How Old was Kakashi When the Nine Tails Attacked


Kakashi was around six years old when the Nine Tails attacked Konoha. He was in the Academy at the time, and was training to become a ninja. When the attack happened, he was home with his mother and father.

His father was a shinobi, and was away on a mission at the time. His mother was killed in the attack, and Kakashi was left alone. He survived because his father came home in time to save him.

What If Minato Recognized Obito During The Nine Tails Attack!

Kakashi was just a young boy when the Nine Tails attacked his village. He was only six years old at the time, and he witnessed firsthand the devastation that the creature could cause. TheNine Tails killed many people during its rampage, including Kakashi’s parents.

This event had a profound effect on Kakashi, and it shaped him into the man he is today. He is now one of the most powerful ninja in the world, and he uses his skills to protect those who cannot protect themselves.

How Old was Itachi When the Nine Tails Attacked

Itachi was four years old when the Nine Tails attacked. He witnessed first-hand the destruction and devastation that it caused. It left a deep impression on him, and he vowed to never let something like that happen again.

He would do whatever it takes to protect his village and its people.

How Old was Kakashi When Minato Died

Kakashi was around 25 years old when Minato died. It is not exactly known how old Kakashi was, but it is assumed he was around this age because he was already a Jonin at the time and had been a Chuunin for quite some time. He would have been considered young by most standards, especially since he became a Hokage shortly after Minato’s death.

How Old was Kakashi When Rin Died

Kakashi was just 23 years old when Rin died. It was a tragic event that took place during the Third Shinobi War. Kakashi had been sent on a mission with Obito and Rin to destroy a bridge that the enemy was using to transport troops.

However, they were ambushed by Kirigakure ninja, who wanted to capture Rin for their own purposes. In the ensuing battle, Obito sacrificed himself to save Kakashi and Rin from certain death. This left Kakashi heartbroken and filled with guilt.

He blamed himself for not being able to protect his friends and swore to never let anyone else die because of him again.

How Old was Obito When He Joined the Akatsuki

Obito was around 15 years old when he joined the Akatsuki. He was relatively young compared to most of the other members, who were all adults. This made him a target for ridicule and bullying from some of the others, but he quickly proved himself to be just as powerful as they were.

He quickly rose through the ranks of the organization, eventually becoming one of its leaders.

How Old is Obito in the Akatsuki

In the Akatsuki, Obito is one of the youngest members. He was around 12 years old when he first joined, and he’s currently 15 years old. While his age may make him seem like a child compared to some of the other members, he’s actually quite mature for his age.

He’s a skilled ninja and has a lot of experience in battle. He’s also very intelligent, and he often comes up with strategies that help the Akatsuki succeed in their missions.

How Old was Kakashi When He Became a Jonin

Kakashi became a jonin at the age of 23. He was already a chunin when he was 13 years old and became a jonin 10 years later.

How Old was Obito When Rin Died

It’s been over a decade since the death of Rin Nohara, one of Konoha’s beloved kunoichi and a close friend of Kakashi Hatake. Though her passing was tragic and sudden, it served as a driving force for both Kakashi and Obito Uchiha – two of Konoha’s most powerful ninja. But how old was Obito when Rin died?

Obito was just shy of his 16th birthday when Rin passed away. He had only recently joined Team Minato, which also consisted of Kakashi and Rin. The three young ninja quickly formed a close bond, with Obito developing strong feelings for Rin.

Rin’s death came as a shock to all who knew her. She sacrificed herself in order to save Kakashi and Obito from an incoming attack by Kirigakure ninja. Her selfless act inspired both men to continue fighting and protect the village they loved so much.

Obito would go on to become one of Konoha’s strongest shinobi before his untimely death during the Fourth Great Ninja War. Though he never got the chance to tell Rin how he felt about her, it’s clear that she meant a great deal to him. Her sacrifice will always be remembered by those who loved her.

How Much Older is Obito Than Kakashi

Obito Uchiha was born just a few days after Kakashi Hatake. However, due to the Kyuubi Attack that occurred shortly after his birth, Obito was left with multiple physical and emotional scars. As a result, he grew up much faster than Kakashi did.

By the time they were genin, Obito was already taller and more muscular than Kakashi. He also seemed to have aged slightly faster; his hairline had already started to recede slightly, while Kakashi’s face still retained its boyish look. In terms of maturity, however, Kakashi always seemed to be ahead of Obito.

Even as kids, Kakashi was always the more serious and level-headed one, while Obito was impulsive and hot-headed. This difference in personality likely contributed to their different development rates; while Kakashi slowly grew into a reliable shinobi, Obito remained largely unchanged from his childhood self. The gap between them widened even further when Obito died during the Kannabi Bridge mission.

In the years that followed, Kakashi matured even further while grieving for his fallen teammate; meanwhile, Obito’s spirit remained trapped in the Shinigami’s realm, frozen in time at the age of 13. As a result, by the time he finally returned to the living world (in an alternate timeline),Obiwas significantly older than Kakashi – though still younger than most other major characters in Naruto.

How Old was Kakashi When the Nine Tails Attacked
How Old was Kakashi When the Nine Tails Attacked 4


How Old was Kakashi During the War?

Kakashi was 23 years old during the war. He was born in the year of the dog, making him a natural leader and protector. Kakashi’s parents died when he was very young, so he was raised by his grandfather, who was also a ninja.

Kakashi has always been a gifted ninja, and he became a Jonin at a very young age. During the war, Kakashi led many successful missions and helped to protect Konoha from destruction. He is known as one of the greatest ninja of all time, and he continues to serve Konoha with distinction.

How Old is Kakashi When Rin Dies?

Kakashi is 27 years old when Rin dies.

How Old was Kakashi When He Met Obito?

Kakashi was six years old when he first met Obito. Obito was a young chunin at the time, and Kakashi looked up to him as a role model. The two quickly became friends, and would often train together.

Kakashi was always amazed by Obito’s skill and determination, and the two would push each other to become better ninja. Tragically, Obito died during the Third Shinobi War. Kakashi was devastated by his friend’s death, but vowed to never forget him.

He continues to honor Obito’s memory to this day, and credits him with being one of the biggest influences in his life.

Who is Older Itachi Or Obito?

Itachi Uchiha is older than Obito Uchiha by four years. Itachi was born on September 9th, in the year 238 of the Shinobi calendar, while Obito was born on December 27th, in the year 242 of the Shinobi calendar. This means that at the time of their final battle, Itachi was 23 years old while Obito was only 19.

Even though he was younger, Obito had already accomplished a great deal in his short life. He had become a powerful ninja and played a key role in many important missions. Itachi, on the other hand, despite being older, was not as experienced as Obito.

He had only recently been promoted to Jonin rank and had yet to really prove himself as a ninja. In terms of strength, both Itachi and Obito were incredibly powerful ninjas. They were both capable of using powerful techniques that could easily kill their opponents.

However, Itachi was generally considered to be the stronger of the two. This is likely due to his experience and natural talent as a ninja. Ultimately, it is clear that both Itachi and Obito were incredibly talented and powerful ninjas.

Though Itachi may have been slightly stronger overall, it is clear that either one could have won their battle if they had fought each other at full power.


Kakashi was six years old when the Nine Tails attacked. He witnessed first-hand the devastation that it caused and the death of his friends and family. It was a traumatizing experience for him, one that he’s never forgotten.

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