How to Beat Jax As Irelia


There are a few key things to keep in mind when playing Irelia against Jax. First, Jax’s main source of damage is his auto-attacks, so try to stay out of range as much as possible. Second, Jax relies heavily on his Counter Strike (E) ability to dodge incoming attacks and then counter with a strong strike of his own.

If you can predict when he will use this ability, you can avoid taking any damage and then retaliate with your own attacks. Finally, Jax’s ultimate ability gives him a significant boost to his attack damage and speed, so be sure to save your most powerful abilities for when he uses it.

  • Jax is a melee champion that excels in 1v1 fights
  • Irelia is a melee champion that specializes in team fights and skirmishes
  • In order to beat Jax as Irelia, you need to avoid getting into prolonged one-on-one fights with him
  • Instead, focus on fighting him in team battles and using your superior numbers to take him down
  • When laning against Jax, try to stay behind your minions so that he has a harder time landing his attacks on you
  • If he does manage to hit you, quickly retaliate with an auto-attack of your own followed by a Bladesurge (Q) to close the distance and stun him
  • If Jax jumps on you with his Leap Strike (E), immediately use Equilibrium Strike (W) to stun him and then follow up with an auto-attack and another Bladesurge (Q)
  • This will usually be enough to take him down or force him to back off
  • Remember to keep an eye on Jax’s ultimate ability, Counter Strike (R)
  • This can be devastating if used correctly, so try to bait it out before engaging in combat with him

Irelia Vs Jax

Irelia and Jax are two of the most popular champions in League of Legends. They both excel in 1v1 situations and have a strong presence in the meta. In this article, we will compare these two champions and see who comes out on top.

When it comes to lane phase, Irelia has the advantage. She is a better farmer than Jax and can trade more efficiently thanks to her Bladesurge ability. This allows her to get an early lead and pressure Jax from the start.

However, Jax shines in teamfights thanks to his ultimate ability, Leap Strike. This gives him a huge burst of damage that can easily take down squishy targets. Additionally, his Counter Strike ability gives him a brief invulnerability which allows him to survive any initial burst damage from Irelia.

In terms of itemization, Irelia benefits more from defensive items while Jax prefers offensive items. This is because Irelia’s kit revolves around sustaining herself in fights while Jax’s kit is more focused on dealing high amounts of damage quickly. Overall, I believe that Irelia is the stronger champion between these two.

She has a better laning phase and can easily transition into the late game thanks to her strong teamfight potential.

How to Beat Jax As Irelia
How to Beat Jax As Irelia 4


Can Irelia Win against Jax?

In the right hands, Irelia can be a powerful opponent for Jax. Irelia’s kit is designed to allow her to quickly close the gap between herself and her enemies, as well as deal a large amount of damage in a short period of time. When played correctly, Irelia can easily take down Jax in a one-on-one fight.

However, there are some things that Jax can do to counter Irelia and come out on top. Jax’s main advantage against Irelia is his ability to dish out sustained damage over time. While Irelia excels at burst damage, she lacks the ability to keep up constant pressure like Jax can.

Additionally, Jax’s Counter Strike provides him with a way to nullify Irelia’s dash attempts and then retaliate with increased damage. If played correctly, Jax should be able to win most fights against Irelia.

Who Wins Yone Vs Jax?

In a matchup between Yone and Jax, who would win? It really depends on a lot of factors, such as player skill level, build, and playstyle. In general, however, Yone has the upper hand.

Yone is a fairly new champion who was released in early 2020. He’s an incredibly strong duelist with a kit that allows him to easily take down opponents. His Q is a powerful poke that can chunk enemies for a decent amount of damage, while his W provides him with additional mobility and damage reduction.

His E is great for both initiating fights and escaping them, and his ultimate R can quickly turn the tide of battle in his favor. Overall, Yone is a very well-rounded champion who excels in almost every area. Jax, on the other hand, is an older champion who hasn’t seen much play lately.

He’s still a very strong fighter, but he doesn’t have the same toolkit as Yone does. His Q doesn’t do as much damage and it’s harder to hit multiple targets with it, his W isn’t as impactful in fights, and his E only provides limited mobility. Additionally, Jax’s ultimate R can be easily countered if opponents are prepared for it.

In general, Jax struggles more against champions like Yone who have kits that allow them to effectively counter him. So who would win in a fight between these two champions? It really depends on how skilled the players are and what builds they’re using.

How Do You Beat Jax Top?

There are a few ways to beat Jax top, but it really depends on the player’s skill level and build. If you’re up against a Jax that’s built for tankiness, your best bet is to kite them and poke them down with long-range attacks. If they’re more damage-oriented, you’ll want to engage in short bursts and avoid extended fights.

In either case, try to stay out of their reach as much as possible – Jax excels at close-range combat. Finally, keep in mind that Jax can jump over walls, so don’t use those as an escape route!


Jax is a difficult opponent for Irelia, but there are ways to beat him. First, Jax’s main strength is his ability to deal burst damage with his combos. To counter this, Irelia should focus on building up her defensive stats and using her W skill to reduce the damage she takes from Jax’s attacks.

Additionally, Irelia can use her Q and E skills to dodge or block Jax’s attacks, respectively. Finally, Irelia should try to fight Jax in extended battles rather than short bursts, as she will eventually be able to outlast him thanks to her higher base health and stronger sustain abilities.

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