How to Beat Necrozma


Necrozma is a Psychic/Ghost type Pokemon. The best way to beat Necrozma is with a Ghost type Pokemon. If you don’t have a Ghost type, you can try using a Dark type or even a Fairy type.

Bug types are also good against Necrozma.

  • Necrozma is a powerful Psychic-type Pokémon
  • It is the cover legendary of Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon, appearing on the box art of both games
  • Necrozma is incredibly strong, and can be difficult to take down
  • However, there are a few ways to beat Necrozma: 1) Use a Dark-type Pokémon: As Necrozma is a Psychic-type, it is weak to Dark-type moves
  • Using a Dark-type Pokémon will give you an advantage in battle
  • 2) Use Ghost-type moves: While not as effective as usingDark-type moves, Ghost-type moves will also do extra damage to Necrozma
  • 3) Use Bug-type moves: Bug-type moves are super effective against Psychic types like Necrozma
  • Therefore, using Bug type attacks can help you take down this tough opponent

How to Defeat Ultra Necrozma

If you’re looking to take down the Ultra Beast known as Ultra Necrozma, then you’ve come to the right place! In this guide, we’ll detail everything you need to know in order to defeat this powerful foe. Ultra Necrozma is a Psychic/Dragon-type Pokemon, meaning it’s weak to Ghost, Dark, Ice, Dragon, and Fairy-type moves.

It also has a double weakness to Fairy-type moves due to its secondary typing. As for its strengths, Ultra Necrozma is resistant to Bug, Grass, Fighting, and Ground-type moves. When it comes to taking down Ultra Necrozma, your best bet is going to be using Ghost-, Dark-, Ice-, Dragon-, or Fairy-type Pokemon.

If you don’t have any of those types on your team, then you’ll want to focus on attacking its Psychical weak points while avoiding its Ground resistance. Bug-, Grass-, and Fighting-type moves are also good choices as they will hit for neutrally effective damage. As far as moves go, Shadow Ball and Focus Blast are both excellent choices for hitting Ultra Necrozma’sGhost and Dark weaknesses respectively.

For Ice-types Moves like Blizzard and Frost Breath will work well against it while Dragon Pulse is a solid choice for Dragons. And finally ,for Fairy -types Dazzling Gleam ,Play Rough ,and Moonblast will all do heavy damage . Assuming you have a strong enough team ,ultra necrozima shouldn’t pose too much of challenge .

Just remember Its typings when picking your pokemon and Moves ,and you should come out on top !

How to Beat Necrozma
How to Beat Necrozma 4


What is Effective against Necrozma?

Necrozma is a Legendary Psychic-type Pokémon. It is the game mascot and version mascot of Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon, appearing on the boxart of both games. Necrozma is a incredibly rare and powerful Pokémon, said to be capable of devouring light itself.

Necrozma’s base stats are 107 HP, 113 Attack, 109 Defence, 227 Sp. Atk and 151 Sp. Def.

These make Necrozma one of the strongest non-Mega Evolved or Primal Pokémon in terms of raw power. However, Necrozma has very low speed at 23, meaning it will often move last in battle unless it uses Trick Room or Swift Swim (or other Speed-increasing moves/items). Necrozma’s typing gives it seven weaknesses: Bug, Dark, Ghost, Ground, Ice, Steel and Water.

However, its massive Special Attack stat allows it to overcome most foes with ease if used correctly. The best way to take down Necrozma is with a strong physical attacker that can hit hard and fast; preferably one with a super effective move such as Fighting-, Bug-, Dark- or Ground-type attacks.

What is Ultra Necrozma Weak Against?

Necrozma is a dual Psychic/Dragon-type Legendary Pokémon. It is the cover mascot for Pokémon Ultra Sun, appearing on the boxart. Necrozma is immensely powerful and has three unique forms, each with its own signature move.

However, Necrozma has several weaknesses which can be exploited by certain Pokémon. Necrozma’s main weakness is Steel-type Pokémon. These Pokémon are immune to Necrozma’s Dragon-type moves and can take little damage from its Psychic-type moves.

In addition, Steel-types can deal heavy damage to Necrozma with their Steel-type moves. Another weakness of Necrozma is Ghost-type Pokémon. Ghost-types are immune to both of Necrozma’s STAB types and can hit it hard with their Ghost-type moves.

Finally, Fairy-types are also effective against Necrozma due to their resistance to Dragon-type moves and ability to hit it hard with Fairy-type moves.

How Do You Beat Ultra Necrozma on Nuzlocke?

Assuming you are playing Pokémon Ultra Sun or Pokémon Ultra Moon, here are the steps you need to take to beat Necrozma: 1. Before battle, make sure your team is at full health and fully healed of any status conditions. 2. When the battle begins, start by using a Dragon-type move on Necrozma.

This will do extra damage thanks to Necrozma’s Weakness to Dragon-type moves. 3. Next, use a Fairy-type move on Necrozma. This will again do extra damage due to Necrozma’s Weakness to Fairy-type moves.

4. Use powerful attacks on Necrozma until it is down to its last bit of health. At this point, Necrozma will likely try to use its signature move, Photon Geyser, which can deal massive damage if not countered properly. 5. To counter Photon Geyser, use Protect or Substitute just before Photon Geyser hits your Pokémon.

This will cause the attack to fail and allow you to safely finish off Necrozma with another strong attack!

How Do You Defuse Necrozma?

Necrozma is a powerful psychic-type Pokémon that can be difficult to defeat. Here are some tips on how to defuse Necrozma: 1. Use a dark-type Pokémon: Necrozma is weak to dark-type moves, so using a dark-type Pokémon will give you an advantage.

2. Use moves that target the mind: Necrozma is vulnerable to moves that target the mind, such as Psychic and Confusion. These moves can disrupt Necrozma’s concentration and make it easier to defeat. 3. Use items: There are several items that can be used to help weaken Necrozma, such as the Dusk Stone and the Eviolite.

Using these items will help give you an edge in battle. 4. Be prepared for a long battle: Defeating Necrozma can be a tough challenge, so be prepared for a long and hard-fought battle.


Necrozma is a powerful Psychic-type Legendary Pokémon that can be difficult to take down. However, there are a few ways to beat Necrozma. One way to beat Necrozma is to use a Ghost-type Pokémon.

Ghost-type moves are super effective against Psychic-type Pokémon, so a Ghost-type Pokémon will have an advantage against Necrozma. Another way to beat Necrozma is to use a Dark-type Pokémon. Dark-type moves are also super effective against Psychic-type Pokémon, so a Dark-type will also have an advantage over Necrozma.

If you don’t have any Ghost or Dark type Pokémon, you can try using Steel type Pokémon. Steel type moves are not very effective against Psychic types, but they can still do some damage and may be able to take down Necrozma if you hit it with enough of them. Bug type moves are also not very effective against Psychic types, but they may be able to do some damage as well and could help take down Necrozma if used in combination with other attacks.

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