How to Get Maple Points


In MapleStory, the player can earn special currency called “Maple Points” by completing various in-game tasks. Maple Points can be used to purchase exclusive items from the Cash Shop, such as cosmetics and powerful weapons. In this guide, we will show you how to get Maple Points and what you can spend them on.

GMS Reboot Maple Points

  • Create a MapleStory account and log in
  • Click on the “Cash Shop” icon located on the left side of the game window
  • Select the “Get Maplestory Points” option from the Cash Shop menu
  • Choose your desired payment method and follow the instructions to complete your purchase

Maple Points Vs Reward Points

If you’re a Canadian shopper, you might be wondering what the difference is between Maple Points and Reward Points. Here’s a quick rundown of each program to help you decide which is right for you. Maple Points are earned through Loblaw’s online grocery store, PC Express.

You’ll earn 10 Maple Points for every dollar spent on groceries, with no limit to how many points you can accumulate. These points can then be redeemed for free groceries, gift cards, or other merchandise from the Loblaw website. The redemption value of Maple Points varies depending on the item, but generally speaking, 1 point is worth about $0.01.

Reward Points are earned through Loblaw’s brick-and-mortar stores (including Shoppers Drug Mart locations). You’ll earn 1 point for every dollar spent, with a minimum spend of $20 per transaction required to earn points. These points can then be redeemed for free groceries, gift cards, or other merchandise from any Loblaw location.

The redemption value of Reward Points also varies depending on the item, but again 1 point is worth about $0.01. So which program is better? It depends on your shopping habits and preferences.

If you do most of your grocery shopping online, then Maple Points will probably be more valuable to you since there’s no minimum spend required to earn them. On the other hand, if you prefer doing your grocery shopping in person at a physical store location, then Reward Points may be more advantageous since there’s no limit to how many points you can earn per transaction . Ultimately it comes down to personal preference – both programs offer great benefits that can save you money on your grocery bill!

What are Maple Points Used for

Maple Points are a type of currency used in the online game, MapleStory. They can be used to purchase items from the Cash Shop, which is an in-game store that sells a variety of items, including cosmetics, convenience items, and special event items. Players can earn Maple Points by completing certain achievements in-game, or by purchasing them with real money.

Once a player has earned enough Maple Points, they can spend them on whatever they want from the Cash Shop. Some of the most popular items that can be purchased with Maple Points include: 1) Cosmetic Items: There are a wide variety of cosmetic items available for purchase in the Cash Shop, ranging from hair styles and face types to clothing and accessories.

These items allow players to customize their characters to their own liking, and make them stand out from the rest. 2) Convenience Items: These are items that make life in-game much easier, such as scrolls that teleport you directly to your destination without having to walk there, or potions that instantly heal all your health points. While they may not be necessary for everyone, they definitely come in handy for those who want to save time or make things easier on themselves.

3) Special Event Items: From time to time, special events will be held in-game where players can earn exclusive event-only items. These could be anything from furniture and decorations for your home to rare weapons and armor. Often times these events are only held for a limited period of time before the exclusive item is no longer obtainable, so players will rushes to get them while they still can!

Maplestory Reward Points

MapleStory Reward Points are a special currency that can be used to purchase exclusive items from the Cash Shop. They are earned by completing certain events and activities, and can also be purchased with real money. Reward Points can be spent on a variety of items, including special event items, exclusive cosmetics, and helpful in-game items.

They can also be used to enter certain restricted areas or to purchase tickets for the MapleStory 2 World Championship. To check your Reward Point balance, simply open up the Cash Shop and select the “Reward Points” tab. Here you’ll see how many points you have available to spend.

When spending Reward Points, keep in mind that some items may only be available for a limited time, so don’t wait too long to make your purchase!

Maplestory Reward Points Reboot

In the world of online games, there are always new ways to get ahead. One of the latest is Maplestory’s Reward Points Reboot. By completing certain tasks and goals within the game, players can earn special points that can be used to purchase items and boosts from the in-game store.

While some of these items are purely cosmetic, others offer significant advantages that can help you progress through the game more quickly. To get started with Reward Points Reboot, simply log into your account and look for the “Reboot” option on the left-hand side of the screen. From there, you’ll be able to see all of the different tasks and goals that you can complete to earn points.

Some examples include defeating a certain number of monsters, completing specific quests, or purchasing items from the Cash Shop. The amount of points you earn for each task varies, but they all add up quickly if you’re actively playing the game. Once you’ve amassed enough points, head over to the “Shop” tab and spend them on whatever catches your eye.

There are plenty of great items available, so take your time browsing through everything that’s offered. Whether you want to boost your stats, change your appearance, or just stock up on helpful consumables, there’s bound to be something in the shop that suits your needs. So what are you waiting for?

Log into Maplestory today and start earning those Reward Points!

Can’T Buy Maple Points With Nx Credit

If you’re a MapleStory player, you may be wondering if you can use NX Credit to buy Maple Points. The answer is no – NX Credit cannot be used to purchase Maple Points. However, there are a few other ways that you can get Maple Points:

– You can receive them as a gift from another player. – You can earn them by completing certain in-game tasks or achievements. – You can purchase them with real money through the Nexon website or the Cash Shop in-game.

No matter how you acquire them, MaplePoints are a great way to get some extra help in the game or make your character look even more unique with exclusive items!

Maplestory Tally Reward Points

In MapleStory, Tally Reward Points are a type of currency that can be used to purchase special items from the Cash Shop. To earn Tally Reward Points, you must first complete certain tasks or achievements in-game. For example, you may earn Tally Reward Points by defeating a certain number of monsters, completing quests, or participating in events.

Once you have earned enough Tally Reward Points, you can then use them to purchase items such as scrolls, potions, and other useful items from the Cash Shop. You can also use Tally Reward Points to enter special raffles for a chance to win even more great prizes! So if you’re looking for a way to get your hands on some exclusive items in MapleStory, be sure to start earning those Tally Reward Points!

Maplestory Nx Price

Maplestory Nx Price Hello everyone, in this post I will be discussing the Maplestory Nx prices. I will be talking about what they are used for, how much they cost, and where to get them.

What is Maplestory Nx? Maplestory Nx is an online game that has been around since 2003. It is a 2D sidescrolling MMORPG that takes place in the fictional world of MapleStory.

The game has a wide variety of characters, each with their own unique abilities and weapons. Players can explore different areas of the world, fight monsters, and complete quests. There is also a player vs player mode where players can battle each other.

Maplestory Nx can be purchased from the official website or from various retail stores. The price varies depending on the retailer but it typically ranges from $10-$20 USD. The game does not require a monthly subscription fee like many other MMORPGs.

However, there are optional “cash items” that can be bought with real money which give players some advantages over others who do not have these items. These items are not necessary to progress or enjoy the game though. Nexon America (the company who makes Maplestory) periodically runs sales which discounts the price of cash items or sometimes even gives them away for free!

So if you’re interested in playing Maplestory but don’t want to spend any money on it, just wait for one of these sales events and you’ll be able to get started without spending anything!

Maplestory Boss Reward Points

In Maplestory, boss reward points are given to players for defeating bosses. These points can be used to purchase items from the Boss Reward Shop. The shop offers a variety of items, including cosmetics, scrolls, and equipment.

How to Get Maple Points
How to Get Maple Points 4


How Do You Get Maple Rewards Points?

Maple Rewards is a loyalty program offered by the Canadian company, Maple Leaf Foods. To participate in the program, customers must create an account and register their Maple Leaf Foods product purchase history. Customers can earn points by making purchases of Maple Leaf products, sharing recipes, and providing feedback about their experiences.

Points can be redeemed for merchandise, coupons, and other rewards.

How Do You Get Maple Points in Maplestory M?

In MapleStory M, you can get maple points in a variety of ways. You can buy them with real money, or you can earn them by completing certain tasks within the game. If you want to buy maple points, you can do so through the in-game store.

There are a variety of different packages available, and each one will give you a certain number of points. The more expensive packages will obviously give you more points, but there are also cheaper options if you don’t want to spend too much money. You can also earn maple points by completing certain tasks within the game.

For example, if you complete all of the quests in a particular area, you may be rewarded with some maple points. There are also daily and weekly missions that can net you some extra points, so it’s definitely worth checking those out as well. No matter how you choose to get them, maple points are a valuable resource in MapleStory M that can be used to purchase a variety of items from the cash shop.

So if you’re looking to get your hands on some new gear or cosmetics, be sure to start stockpiling those points!

Where Can I Buy Maple Point?

Maple Point can be purchased at most home improvement stores, as well as online. When purchasing Maple Point, it is important to consider the size of the area you are working with and the type of finish you desire. For smaller projects, such as a countertop or backsplash, pre-finished panels may be sufficient.

However, for larger jobs like flooring or walls, unfinished boards will need to be stained and sealed after installation.


In MapleStory, players can earn Maple Points by completing certain quests. There are a few different ways to get Maple Points, but the most common way is by completing Daily Quests. Players can also get Maple Points from events, as well as some special items that can be purchased from the Cash Shop.

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