How to Counter Ursa


Ursa is a powerful melee strength hero that excels at dealing damage and initiating fights. He is often played as a solo offlaner or as a support. Ursa is very strong in the early game, but can fall off in the late game if not built correctly.

To counter Ursa, you need to be able to withstand his early game aggression and then outlast him in the late game. One way to do this is to pick heroes that are good at kiting and poke, such as Windranger or Tinker. Another way is to play heroes with high burst damage that can kill Ursa before he has a chance to build up his ultimate, such as Lina or Pugna.

Finally, you can try to shut down Ursa’s farm by focusing on killing him early and often, which will force him into a more defensive playstyle.

  • Ursa is a strong melee hero, so you need to be careful when laning against him
  • Try to get last hits on creeps and deny him as much as possible
  • If he gets too close, use your nukes and auto-attacks to harass him and keep him away
  • Be aware of his Enrage ability, which gives him increased damage and armor; try to avoid fighting him when it’s active
  • When engaging in a team fight, focus fire on Ursa and take him down quickly

Ursa Counter Item

Ursa is a melee DPS carry in Dota 2. He is one of the most popular and commonly picked heroes in the game. Ursa excels at farming, split pushing and team fighting.

His ultimate, Fury Swipes, allows him to shred through enemy defenses and quickly dispatch of opponents. To counter Ursa, you need to pick heroes that can kite or disable him. Heroes like Windranger, Puck and Mirana are good choices.

You should also get items that grant you extra attack speed or damage so you can take him down before he takes you down. Good item choices against Ursa include Butterfly, Daedalus and Satanic.

How to Counter Ursa
How to Counter Ursa 4


How Do You Counter Ursa Items?

There are several ways to counter Ursa items: The most common way is to simply get more damage output than him. This can be done by getting items like Daedalus, Desolator, or even just stacking up on damage dealers like Bloodseeker.

Another way is to focus on crowd control and disabling his ultimate. This can be done with items like Orchid Malevolence, Eul’s Scepter of Divinity, or Solar Crest. You can also try to kite him and avoid his damage with items like Force Staff or Blink Dagger.

How Do You Counter Ursa Late Game?

Ursa is a late-game threat in Dota 2. He is a big, beefy melee carry with high damage output and the ability to buff himself with his ultimate. Ursa is particularly dangerous in the late game because he can easily take down buildings and wipe out entire teams if left unchecked.

Fortunately, there are a few ways to counter Ursa in the late game. The most important thing to do when playing against Ursa is to keep him away from your squishy carries and support heroes. If you can kite him and force him to fight in the middle of your team, you will be in a much better position to win the engagement.

It’s also important to focus fire on Ursa when he goes into his ultimate. If you can burst him down before he can do too much damage, you’ll have a much better chance of winning the fight. Finally, don’t forget that Ursa is susceptible to disables and nukes.

If you can land a good disable on him while he’s trying to go in for a kill, you can easily turn the tide of battle. Nuking him while he’s ultimating is also a great way to shut him down and give your team an advantage.

Can Ursa Enrage Be Dispelled?

Yes, Ursa Enrage can be dispelled. However, it is important to note that doing so will cause Ursa to take double the damage for the duration of the effect.

Does Ursa Counter Bristleback?

Ursa is often considered a counter to Bristleback, as his high base damage and armor reduction can quickly shred through Bristleback’s natural tankiness. In addition, Ursa’s Fury Swipes can easily stack up on Bristleback, especially if he is attacking from behind, making him very difficult to deal with. However, there are some things to keep in mind when playing against a Bristleback.

First of all, Bristleback’s natural tankiness comes from his Passive ability, which gives him reduced damage from attacks coming from behind. This means that if you can position yourself in front of Bristleback, you will be able to do significantly more damage to him. Additionally, Ursa’s Fury Swipes only affect the first target they hit; if Bristleback turns around and uses his Spin Web ability to retreat into his spiderlings, the Fury Swipes will not follow him and he will be safe from them.

Finally, it is important to note that while Ursa does have a lot of burst damage potential, he is very reliant on landing his hits in order to do so; against a skilled Bristleback player who knows how to play around Ursa’s cooldowns, it may be very difficult for Ursa to actually kill him.


Ursa is a powerful melee hero that can quickly take down enemies with her high damage output. However, she is vulnerable to heroes that can counter her with their own high damage or with crowd control abilities. Heroes that can counter Ursa include:

1. Doom: Doom’s ultimate ability, Doom, deals massive damage to Ursa and can easily take her down. 2. Lina: Lina’s ultimate ability, Laguna Blade, deals massive damage to Ursa and can easily take her down. Additionally, Lina’s other abilities can stun Ursa, making it difficult for her to escape or fight back.

3. Magnus: Magnus’ ultimate ability, Reverse Polarity, pulls all nearby enemies towards him, including Ursa. This gives his team the opportunity to focus fire on Ursa and take her down quickly. Additionally, Magnus’ Skewer ability can impale Ursa and prevent her from moving away from him or his allies.

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