How to Get Pokemon Randomizer


There are a few ways to get a Pokemon Randomizer. One way is to download a ROM hack that has a randomizer built in. Another way is to use a third-party tool like PK3DS or PokeGen to randomize your game.

  • Go to a reliable source for downloading the Pokemon randomizer
  • make sure to get the most updated version
  • Download and open the program
  • Follow the instructions given by the program
  • Choose which game you want to randomize
  • 5a) For Gen 1-5 games: click “Open” button next to “Input ROM” field, select your base game file (the clean, unedited ROM that you’ve downloaded), and click “Open”
  • The path to your selected file should now be displayed in the “Input ROM” field; if not, double check that you’ve selected the correct file and try again 5b) For Gen 6+ games: drag & drop your base game file onto the randomizer window; or click “Select Folder” button next to “Input Folder”, select folder with extracted files of your base game, and click “OK”
  • If successful, path to this folder should now be displayed in two places – near “Output Folder” field, as well as in log console at the bottom of the window; 6) Select desired options and features from various tabs on top of the window (e
  • , under tab 3rd/4th Generation you can enable or disable Wonder Guard ability)
  • Please refer to built-in help section (click ? button on top-right corner) for more details about available options; 7) When ready, click on big yellow Randomize! button on bottom of the window; wait until process is complete (it may take some time depending on speed of your computer); 8a) If playing 4th/5th gen game – once done, close randomizer program, go back to step 5a), but this time select newly created randomizedROM
  • nds file instead of original one; start playing! Please note that if using drastic emulator – it is required that you firstly run Drastic before opening randomizedROM
  • nds file inside it; also after each reset inside emulator choose option A: Load Game
  • from main menu instead B: Continue saved state!, otherwise saved changes will be lost! 8b) If playing 6th gen game or above – once done, close randomizer program and launch newly generated starter_final_Xfiles folder with Citra emulator

How to Randomize Pokemon Sword And Shield

Are you looking for a way to randomize your Pokémon in Sword and Shield? If so, there are a few different methods you can use. One method is to use the Wonder Trade feature.

To do this, go to any Pokémon Center and select the Wonder Trade option. Then, simply select the Pokémon you want to trade away and wait for someone else to trade with you. The Pokémon you receive will be completely random.

Another method is to use a special code called a “Mystery Gift Code.” These codes can be found online or through various social media platforms. Once you have a Mystery Gift Code, open your X menu and select “Mystery Gifts.”

From there, select “Receive Gift,” then “Get with Code/Password.” Enter the code and voila! You’ll receive a mystery gift, which could be anything from an item to a rare Pokémon.

Finally, if you’re feeling really adventurous, you can always try your hand at catching wild Pokémon. While most of the time the Pokémon you find will be fairly common, every now and then you might get lucky and come across a rarer species. So get out there and start exploring!

How to Get Pokemon Randomizer
How to Get Pokemon Randomizer 4


How Do You Get a Nuzlocke Randomizer?

There are a few ways to get a Nuzlocke randomizer. One way is to download the latest version of PKHeX, which is a free home-brew software for the Nintendo 3DS that allows you to edit your Pokémon save files. Once you have PKHeX, open it and click on the “Nuzlocke Randomizer” tab.

From there, follow the instructions on how to randomize your game. Another way is to go to and download their program. This program works similarly to PKHeX’s method; simply follow the instructions on how to randomize your game.

Finally, you can use an online generator such as this one: Simply select your game from the drop-down menu, choose your desired options, and hit “randomize.” Your new file will be generated for you to download and play!

Do You Need Java for Pokemon Randomizer?

No, you do not need Java for Pokemon randomizer. The Pokemon randomizer is a tool that can be used to randomly generate different types of Pokemon for the game. It does not require Java in order to work.


In this post, the author explains how to get a Pokemon randomizer. First, the player must have a clean ROM of any Pokemon game. Next, the player needs to download a program called “Universal Randomizer” and run it.

After that, the players needs to select which game they are randomizing, and then select what options they want. Finally, the player hits “Randomize” and the process is complete!

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