’re curious about how much time you’ve wasted on League of Legends, head on over to “How Much Time Have I Wasted on League” and find out!

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