How to Get Pbe Account 2017


The PBE account is a free and public server where players help to test upcoming game content before it’s released to the live servers. If you want to get a PBE account, you’ll need to have an active League of Legends account and meet the other requirements below. Once you’ve met all the requirements, head on over to the signup page and link your League of Legends account.

From there, just follow the instructions on how to download and install the PBE client.

  • Go to the website: https://www
  • leagueoflegends
  • com/ 2
  • Log in or create an account 3
  • Click on the profile name in the top right corner and select “Account” 4
  • On the left side, there should be a section that says “PBE Account” with a button that says “Create PBE Account
  • ” Click it! 5
  • Follow the instructions on screen

League Pbe

The League of Legends Public Beta Environment is a “test server” where players can play with upcoming patches before they’re released to the live game. It’s also a place where rioters work on new content and features, getting feedback from players as they go. If you want to help test out new content and features for League of Legends, then the PBE is the place for you!

Here’s everything you need to know about how it works. Once you’ve downloaded and installed the PBE client, you’ll be able to create an account and log in just like you would on the live servers. The only difference is that everything on the PBE is subject to change at any time – so don’t get too attached to anything!

One of the most important things to remember when playing on the PBE is that your feedback matters. Rioters will be reading your comments and suggestions carefully, so make sure you’re thoughtful and constructive in your posts. If you see something that’s not working right or could be improved, let us know!

Another thing to keep in mind is that all content on the PBE is considered “beta”, which means it’s not final and may be changed or removed before it goes live. This includes champions, items, maps, game modes, etc. So if something doesn’t seem quite right, don’t worry – it might just be temporary!

If you run into any technical issues while playing on the PBE, please post in our Bug Reports forum. And if you have any questions about how things work (or don’t work) on the PBE, feel free to ask in our Help & Support forum.

How to Get Pbe Account 2017
How to Get Pbe Account 2017 4


Can You Still Get Pbe Account?

Yes, you can still get a PBE account. You can sign up for one here.

Why is Pbe Not Available for My Account?

If you’re wondering why PBE isn’t available for your account, there are a few possible explanations. First, it’s important to note that PBE is a server for testing new game content, so access is limited to players who have been invited by Riot Games. If you haven’t been invited, it’s likely because you don’t meet the requirements for participation.

In order to be eligible, players must: – Be at least level 30 in League of Legends – Have no more than 2 years of experience with the game

Additionally, having an active account in good standing is also required. This means that accounts that are currently banned or have previously been banned are not eligible for PBE access. If you believe you meet all the requirements but still don’t have access to PBE, the best thing to do is reach out to Riot Games customer support for further assistance.

How Do You Qualify for the Pbe?

To be eligible for the PBE, you must have an active League of Legends account in good standing and meet one of the following criteria: – You must have reached at least level 30. – You must have completed all 10 placement matches in a ranked flex queue, solo/duo queue, or normal 5v5 blind/draft queue.

– You must not have had any action taken on your account within the past 90 days.

Can You Lose Access to Pbe?

It’s possible to lose access to the PBE if you violate any of the PBE terms of service. This can happen if you use your account to exploit bugs, post inappropriate content, or engage in other disruptive behavior. If your account is suspended, you will not be able to log in or play games on the PBE.

If you believe your account was unfairly suspended, you can contact customer support for help.


If you’re a fan of League of Legends, then you know that getting a PBE account can be pretty tough. But don’t worry, we’ve got your back. In this article, we’ll show you how to get a PBE account in 2017.

First things first, what is a PBE account? A PBE account is basically an early access account for LoL players who want to test out new content before it’s released to the public. It’s a great way to get ahead of the competition and try out new strategies before everyone else does.

So how do you get a PBE account? Well, there are a few different ways. You can either buy one from someone who already has one, or you can sign up for the Riot Games beta program and hope that you get lucky enough to be selected.

If you’re looking to buy a PBE account, then we recommend using eBay or another similar service. Just make sure that the seller is reputable and that they have good feedback before sending them any money. As for signing up for the Riot Games beta program, just head over to their website and fill out the form.

There’s no guarantee that you’ll be selected, but it’s worth a shot nonetheless. And that’s all there is to it! With these simple steps, you should be able to get your hands on a PBE account in no time at all.

So what are you waiting for? Go out there and start testing those new champions!

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