How to Counter Akali With Zed


The best way to counter Akali with Zed is to play safe and farm up. Try to avoid fighting her in lane and wait until you have your ultimate before engaging. When you do fight her, be sure to stay behind your minions so she can’t easily get to you with her Q. If she does manage to get close, use your W to create a barrier between you and her.

Finally, always keep an eye on where her shadow is and try to position yourself so that it’s not between you and your escape route.

  • Use your W to poke and farm safely from afar
  • Be aware of Akali’s burst damage and try to stay healthy
  • When she goes in for a kill, use your E to shadow step behind her and ult her for an easy kill

Zed Counters

In the world of competitive gaming, there are a lot of different ways to play. Some people prefer to play solo games, while others enjoy playing in teams. There are also a lot of different game types, ranging from first-person shooters to real-time strategy games.

One type of game that has become increasingly popular in recent years is the MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) genre. In these games, two teams of players face off against each other in an attempt to destroy the enemy’s base. One of the most popular MOBA games is League of Legends (LoL).

In LoL, each team consists of five players, and each player controls a single champion. Champions have unique abilities and stats, and it is up to the player to use them effectively in order to help their team win. One important aspect of any MOBA game is character selection.

Each player must choose a champion that they will control for the duration of the match. While there are many different champions available in LoL, some are better than others at certain things. For example, some champions excel at dealing damage to enemy champions (known as “carrying”), while others excel at protecting their teammates (known as “tanking”).

It is important for each player on a team to select a champion that compliments the team’s overall strategy. Another important aspect of MOBA games is map awareness. The map is where all the action takes place, and it is important for players to know where enemies and allies are at all times.

Map awareness can be improved by placing wards around key areas on the map (such as near objectives or enemy spawn points). Wards provide vision for your team and allow you to spot potential ambushes or ganks before they happen. Lastly, teamwork is essential for success in any MOBA game.

Players must work together in order to win matches; this means communicating with your teammates often and coordinating your actions with theirs . without good teamwork , it will be very difficult for your team to succeed . Now that we’ve gone over some basic concepts , let’s take a look at one specific role within a MOBA game: Zed counters . Zed counters are champions that can effectively deal with Zed , who is considered one strong carry/assassin type character in LoL . While there are several different ways handle Zed , having a strong counter pick can make life much easier .

How to Counter Akali With Zed
How to Counter Akali With Zed 4


How Do You Counter Akali?

Akali is a formidable opponent in League of Legends, and many players have trouble facing her in lane. Fortunately, there are some things you can do to counter her and gain an advantage. First, remember that Akali’s main damage comes from her Mark of the Assassin (Q) ability.

This means that she will often try to hit you with this ability first in order to get the bonus damage from it. Try to stay away from walls and other objects that she can hide behind and strike you from; if she does manage to hit you with Q, kite her until the mark expires. Second, Akali has a very short range on her abilities except for Shadow Dance (R).

This means that she will often have to get close to you in order to deal damage.

Who Can Counter Akali?

Akali is a very strong and versatile champion in League of Legends. She can be played in multiple ways and her kit allows her to excel in both 1v1 and team fights. However, like all champions, she has some counters.

In this blog post, we will discuss who can counter Akali and how to do so. First off, let’s discuss Akali’s main strengths. Akali is incredibly mobile, thanks to her Shadow Step (W) ability.

This allows her to quickly close the gap on enemies or escape from dangerous situations. She also has a very strong basic attacks and abilities, which makes her excellent at both farming and fighting enemies. Finally, Akali’s ultimate ability, Twilight Shroud (R), provides her with a huge amount of damage output and crowd control potential.

When used correctly, it can easily turn the tide of a fight in her favour. Now that we’ve discussed Akali’s strengths, let’s take a look at who can counter her. One of the best counters to Akali is actually another assassin – Kha’Zix.

Kha’Zix has the ability to easily pick off isolated targets with his burst damage and mobility. He can also use his Ultimate ability to Evolve his Wings (R), which gives him even more mobility and allows him to easily chase down fleeing enemies. Another good counter to Akali is Jax – he is incredibly resistant to physical damage thanks to his Counter Strike (E) ability, making him very difficult for Akali to kill in a 1v1 situation.

Additionally, Jax’s Leap Strike (Q) ability gives him great mobility and allow him to close the gap on enemies or escape from danger quickly. Finally Riven is also a great counterpick – she has high base damage levels as well as an execute ultimate ability( Blade of Exile/ Wind Slash). This means that she can often take down low-health targets quite easily – something that Akalis often struggle with .

If you’re struggling against an Akali in your games , try picking one of these champions next time – they should give you much better results!

How Does Zed Counter Zed?

Zed is a champion in the game League of Legends and his main counter is Zed himself. This is because they have the same kit and abilities. The only difference is that one is mirrored and has slightly different stats.

In terms of Countering Zed, you want to play safe early and farm up. Try to get ahead in levels and items so that you can out trade him in the later stages of the game. When fighting Zed, always stay behind your minions so he has a harder time landing his shuriken’s on you.

If he does manage to hit you with them, try to fight him in short bursts so that he doesn’t have time to stack up his passive on you.

Who Wins Zed Vs Ahri?

When it comes to Zed vs Ahri, there is no clear winner. Both champions are incredibly strong and have a lot of potential. However, there are a few things that you should keep in mind when choosing between them.

First, Zed is a much more aggressive champion than Ahri. He excels in early game fights and can easily take down enemies with his powerful abilities. However, he does fall off a bit in the late game compared to Ahri.

Second, Ahri has much better crowd control than Zed. Her ultimate ability can easily turn the tide of battle and her other abilities can easily disrupt enemies and stop them from attacking. This makes her very dangerous in team fights.

Third, Zed is much better at 1v1 duels than Ahri. His shadow clones allow him to quickly take down enemies before they have a chance to react. Ahri, on the other hand, relies heavily on her team to help her take down enemies.

In the end, it really depends on what you are looking for in a champion. If you want someone who is incredibly strong and can take down enemies quickly, then go with Zed.


In this blog post, the author discusses how to counter Akali with Zed. The author begins by discussing Akali’s strengths and weaknesses. They state that Akali is a strong melee assassin who excels at getting in and out of fights quickly.

However, they also note that she is very susceptible to being kited and does not have much crowd control. The author then goes on to discuss how Zed can counter Akali. They recommend using Zed’s shadows to kite her, as well as his W skill to block her Q skill.

Additionally, they suggest using Zed’s ult to finish her off when she is low on health.

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