How to Breed Pokemon in Ultra Moon


To breed pokemon in Ultra Moon, you will need to have two of the same pokemon, with opposite genders. Once you have those, you will need to put them in the daycare center located in Hau’oli City. After that, all you have to do is wait until an egg appears!

  • Choose the two Pokemon you want to breed from your party
  • Make sure that they are of opposite genders and can produce offspring of the desired species
  • Take the two chosen Pokemon to the Nursery in Hau’oli City
  • Talk to the attendant there to begin breeding
  • The game will then generate an egg which will hatch into a baby Pokemon after some time has passed
  • The amount of time needed varies depending on the species of Pokemon involved
  • Once the egg hatches, you will have a new Pokemon added to your party! Congratulations, you have successfully bred a newPokemon!

Where is the Daycare in Pokemon Ultra Moon

If you’re looking for the daycare in Pokemon Ultra Moon, you’ll find it on Route 5, just south of Akala Outskirts. The daycare is run by two elderly women, who will take good care of your Pokemon while you’re away.

How to Breed Pokemon in Ultra Moon
How to Breed Pokemon in Ultra Moon 4


How Do You Breed Pokémon in Usum?

To breed Pokémon in USUM, players must first put two compatible Pokémon of opposite genders in an empty Poké Ball together. Once the player has done this, they must then go to the local daycare and speak with the NPC there. The NPC will then take the two Pokémon and place them in their own separate Poké Balls.

The player will then need to wait until they receive a call from the daycare telling them that an Egg has been produced. Once the player has received the call, they must then pick up the Egg from the daycare and take it to a Nursery. At the Nursery, another NPC will take care of incubating the Egg until it hatches into a baby Pokémon.

After hatching, players can then raise their new Pokémon however they see fit!

How Do You Get Pokémon to Breed?

To breed Pokémon, you need to have two of the same Pokémon species, with opposite genders. These Pokémon must be able to produce offspring that is of the same species as them. Once you have these conditions met, you can take your Pokémon to a Poké Center and ask the nurse there to help you breed your Pokémon.

The first thing the nurse will do is check that both of your Pokémon are healthy and able to breed. If everything is good, she’ll then put them in special machines called Day Care Machines. These machines will take care of your Pokémon while they’re breeding – all you need to do is leave them there overnight!

Once your Pokémon have been in the Day Care Machines for a while, the nurse will give you an egg. This egg will hatch into a baby Pokémon that is of the same species as its parents. Congratulations – you’ve just bred a new generation of Pokémon!

How Do You Breed in Pokémon Moon?

When two Pokémon of compatible genders and species are placed in the same Pokémon Nursery, if they are friendly enough towards each other, they will produce an Egg. This Egg will hatch into a Baby Pokémon that knows one or two extra moves that neither of its parents knew. The chance of an Egg being produced can be increased by using certain items, as well as playing with and petting the Pokémon in the Nursery.

Where is the Breeding Place in Ultra Sun?

In Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon, the breeding place is in the Paniola Ranch on Akala Island. This is where you can find Miltank, which will give milk to any baby Pokémon that drinks from it. There are also a variety of other items that can be found here, including Poké Balls and Evolution Stones.


In order to breed Pokemon in Ultra Moon, you will need to have two compatible Pokemon of the opposite gender. These Pokemon must be able to produce an Egg that can hatch into the desired Pokemon species. Once you have these requirements met, you will need to find a place where you can leave your two Pokemon alone together.

The best places to do this are at Pokémon nurseries or in special buildings called Day Care Centers. After spending some time together, your two Pokémon should eventually produce an Egg.

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