How to become an assassin: A guide to playing Akali


Are you looking for a guide on how to play Akali, the assassin? If so, you’ve come to the right place. In this blog post, we’ll cover everything you need to know about Akali, from her background and skillset to how to play her effectively in order to win. So if you’re ready to learn more about Akali, let’s get started!

 How to become an assassin: A guide to playing Akali

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What is Akali?

Akali is a character in the game “League of Legends.”

Akali is a ninja assassin who excels at ambushing her enemies. She is one of the most agile champions in the game, and her kit allows her to quickly close the gap on her targets and deal massive damage.

Akali is an assassin.

Akali is classified as an assassin, which means that she is designed to deal quick, burst damage to isolated targets. She is often played in the mid lane, but can also be played in the top or bottom lane. Akali’s primary role is to pick off lone targets and quickly dispatch them.

How to play Akali.

Choose the right Champion.

There are many champions in League of Legends, and each one has their own unique playstyle. When choosing Akali, you must first consider what role you want her to fill on your team. Do you want her to be a tanky bruiser who can take a lot of damage? Or do you want her to be a glass cannon assassin who can deal massive amounts of damage but is very fragile? Once you’ve decided what role you want her to play, you can start picking out the best champions to complement her.

Learn the skills.

Once you’ve chosen your champion, it’s time to learn their skills. Every champion has four basic abilities, and it’s important to understand what each one does and how they can be used in battle. Akali’s Q ability is called Five Point Strike, and it deals physical damage to all enemies in a small area around her. Her W ability is called Twilight Shroud, and it allows her to become invisible and gain bonus movement speed for a short period of time. Her E ability is called Shuriken Flip, and it allows her to dash forward and deal physical damage to all enemies in her path. Lastly, her R ability is called Perfect Execution, and it deals massive physical damage to a single target.

Get the gear.

After you’ve learned all of Akali’s skills, it’s time to get the gear that will help you win your battles. The most important thing for Akali is getting items that will increase her attack speed and critical strike chance. This will allow her to deal more damage with each auto-attack and ensure that she always hits hard when she uses one of her abilities. Additionally, getting items that provide bonus health and armor will help keep Akali alive in fights against tougher opponents.

How to win with Akali.

Use your skills.

As an assassin, Akali has a variety of powerful skills at her disposal. Her main damage dealer is her Q, Five Point Strike. This skill allows her to dash forward and deal massive damage to enemies in a small area. Her W, Twilight Shroud, is a great tool for both escape and offensive purposes. When used, it creates a cloud of smoke that obscures vision and slows enemies who enter it. Akali can also use this skill to become invisible for a short period of time, allowing her to reposition herself or set up ambushes. Her E, Shuriken Flip, is a versatile ability that can be used for both offense and defense. Offensively, it deals damage and marks targets hit with it. These marks can then be detonated with Akali’s ult, Shadow Dance, dealing additional damage. Defensively, Shuriken Flip can be used to quickly escape from pursuers or create space between Akali and her enemies.

Stay hidden.

A big part of playing Akali successfully is knowing when to stay hidden and when to strike. One of the best ways to stay hidden is by usingAkali’s Twilight Shroud ability wisely. By placing the shroud in strategic locations, Akali can control the battlefield and force her enemies to play on her terms. Another way to stay hidden is by taking advantage of bushes and other cover around the map. By staying out of sight and using stealthy movements, Akali can easily get behind enemy lines and take them by surprise.

Attack from the shadows

The element of surprise is key when playing Akali; many of her kills will come from attacking unsuspecting enemies from the shadows. To do this effectively, it’s important to always be aware of your surroundings and know where potential ambush spots are located. It’s also important to keep track of enemy movement patterns so you can predict when they’ll be most vulnerable. When the opportunity presents itself, strike quickly and decisively; often times one well-placed attack is all it takes to take down an enemy player.

If you’re looking to add a little excitement to your game play, consider learning how to play Akali, the assassin. While she may be small, she packs a powerful punch and can take down even the most formidable opponents. With the right skills and gear, you can easily become an unstoppable force on the battlefield. So what are you waiting for? Start learning how to play Akali today!

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