How to Add Friends in Sea of Thieves


In Sea of Thieves, there are a few different ways to add friends so you can start playing together. The first way is to use the in-game friend list. To do this, go to the main menu and select the “Friends” option.

Here you can see a list of your current friends, as well as any pending friend requests. If you want to add someone new, click on the “Add Friend” button and enter their gamertag. You can also search for specific friends by clicking on the magnifying glass icon and typing in their name.

The second way to add friends in Sea of Thieves is through your platform’s friend list. For example, if you’re playing on Xbox One, you can go to the Xbox Live Friends app and invite players from there. To do this, open the app and select the “Sea of Thieves” tab at the top.

Then find the player you want to invite and send them a game invite. Once they accept, they’ll be added to your in-game friend list automatically. If you’re playing on PC, you can also add friends through Steam or Microsoft account lists.

Just open up your Steam overlay or Microsoft account page while in-game and look for the player you want to add. Then hit “send request” or right-click their name and select “invite to game.”

[Sea of Thieves] Add friends on pc

  • Open the game and select “Friends” from the main menu
  • Click on the “Add Friend” button
  • Enter your friend’s gamertag or email address and click “Send Invite
  • Your friend will receive an invitation to play Sea of Thieves with you!
How to Add Friends in Sea of Thieves
How to Add Friends in Sea of Thieves 4


How Do I Add Friends in Sea of Thieves

If you’re looking to build up a crew in Sea of Thieves, here’s how to add friends so you can start adventuring together. First, you’ll need to sign into your Xbox Live account on your Xbox One console or Windows 10 PC. Then, fire up Sea of Thieves and select the gold-colored “Online” option at the main menu.

This will take you to the game’s online hub world, where other players are milling about and setting sail on their next adventure. Once you’re in the hub world, walk over to one of the three taverns (marked by a beer mug icon on your map). Inside each tavern is an NPC named Duke who manages player crews and voyages.

Talk to Duke and select the “I want to join a crew” option. From there, you can search for crews that have open spots or invite friends who are already playing Sea of Thieves to join your own crew. Keep in mind that every player needs their own copy of Sea of Thieves in order to play together online.

So if you’re trying to add someone as a friend but they don’t show up in Duke’s list of available pirates, double-check that they own the game before sending them an invite.

Where Can I Find My Friend’S List in Sea of Thieves

If you’re looking for your friend’s list in Sea of Thieves, the best place to start is the game’s main menu. On the left-hand side of the screen, you’ll see a tab labeled “Friends.” Clicking on this will open up your friend’s list, which includes all players who you’ve added as friends in the game.

From here, you can see which of your friends are online and what they’re doing in the game.

How Do I Invite Friends to Play Sea of Thieves With Me

Assuming you have an Xbox One: To invite a friend to play Sea of Thieves with you, open the game and press the Xbox button on your controller to open the guide. Then, go to the “Players” tab and select “Invite Players.”

From there, you will be able to select which friends you would like to invite.

What is the Maximum Number of Friends That I Can Have in My Crew in Sea of Thieves

The maximum number of friends that you can have in your crew in Sea of Thieves is four. This means that you can have a total of five players in your crew, including yourself. Having more than four friends in your crew can be helpful, but it’s not necessary.

There are a few things to keep in mind when deciding how many friends to invite into your crew. First, consider the size of your ship. If you have a small ship, then having too many people on board can make it difficult to move around and complete tasks efficiently.

Second, think about the types of activities you want to do in Sea of Thieves. If you’re planning on doing a lot of combat, then having extra people around can be beneficial. However, if you’re mostly interested in exploring and collecting treasure, then having fewer people will likely be less chaotic and more enjoyable.

Ultimately, it’s up to you to decide how many friends you want in your Sea of Thieves crew. Choose whatever number feels right for your playstyle and enjoy sailing the seas with your buddies!


In Sea of Thieves, players can add friends by going to the Social Tab and selecting the “Add a Friend” option. To do this, they will need to know the gamertag of the person they want to add. Once added, friends will appear in a player’s friend list and can be interacted with in-game.

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