How to Be Annoying in League


There are a few key things you can do to be annoying in League. First, spam emotes and voice lines in chat. This will quickly get on your teammates’ nerves.

Second, constantly move around the map, even when it’s not necessary. This will make it difficult for your team to coordinate and they’ll start to get frustrated with you. Third, deliberately miss easy shots and make careless mistakes.

This will cause your team to lose faith in you and they’ll start to get angry. Finally, be as toxic as possible in chat. Use offensive language and insult your teammates as much as you can.

If you do all of these things, you’re sure to annoy your teammates and ruin their game experience!

How to be Annoying in League of Legends

  • Get a feeder champion like Janna or Sona and just stand in the back and do nothing
  • Intentionally miss skillshots
  • Play really slowly, take your sweet time between each action
  • Constantly whine about how bad your team is and how you could be doing so much better if they would just listen to you
  • Spam chat with useless information or nonsense that no one wants to hear


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How to Be Annoying in League
How to Be Annoying in League 4


How Can I Be Annoying in League

If you’re looking to be annoying in League of Legends, there are a few key things you can do. First, find an opponent who is easily irritated or has a short temper. Then, start trash talking them early and often during the game.

You can also try to bait them into making mistakes by playing mind games. Finally, make sure you’re doing everything you can to win the game, as that will just add salt to the wound for your opponents. If you follow these tips, you’ll be well on your way to being one of the most annoying players in League of Legends!

Constantly Spamming Emotes Or Chat Messages

If you’re a PC gamer, chances are you’ve come across someone who spam emotes or chat messages in-game. This can be extremely annoying, especially if you’re trying to concentrate on the game. So why do people do it?

There could be a few reasons. Maybe they’re just trying to annoy other players or maybe they’re trying to get a reaction out of them. Whatever the reason, it’s definitely not polite and it can ruin your gaming experience.

If you find yourself being spammed by another player, the best thing to do is ignore them and report them to the game’s moderators if possible. Spamming is against most game’s rules and guidelines so the player will likely be punished if enough people report them. So next time you see someone spamming emotes or chat messages in-game, just ignore them and carry on with your game!


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Purposelessly Running around the Map Or into Enemy Towers

In the world of online gaming, there are few things more frustrating than players who purposelessly run around the map or into enemy towers. Not only does this disrupt the game for everyone else, but it often leads to the death of that player’s character. There are a number of reasons why players might engage in this type of behavior.

Some may be new to the game and simply don’t know any better. Others may be trying to troll other players or just cause general havoc. Whatever the reason, it’s important to remember that this behavior is generally frowned upon by the gaming community.

If you find yourself in a game with someone who is running around aimlessly, try to give them some guidance. If they continue to do so after being warned, then it’s probably best to just ignore them and focus on enjoying the game yourself.


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Deliberately Feeding Kills to the Other Team

Deliberately feeding kills to the other team is not only unsportsmanlike, but it can also be against the rules in some competitive games. When someone feeds kills, they are essentially helping the enemy team by giving them easy kills and points. This can give the other team a significant advantage, and it can often be the difference between winning and losing.

Feeding can be intentional or accidental, but either way it’s frowned upon by most players. Intentional feeders will often do things like stand in fire or run into enemies without shooting back, while accidental feeders might get caught out of position or make poor decisions that end up costing their team. Either way, it’s generally considered to be bad form to deliberately feed kills to the other team.

If you’re caught deliberately feeding in a competitive game, you could be punished with a ban from future matches. So if you’re thinking about doing it, think twice! It’s not worth risking your spot in a match just to try and help your opponents.


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Intentionally Griefing Teammates by Refusing to Cooperate Or Communicate

Griefing teammates by refusing to cooperate or communicate is a form of harassment and can be considered a form of cyberbullying. This type of behavior is often seen in online multiplayer games, where players are anonymous and there is little to no consequences for their actions. Griefers will often target new or inexperienced players, as they are more likely to be affected emotionally by the griefer’s behavior.

This can lead to the player feeling isolated, anxious, and even depressed. If you experience this type of behavior from a teammate, it is important to report it to the game’s administrators so that they can take appropriate action.


Being annoying in League can be quite easy if you know how. There are a few key things you can do to really get under people’s skin. The first is to be constantly chatty.

This means spamming the chat with useless banter and never giving anyone a chance to talk. You can also be very disruptive in game by constantly stealing kills and generally being a nuisance. If you can master these art forms, then you’ll be well on your way to becoming the most annoying player in League!

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