How to Get an Archaeologist in Civ 6


There are many ways to get an archaeologist in Civ 6. You can buy them from the civics tree, train them in a city with a university, or find one of their ruins. However, the best way to get an archaeologist is to build the Pyramids wonder.

Doing so will give you two free archaeologists, which is a great way to start your collection.

Civilization VI – Part 13 – Archaeology

  • Start by selecting ‘Research’ from the main menu
  • Then, choose the ‘Archaeology’ technology from the list of available technologies
  • To start researching Archaeology, you will need 500 Research Points (RPs)
  • Once you have completed your research, an Archaeologist will be added to your civilization’s pool of available units
  • To deploy your new Archaeologist, select them from the ‘Units’ menu and position them on the map near an archaeological site
  • Your Archaeologist will automatically begin excavating once they are in range of an archaeological site

Why Can’T I Build an Archaeologist in Civ 6

Why Can’t I Build an Archaeologist in Civ 6? One of the most common questions we get asked about Civilization VI is “Why can’t I build an archaeologist?” It’s a reasonable question, given that in previous games in the series one of the main uses for archaeologists was to uncover ancient ruins.

However, in Civilization VI there are no ancient ruins – at least, not ones that you can explore. So what happened to them? The answer lies in the game’s new focus on civilizations and their histories.

In Civilization VI each civilization has its own unique narrative arc which unfolds as the game progresses. One of the key elements of this is the introduction of Great Ages – golden ages for strong empires and dark ages for those that are struggling. These ages represent significant periods in a civilization’s history, and it’s during these times that archaeological sites are generated.

So if you want to uncover some ancient ruins, you’ll need to wait until your civilization enters a golden age. At that point you’ll be able to build archaeologists and use them to excavate any sites that have been generated. It’s worth noting that these sites will only appear within your own borders – so if you’re looking for even more ancient artifacts, you’ll need to send your archaeologists out on diplomatic missions to other civilizations!

Civ 6 Archaeologist

In Civilization VI, the Archaeologist is a specialist unit that can be assigned to a city in order to increase its Cultural output. When archaeologist units excavate sites around the city, they will uncover artifacts which can then be added to the city’s Museum. These artifacts provide an immediate boost to the city’s Culture, and can also be used to fulfill certain Great Work slots.

In addition, each time an archaeologist uncovers a new artifact, there is a chance that they will trigger a Eureka moment, granting their owner a free technology boost. Archaeologists are best used in cities with high Culture output, as they will help to increase the rate at which Great Works are completed. They are also useful for quickly filling up Museum slots in order to receive the associated bonuses.

However, archaeologists are not essential for every city; if you do not plan on focusing on Culture production, you may want to forego building them altogether.

Civ 6 How to Build Archaeological Museum

If you’re looking to maximize the benefits of your Archaeological Museums in Civilization 6, then you’ll want to follow these tips. When choosing a site for your museum, be sure to pick one that’s close to ruins. This will give your archaeologists a better chance of finding artifacts when they’re exploring.

Once you’ve built your museum, be sure to assign an archaeologist to it. This specialist will help increase the rate at which your museum produces Great Works of Art. You can further boost the output of your Archaeological Museum by building additional museums and linking them together with trade routes.

Doing so will allow each museum to share its discoveries with the others, allowing you to amass a large collection of artifacts in a relatively short period of time.

Civ 6 Archaeologist Limit

Civ 6 Archaeologist Limit: How Many Can You Have? One of the more unique aspects of Civilization VI is the inclusion of archaeologists as a separate unit from regular military units. These units are key to discovering new civilizations, as well as learning about and unlocking the mysteries of civilizations that have already been discovered.

Players are able to produce archaeologists through the civics tree, and they may also be acquired through certain Great People or natural wonders. The default limit for how many archaeologists a player can have is four, but this number can be increased through certain buildings or policies. So, how many archaeologists can you have in Civ 6?

The answer is that it depends on what you’ve built or adopted. If you haven’t done anything to specifically increase your archaeologist limit, then you’ll be stuck with the default limit of four. However, if you have constructed the Pyramids wonder, then you’ll be able to have five archaeologists.

And finally, if you adopt the Mercantilism policy from the Commerce tree, then you’ll receive an additional two slots for a total of six possible archaeologists. While having more than four archaeologists isn’t necessary to win the game, it can certainly make things easier when it comes to uncovering all there is to know about other civilizations. So if you find yourself enjoying this aspect of Civ 6, then don’t hesitate to build those pyramids or adopt mercantilism in order to increase your potential archaeological force!

Artifacts Civ 6

Artifacts are a new type of Collectible in Civilization VI. They can be found by completing certain actions, or as rewards for defeating Natural Wonders. Artifacts provide various bonuses to the player, and can be traded with other players or city-states.

Civ 6 Archaeological Museum

In Civilization VI, the Archaeological Museum is a National Wonder dedicated to the study of ancient civilizations. It allows you to conduct archaeological excavations in any tiles you own that haven’t been explored yet. These excavations can uncover artifacts and even long-lost cities!

The museum itself provides +2 Science and +2 Culture, and can be further upgraded with wonders like the Great Library and the Parthenon. If you’re looking to get ahead in the race to dominate the world, building an Archaeological Museum should definitely be on your list!

Civ 6 Artifact Choice

Civ 6 Artifact Choice: The Best Ones to Pick When it comes to Civilization VI, there are a lot of different choices that you can make in order to have the best possible game. One of those choices is what artifacts you will choose for your civ.

In this article, we are going to go over some of the best artifact choices in Civ 6 so that you can make the best decision for your game! The first artifact choice that we recommend is The Rosetta Stone. This artifact provides +3 diplomacy with all other civilizations.

This is an extremely powerful ability because it allows you to easily be able to form friendships and alliances with other civs. Not only that, but it also allows you to more easily negotiate trade deals and other agreements. The Rosetta Stone is an amazing choice if you want to play a diplomatic game!

The second artifact choice that we recommend is The Statue of Zeus. This artifact provides +2 culture and +1 faith per city. Culture is one of the most important things in Civ VI because it allows you to unlock new technologies and Civic policies faster than anyone else.

Faith is also important because it allows you to purchase Great Prophets which can found religions or convert cities over to your religion. The Statue of Zeus provides a massive boost to both of these statistics, making it an extremely powerful choice! The third artifact choice that we recommend is The Scepter of Charlemagne.

This artifact provides +4 combat strength when attacking cities with religious units. Religion plays a huge role in Civ VI and this scepter makes religious units even more powerful than they already are! If you plan on playing a religious game, then this scepter should definitely be one of your top choices!

Civ 6 Archaeologist Reddit

Civ 6 Archaeologist is a subreddit for those who enjoy playing the game Civilization VI and want to discuss strategy, tips, and techniques. This subreddit is also home to some of the best players in the world, so if you’re looking for advice from the pros, this is definitely the place to be. In addition to discussions about strategy and gameplay, there are also plenty of posts about mods and other ways to improve your Civ 6 experience.

If you’re looking for a community of like-minded players to share your love of Civ 6 with, look no further than Civ 6 Archaeologist!

How to Get an Archaeologist in Civ 6
How to Get an Archaeologist in Civ 6 4


How Do You Build the Archaeological Museum in Civ 6?

In Civilization VI, the Archaeological Museum is a unique building available to civilizations with the Conservation civic. It must be built on top of an archaeological site – either a natural one revealed by terrain, or an excavated one – and it allows you to study that site’s artifacts in order to gain benefits for your civilization. The Archaeological Museum has three levels of upgrades.

The first level allows you to study one artifact from an archaeological site, and provides +1 Culture for every 3 artifacts in your empire. The second level allows you to study two artifacts, and provides +2 Culture for every 6 artifacts in your empire. The third and final level allows you to study three artifacts, and provides +4 Culture for every 9 artifacts in your empire.

In addition, each level of the Archaeological Museum grants you access to more powerful bonuses based on which kinds of artifacts you choose to study. So how do you actually go about choosing which artifacts to study? When you finish excavating an archaeological site (or when a natural one is revealed), you’ll be given a choice of three different kinds ofartifacts – Military, Economic, or Religious – which will each provide different benefits if studied at the Archaeological Museum.

Military Artifactscan be usedto train new units faster; Economic Artifacts can be usedto boost production or gold income; and Religious Artifacts can help spread your religion more effectively. You’ll also want to take into account what kind of benefits your opponentss are likely to get from their own Artifact choices – if they’re focused on military expansion then it might behooveyou touse yourArtifacts tomaintaina strong economic footing instead so thatyou can outlast them militarily later on!

Can Archaeologists Be Captured Civ 6?

Yes, archaeologists can be captured in Civ 6. If an enemy civilization captures one of your cities that has an archaeologist present, the archaeologist will be taken prisoner. The captor can then choose to either keep the archaeologist or trade them back to you in exchange for gold or another prisoner.

What is the Strongest Unit in Civ 6?

There is no one strongest unit in Civ 6. However, certain units are stronger than others. For example, the meleeUnit is the strongest unit when it comes to combat strength.

The reconUnit is the best at scouting and intelligence gathering, while the supportUnit provides critical bonuses and buffs to your other units.

What Does It Take to Be an Archeologist?

In order to be an archaeologist, one must first obtain a bachelor’s degree in archaeology or a related field. After completing an undergraduate program, many archaeologists choose to pursue a master’s degree or doctorate in archaeology. Although it is not required, advanced degrees allow archaeologists to specialize in a certain area of study and conduct more research.

After completing their education, archaeologists typically begin their careers working for state or federal agencies, museums, historical societies, or private consulting firms. Many archaeologists also teach at universities or colleges. In order to be hired as an archaeologist, most employers require that applicants have experience working on archaeological excavations.

Therefore, many students participate in internships or volunteer opportunities while they are still in school. The day-to-day work of an archaeologist can vary greatly depending on their employer and specialty. However, all archaeologists conduct research at some point in their career.

This research includes studying the history and culture of a certain region, analyzing artifacts recovered from excavations, and writing reports about their findings.


In Civilization 6, there are many ways to get an Archaeologist. One way is to spawn one near a Ruins tile. Another way is to purchase one from the Civilizations 6 store.

The third way is to find one in a city-state’s capital.

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