How to Beat Seymour Flux


Seymour Flux is an expert at winning games. He has won more tournaments than anyone else in the world. But there is one person who can beat him: you.

Yes, you can beat Seymour Flux if you follow these simple tips. First, always stay one step ahead of him. If he knows what you’re going to do, he can easily counter it.

Second, don’t let him get under your skin. He likes to play mind games and try to make you angry so that you make mistakes. Third, be patient and wait for your opportunity.

He will make a mistake eventually and when he does, pounce on it!

  • Seymour Flux is a powerful sorcerer and the guardian of the Lifestream
  • He is also an optional boss in Final Fantasy VII
  • If you want to beat Seymour Flux, you will need to be at least level 60 and have strong magic-based attacks
  • Start by hitting Seymour Flux with your strongest fire spells
  • If he starts to use his Reflect spell, switch to water-based attacks
  • Once Seymour Flux’s health is down to about half, he will start using his Mega Flare attack which can do a lot of damage
  • Use your healing spells frequently during this phase of the battle
  • Keep attacking Seymour Flux with your strongest magic and eventually you will defeat him
How to Beat Seymour Flux
How to Beat Seymour Flux 4


What is Seymour Flux

Seymour Flux is a metal alloy that is composed of selenium, sulfur, tellurium, and other trace elements. It is often used in electronic applications due to its unique physical and chemical properties.

How Do I Beat Seymour Flux

Assuming you are asking for tips on how to beat Seymour Flux in the game Final Fantasy X: First, it is important to know that Seymour Flux is weak to fire-based attacks. Therefore, it would be beneficial to equip characters with weapons or armor that have fire-based properties.

Second, Seymour Flux uses an attack called Zombie Powder which will put a character into a Zombie state. This can be cured by using a Phoenix Down or by using the spell Curaga. Third, Seymour Flux will sometimes use an attack called Bio which inflicts Poison status on a character.

This can be cured by using an Antidote or by using the spell Esuna. Finally, Seymour Flux has high Magic Defense, so physical attacks may be more effective than magical attacks.

What are Some Tips for Beating Seymour Flux

Seymour Flux is the final boss of the Spira’s Calm. He is a powerful spirit that takes the form of an enormous, three-eyed fish. In order to defeat Seymour, you must first lower his HP to around half.

At this point, he will begin to use his ultimate attack, “Giga-Flare.” To protect yourself from this attack, you must use the “Reflect” ability. This can be done by casting Reflect on all party members before Seymour uses Giga-Flare.

If Reflect is not used, the party will take massive damage and likely be wiped out. Once Seymour begins using Giga-Flare, he will alternate between using it and a physical attack. When he uses physical attacks, he will target one character at a time and inflict moderate damage.

However, these attacks can be healed with items or spells such as Curaga. When Seymour uses Giga-Flare, all characters in the party will take heavy damage regardless of whether they have Reflect cast on them or not. Therefore, it is important to keep everyone’s HP up during this phase of the battle.

The best way to beat Seymour Flux is to have a strong offensive team with high HP levels and strong healing capabilities. With proper preparation and execution, any party should be able to defeat him relatively easily.


Seymour Flux is a difficult boss in the game Final Fantasy X. In order to beat him, you need to have a strong party and be prepared for a long battle. Seymour Flux uses powerful magic and can drain your health, so it is important to keep your party healed and buffed. He also has an attack that can petrify your characters, so having a character with the Stoneproof ability is helpful.

Finally, Seymour Flux is susceptible to status effects like Slow and Silence, so using those on him can help give you an advantage.

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