How to Counter Bastion


There is no one definitive way to counter Bastion. Some players may find success in using long-range weapons to take advantage of Bastion’s slow movement speed and lack of mobility, while others may opt for close-range weapons or abilities to get inside Bastion’s damage radius more easily. Ultimately, the best way to counter Bastion will vary depending on the situation and the player’s own preferences and style.

  • Bastion is a powerful defensive character in the game Overwatch
  • In order to counter Bastion, you will need to use a mobile and fast character that can get behind Bastion and attack him from there
  • Choose a mobile and fast character like Tracer or Genji
  • Get behind Bastion and wait for him to start his Sentry mode
  • When he starts Sentry mode, attack him from behind and try to take him out quickly
How to Counter Bastion
How to Counter Bastion 4


What is Bastion

Bastion is a defensive structure that was traditionally used to protect against enemy attacks. The word Bastion comes from the French word for fortress, which in turn derives from the Latin word castellum, meaning “castle”. A bastion is typically composed of a series of walls and towers with gun ports or other openings through which defenders can fire at attackers.

Bastions were first used during the medieval period, but they reached their peak of popularity during the 16th and 17th centuries when firearms became more prevalent. By this time, Bastions were often incorporated into the design of fortresses and cities as a way to provide additional protection against enemy assaults. In some cases, such as at the Fortress of Louisbourg in Canada, entire cities were designed around a system of Bastions.

Today, Bastions are still occasionally used in military fortifications, but their primary purpose now is to serve as tourist attractions or public parks. Many notable examples can be found in European cities such as Prague (the Vyšehrad Citadel), Vienna (the Hofburg Palace), and Amsterdam (the Muiderpoort).

Who is Bastion

Bastion is a German Shepherd and the main character of the 2016 film, A Dog’s Purpose. He is voiced by Josh Gad. Bastion is a loyal and protective dog who loves his family unconditionally.

When his family is in danger, he will do whatever it takes to keep them safe. He is a brave and courageous dog who always puts others before himself.

What are the Best Ways to Counter Bastion

Bastion is a very powerful Hero in Overwatch, and can be extremely difficult to counter if you don’t know what you’re doing. In this blog post, we’ll go over some of the best ways to take him down. First and foremost, it’s important to understand Bastion’s strengths and weaknesses.

He excels at long range combat thanks to his Sentry mode, which allows him to lay down suppressing fire on enemies while also dealing huge amounts of damage. However, he is extremely vulnerable when attacked from close range or behind, as he cannot move while in Sentry mode. This makes Heroes like Tracer and Winston ideal counters to Bastion, as they can easily get behind him and take him out before he has a chance to react.

Another great way to counter Bastion is to use area-of-effect abilities like Zarya’s Graviton Surge or McCree’s Flashbang. These will interrupt Bastion’s Sentry mode and leave him vulnerable for a few seconds, allowing your team to focus fire on him and take him down before he can cause too much damage. Alternatively, characters with high mobility like Pharah or Lúcio can quickly flank Bastion and catch him off guard before he has a chance to set up his Sentry mode.

Overall, there are many different ways that you can counter Bastion in Overwatch. It really depends on the composition of your team and what other Heroes are available.

How to COUNTER Bastion | Overwatch 2

How to Counter Bastion As a Tank

Bastion is a tough nut to crack, especially when played well. But there are a few ways to counter Bastion as a tank. The first thing you need to do is get in close.

Bastion’s main weapon, the Gatling Gun, is extremely effective at long range, but much less so at close range. So getting in close is your best bet. This can be difficult, as Bastion will often have teammates covering him from afar, but if you can get in close, you can take him down relatively easily.

Another way to counter Bastion is to use area-of-effect weapons and abilities. These will damage Bastion even if he’s in his Sentry mode, which makes him immune to most damage.Area-of-effect weapons include things like grenades and rockets, so make sure you have some of these in your arsenal before going up against Bastion. Finally, remember that Bastion isn’t invincible.

Even in his Sentry mode, he has vulnerabilities that you can exploit. For example, he can’t move while in Sentry mode, so positioning yourself correctly can give you the upper hand. He also has very little health compared to other tanks, so focus your fire on him and take him down quickly.


When playing Overwatch, it’s important to be aware of your surroundings and know how to counter the different types of heroes. One hero that can be particularly difficult to deal with is Bastion. Bastion is a defensive hero who can easily take down enemies if they’re not careful.

The key to countering Bastion is to stay out of his line of sight and attack him from behind or from the side. Another way to deal with Bastion is to use a hero like Pharah who can fly above him and attack him from above.

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