How Old is Piccolo in Dragon Ball Super


In Dragon Ball Super, Piccolo is around 161 years old. He was born in Age 749, making him around 23 years old during the Frieza Saga, 33 during the Cell Saga, and 47 during the Buu Saga. In Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods, which takes place in Age 779, Piccolo is 30 years old.

However, due to the time skip between Dragon Ball Z and Dragon Ball Super, Piccolo has aged significantly since then and is now one of the oldest characters in the series.

The Evolution Of Piccolo From Dragon Ball

Piccolo is one of the most popular characters in Dragon Ball Super. He’s a Namekian and an ally of Goku. He’s also one of the Z Fighters.

So, how old is Piccolo in Dragon Ball Super? In Dragon Ball Super, Piccolo is around 474 years old. He was born in Age 749, just before the Frieza Saga began.

That means that he’s currently in Age 1223. He’s still young for a Namekian, but he’s definitely not a spring chicken anymore! Interestingly, Piccolo actually ages slower than humans do.

In the original Dragon Ball series, it was stated that Namekians age at 1/10th the rate of humans. That would mean that Piccolo should only be 47 years old by human standards! However, it’s possible that this has changed over the years (or that Piccolo is just an anomaly).

Either way, Piccolo is definitely one of the older characters in Dragon Ball Super. But his age doesn’t stop him from being a powerful fighter!

How Old is Piccolo in Dragon Ball Super
How Old is Piccolo in Dragon Ball Super 4


How Old is Piccolo in Dragon Ball Super

Piccolo is one of the Z Fighters and the deuteragonist of the Dragon Ball series. He is an extraterrestrial creature called a Namekian, who arrives on Earth seeking revenge against Goku for destroying his home planet. After teaming up with Gohan to defeat Raditz, Piccolo takes on training duties while Goku trains in Other World.

During this time, he also becomes close friends with Krillin and develops a rivalry with Vegeta. When Frieza arrives on Earth to take revenge against Goku, Piccolo battles him alongside the other Z Fighters but ultimately proves no match for the super-powered tyrant. However, after Frieza kills Krillin and injures Piccolo’s arm, an enraged Goku transforms into a Super Saiyan and defeats Frieza once and for all.

Afterward, Piccolo remains as one of Earth’s strongest defenders against various threats throughout Dragon Ball Z and Dragon Ball GT. In Dragon Ball Super, set several years after GT, Piccolo has taken on the role of teacher at Son Gohan’s martial arts academy where he trains young warriors in preparation for future threats to Earth. At some point prior to the Tournament of Power piccolo was turned into stone by Universe 10’s God Of Destruction (Belmod).

At the start ofDragon ball super he is revived thanks to Dende healing him with Senzu Beans however he is turned back into stone during Universe 6 Saga when Champa destroys The Nameless Planet . He is later seen alive again having being revived off screen by Whis using his staff before taking part in The Tournament Of Power . By The end Of The anime series it is unknown what happened to Piccolo as he wasn’t seen again after Team Universe 7 won The Tournament Of Power , it can be assumed however that like everyone else who took part in ToP he was returned back to his original timeline .

In terms of physical appearance not much has changed about piccolo between dragon ball z & dragon ball super , He still sports his trademark green skin & antennas although there are subtle changes such as his eyes which now have visible pupils instead of being completely black , He also appears slightly taller then before & His muscles seem more defined then they were in DBZ , It should be noted that these changes could simply be due To better animation quality 20+ years later or because piccolo has been working out alot recently given how many times we see him training with gohan or Gotenks .

What is Piccolo’S Role in Dragon Ball Super

Piccolo is a supporting character in Dragon Ball Super. He is a powerful warrior and an expert tactician. He is also one of the few remaining members of the Z-Fighters who are still alive and active after the destruction of Planet Namek.

Piccolo’s role in Dragon Ball Super is to provide support for Goku and the other Z-Fighters. He often acts as a mentor to them, providing advice and guidance when needed. He also fights alongside them when they are up against powerful opponents.

One of Piccolo’s most notable moments in Dragon Ball Super was during the Tournament of Power, where he fought against Universe 11’s Jiren The Gray. Although he was ultimately defeated, he managed to hold his own against one of the strongest fighters in existence and bought enough time for Goku to recover from his injuries and defeat Jiren. Overall, Piccolo is a valuable asset to the Z-Fighters and plays an important role in helping them protect Earth from evil forces.

What are Piccolo’S Powers And Abilities in Dragon Ball Super

Piccolo is one of the most powerful fighters in the Dragon Ball universe. In Dragon Ball Super, he has shown himself to be a master strategist and fighter. He was able to hold his own against Goku Black, a powerful villain who was using the body of Goku.

Piccolo’s main power is his ability to fire energy blasts. He can also use his energy to create forcefields, fly, and increase his strength and speed. He is also an expert martial artist, and has demonstrated various techniques such as using his tongue to grab opponents and breaking their necks.


In Dragon Ball Super, Piccolo is around 161 years old. This is because he was born shortly after the destruction of Planet Namek. However, he was frozen in time for a few hundred years, which explains why he looks so young.

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