How to Find Cephalon Fragments


Cephalon fragments are one of the rarer items in Warframe. They are used to create Cephalon Simaris, who is a powerful ally that can provide invaluable support in missions. While they are not impossible to find, they can be quite challenging to track down.

Here are a few tips on how to find them.

Warframe How to Find Cephalon Fragments on Mars

  • Locate a Cephalon in the game world
  • Destroy the Cephalon to release its Fragments
  • Collect the Fragments before they disappear
How to Find Cephalon Fragments
How to Find Cephalon Fragments 4


What are Cephalon Fragments

Cephalon Fragments are small, glossy fragments that can be found scattered across the surface of the Plains of Eidolon. They can also be dropped by defeated Teralyst and Gantulyst. Once collected, they can be traded to Business for Standing with Solaris United Faction.

When first released, Cephalon Fragments were used as a form of barter with The Business in order to purchase certain rare blueprints from him. However, update 22.12 changed this so that instead they now provide Standing with Solaris United. The change was not well received by the community as many felt it was a significant nerf to The Business, who was already one of the least popular vendors.

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Assuming you would like a summary of the blog post titled “How to Find Cephalon Fragments”: The blog post starts by explaining that cephalon fragments are rare items that can be used to level up certain Warframe abilities. The author then goes on to explain the three main methods of acquiring these fragments:

1) Finding them in loot drops from enemies, 2) Completing certain quests or missions, and 3) Purchasing them from the market.

The post provides tips for each method, such as which enemies are more likely to drop fragments and which quests tend to award them. It also includes a link to the market page where players can buy fragments.

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